[S4] Preview: Season 3 -Blade- + Ost Download

After the immensely popular Iron Eyes season, featuring exciting new maps, costumes and gameplay modes which were received with an appropriate positive feedback , there is no room for any doubt that the newly revealed third season, codenamed -Blade-, will cause an equal stir.

Among the various noticeable upgrades are new swords, followed by yet more new swords and possibly their G capsule equivalents, a new map, significantly increased female bust sizes and non-cliche and original epic showdowns. Alaplaya and Pentavision got a nice surprise lined up right there folks, and because of our ap spending DEDICATION and SUPPORT to this game we all love to death we, thats right WE have been chosen to be there and witness the birth of a fantastic new era in S4League!

In the latest love-filled news post we were promised a preview of the new season on the short term. However, the community’s communication lines to KrS4 seem to be just a bit faster  — and as of such we now have the HQ trailer, provided by the ever-so-kind Waza, which is up for your viewing pleasure below. And no, I do not know the guy, but as I said he is KIND, so he probably will not sue my ass for copyright infringement and shut down my blog two weeks after its creation. There’s already plenty of psychos walking this world, and we wouldn’t want another adding to that, right?
*Note: The thumbnail image can be very misleading.

The Story

After a close inspection of 0.00-0.01 in the trailer, we can see the Iron Eyes background disappearing, possibly hinting at the distinct probability that the season abruptly ended. Captain Ironheart and Lilith’s epic battle remains undecided, but for convenience’s sake we will just assume they finished each other off, Lilith stopped the Iron Eyes, and xx years later a new generation of eSpers appears, carrying with them advanced technology used to improve the past melee weapons, causing the birth of new, deadly and wicked killing machines. Guns are now relics of the past stored in museums, and the era of Swords is upon us.

The Marketing

A new season is either made out of an immense love for the playerbase, or made out of an immense love for their wallets. I am leaning towards the latter. Before anything else, let it be known that I studied economics at one point in the past, and even though the teacher barely prevented himself from rolling over the floor when he saw my results, I do dare to say that my insight has improved significantly. The secret? Playing S4League, or rather watching alaplaya for a while, and their money-making schemes works better than any economics course. With my skills having skyrocketed like the ego of a full AP-player carrying a noob team in TD, let’s have a look:
– Release a weapon the community wanted for a long-time, add some cool effects -> sales ++
– Release more weapons with cool effects -> sales +

– Add a new ‘backpack’ slot, providing +def/+sp/+exp/+moving speed -> sales +++
– Mainly single-male community fapping to pixels -> increase the female character’s bust-size by about double or triple, add some skimpy clothes -> sales +++++

The Contents

While we are still waiting for the official preview, let’s have a look at what the trailer provides us. Among the major new features is a new, yet unnamed map (unless someone can read Korean).
One of the first things that springs to mind is the small size, which reminds me of another recent close-combat type map (Rusty Garden). However, as it does seem to be some kind of building I am just going to go ahead and assume this map has multiple ‘floors’ or layers. Unless we are going to see some very interesting spin that this will be a TD map and hero running will only get you as far as it does in Tunnel, my guess is that it will be a DM map, with possibly being made into a BR map later. Also worth pointing out is that this map has jump pads, one of the distinct features from the Iron Eyes season. If your FPS is bad do not look up as you jump — look down instead. This will prevent jump pad lagging.

Trivia: On several occasions in the trailer, such as 0.15 and 0.25, you can see a ‘No S.D’ (Spy Dagger) banner. This is probably a joke on the feedback KrS4’s community has provided about the bloody dagger.
Weapon wise we see the two theme swords of the new season in action, along with their special attacks. First is a newly skinned Katana; the weapon found on Monk in Arcade Stage 5 that the community loves so much. It’s special attack is called ‘ultimate slash’. It seems to be mainly AoE focused.
Second is the Sigma sword; a weapon previously found in the original concept art for the game. After the consequential Cloud and Gunsword jokes is the weapon itself, featuring the skill ‘awakening’. It seems to be, or rather is more logical to be, more heavily damage-based but less AoE capable.

After the fanservice break (yes, I’m a healthy male, don’t blame me), another of the fragments worth pointing out is that all characters are wearing what appear to be backpacks. They could be part of their respective costume set, but could also possibly be a brand new equipment slot altogether. A backpack could severly widen the gap, or as things are now, GIANT CHASM between PEN and AP users, depending on what stats it will be provided with. Time will tell.

[Extra] S4 Soundtrack: -Blade- Trailer

A small bonus, I have added the .mp3 of the song used in the new trailer.
Click on the image to start the download, enjoy!

» Click image to download!«

Direct download: mediafire.com/?8zie47gzq3w4blf

With this we have reached the end of my first official blogpost, thanks for reading!

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~Reivalt / .ProtoStyle

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8 Responses to [S4] Preview: Season 3 -Blade- + Ost Download

  1. Something one of my clanmates said to me in S4 after reading this article was that a Gunblade would be a nice thing for this season — for example, a crossbreed between a Smash / Shotgun.

    As a discussion question, what do you think would be a good gunblade? A weapon that looks like .. ? Or with the properties of a ..? =)

  2. Raining says:

    There should be more “gunblades”. But not with too high damage melee wise. These hybrides are useful to poke shield users if you don’t have a melee weapon in your set.

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  4. Sian says:

    Shout out to all my homies on S4 yoyoyo! Big it up in th- nevermind…

    Mmmyea so I’m not a fan of melee in this game anyway, so this is pretty much a flop for a girl like me. Bit more encouragement for melee-restricted rooms? I think so. I’m QQing like a rookie with a training Spy Dagger in a room of Smash Rifle pros. Weapons like Katana remind me of games like Samurai Warriors (Omgzzz dis game iszz fo lyff xoxoxo) and I fail to see how it fits in. Then again, a shotgun in the shape of a blunderbuss, or a revolver that resembles the carcass of a domestic animal is hardly “fitting in” either.

    Should mix TB and Revolver together for uLtImAtE NoOb ExPeRiEnCe! Or better yet, shove a bayonet on the nozzle of the shotgun. If +7 isn’t enough, I can poke you to death.
    *Insert funny comment that makes you laugh.*

    Overall: that poor girl in the trailer must really have terrible backache with those bazookas.
    Love you xoxoxoxoxo

    Sian/ Shan* ;3

    • And there we are again, hi Sian-girl xD
      QQing like a rookie w/ tSD in a SR pro room .. yeah, can totally imagine how that would be aha

      “…or a revolver that resembles the carcass of a domestic animal is hardly “fitting in” either.” This part had me laughing good xD

      I really like your overall conclusion, so insightful! Girls with big breasts sure have it rough =/

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  6. WAZAAAAA says:


    no srsly, u mad, I’m the one supposed to be sued for copypasting their trailer and being proud of it (I was the first to upload it in high quality, next everyone else stole it from meh with Keepvid I bet trolo)

    nice post.

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