[S4]: Back In Action

I am still setting up everything on here so things may be slow, incomplete, in random order, crippled or come with dubious contents. I will pick up the pace soon and publish better quality blog entries. Spread the word meanwhile.

 So. S4. Two months is the time I managed to stay away and enjoy life, but all good things come to an end. Sadly. Rundown of the first experiences after my return.

– When I logged in my clan, filled with wannabe baddie pros, looked as empty as the head of some players who can’t find ‘Y’ on their keyboard under 10 seconds to kick a hacker on their team. After a while some person logged on and randomly started talking to me. Turns out it was one of my clan buddies I knew well from before my break who changed his name. I guess he was getting too notorious with his previous name or smth. Was a nice reunion though.
First room. EG hacker. Ragequit. Shit happens.
Second room. EG, EG and TR hacker, in that order. Ragequit. ffff–.
Third room. I somehow ended up screaming ‘PRESS Y, HACKER!’ like a madman when a vote was being run to kick a hacker. Only problem was that it was the hacker himself who made the vote, trying to kick some legit player with a similar name. Vote passed. FML.
Aftermatch is that I get whispered by this guy, saying that he will personally ensure I get banned. Apparently, I am the head of a conspiracy to kill his gaming experience, started the kick for him (while I was on the opposite team) and blah blah <some more jizz>. Why do I always get the lunatics?
Three days later and I still enjoy playing on my account. I haven’t seen a trace of the other guy ever since.
Fourth room. Decided to practise failrailing on Colosseum. I hit some scrub with two loose shots while he tries so hard to hit me and misses all the time. So I tell him to look after the ball and not me, since he’s obv ain’t getting any beef today. So the guy starts calling me ‘scumbag’, and later ‘scrumbag’ or something. Cool. Going into my Tag Cloud of Love.
– iCaps & Fumbi. Spend ~200k PEN in an attempt to get a Burst Shotgun. No luck. FML. Get a perm Rail FP after ~10 caps with remaining PEN. FML.
I started using Rail, somehow kill people relatively easy (only rookies obv.), while using shotgun has significantly fed the KDR of a few players lucky enough to cross paths with me. Friendslist +5. Changed back to Gold Rev and reversed the situation. Friendslist -5.
With Fumbi, got my first perm hair. Yeeee. Until it realized it was the main hair, orange stroke, with pen stats. The one thing I did not want. Females should have long hair, effs sake.
Daily Screenshot.

Le Touchdown.

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2 Responses to [S4]: Back In Action

  1. Raining says:

    Pretty interesting post. Loved the part on the random room encounters with hackers. HHHHHHHHH

    • True story. Where would we be without our daily dose of ‘nobb hacer’ and ‘a7a KOSOMK!!11’ ?

      This post inspired me to start this blog, by the way. I had a moment where I felt like jotting my words down, which I did instead of letting that moment pass, got into it and here we are.

      Glad you like it, now that I had a taste of ‘real blogging’ (my season -blade- post) expect
      the quaility of posts to start increasing ;)

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