[Writing] Hero

Inspiration is a weird thing. At times it just comes out, as the sun on a winter day, at others it just stays away, like girls from me. And when forcing it does not come at all, like .. I’ll leave that to your imagination.
Today was one of those sudden moments I had inspiration and motivation, so I decided to write a short poem using the marvelous words my subconsciousness bestowed upon me. It is called ‘Hero’.

By my hands,

A kingdom shall be saved,
A legendary tale be written,
A beautiful princess be rescued,
A wicked evil be defeated.
Obstacles will be overcome,
Limits be surpassed,
Boundaries be crossed,
Chains be broken.
My name is Hero,
Conqueror of worlds
and ruler of your own imagination.
The meaning?
Inside, everyone is a ‘hero’, as everyone is capable of accomplishing great things.
Maybe some are not as spectacular, or are different, but everyone is a hero in his or her own way.
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