[S4] Preview: Upgrade System (Season -Blade-)

It it turns out, S4 simply does not agree with me having an early nightrest after ruining the day for some unfortunate DM players. Not only did the official Korean S4 site post a new ‘GM Diary’ entry regarding the upcoming season -Blade-, the guys at the official English community were equally fast with catching wind of this and kindly sharing this discovery.

As I offer my last drops of blood, sweat, tears and saliva for you guys, following up yesterday’s blog entry we have the new upgrading system, new costumes, and two
new pets
, the latter of which bearing a certain resemblance to a certain anime series. More after the break! (Click on ‘Continue Reading ->‘)

Upgrading System

The word ‘upgrade’ has a definition that makes it sound like a good thing. It makes things stronger, cooler, better and all that jizz. Makes you stand out from the others. Feels awesome, right? Feel that adrenaline burn! That’s what I’m talkin’ about! YEEAAHH!!
^ This is the reaction I am supposed to have as a happy internet guy, playing games and wanting to be the very best, preferably like no one ever was, sharing in a certain someone’s ambition. So why, just why do I get the feeling that in this particular case an upgrade isn’t a good thing, except for alapenta’s wallet?

Click for larger image!

From what the screenshot shows, there seem to be two options. One is obviously for upgrading, making an item +0~+10something and giving it more attack/defense (for example) with every successfull upgrade. This leaves us with the second option, perhaps a fusion/combining option. However, the small box at the bottom of the second screenshots makes me lean towards an imbuing system for some reason.
If you have played MMOs from PWI or any other respected company you know what I mean here — add ‘stones’ or ‘gems’ with special bonus stats, that will be added onto the item. On the other hand, Google Translate picked up something about ‘chips’. Maybe we can finally add our eSper chips on all pieces of our equipment? Or, are we going to receive new, AP eSper chips with further bonuses for this? Who knows. All I know is that extra movement speed can be more game breaking than anything else.
Some people have brains in their head, they are smart. Some people have brains in their pants, they are good at sex, or rather would be if their partner would let them get that much practise, which is unusual since that comes along with the risk of being called a hookah. However, people have brains in their wallet. These are sly, cunning but above all; greedy.

New Costumes

If there is one thing that I gained from both real life and Fumbi, it would be that I apparently am a Barbarian in the fasion world. In real life, a blue shirt, green pants and red socks would look interesting to say at the least and I would probably end up wearing, be it not for the fact I am greatly attracted to girls and thus my ladies’ man-self bringing me to a halt. What Fumbi provides me to wear isn’t exactly helping either — I’d post some of the examples but I signed this blog up as PG-13 friendly so my apologies.
While the sets themselves seem ‘meh’, interesting here is the fact the girl has the new Cytonik face, previously awarded in the infamous ’11 rigged coin Christmas event, and the fact both characters have their backpacks, although I cannot tell if that is part of the equipment (hopefully) or a seperate equipment slot alltogether.
The set gives me the feeling of some kind of tennis equipment .. either way, chances are they will be G Capsule only, unless they add it to the Fumbi so you can waste ~200k on a permanent piece with a wonderful +0~+2. YEAAAAHHH

New Pets

So, animal zoo time. We have one bear / lion / whatever and what appears to be its zombified version, having wicked glasses and some fluff spilling from the ears. Yeah. Not much else to say here. Rather have the black Jack-O-Lantern pet.

[Extra]: Back to -Blade-

As a small bonus, seeing the popularity (clicks on the image) of the girl kindly demonstrating the point of ‘increased female bust sizes’ in yesterday’s entry, I have added a bigger, and better resolutation image to further emphasize on this statement. Enjoy!
If you also think and agree with me it is sad that I have to rely on e-women using their stacked bodies to lure more readers to my blog, click that ‘watch’ button, comment and bring other people here by spreading the word. Until the next time!


Reivalt Geriant
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6 Responses to [S4] Preview: Upgrade System (Season -Blade-)

  1. Sian says:

    Proto noob, GUESS WHO?

    Lmfao bigger bust sizes mmmyeaa bzz 2k12 lovin’ it McDonald’s style xoxoxo.

    No, but really, wth is this? I demand no more e-boob enlargements! I feel like I’m perving on my own character. Outfits? Yawn. Pets? Yawn. S4? Yawn.

    How about more PEN clothes?
    Yes, I know, the stats will still be as useful as a water pistol in a house fire, but at least there’s a “little something” in there to show both child AP and child PEN are loved by mother dearest equally.

    No? RQ. Overall: needs more dragons and shizz.
    Love you xoxoxoxoxoxoxo

  2. Why hello there Sian, such a delight to see you reply here m’dearest. LOL
    Perving on your own character .. now thats something xD

    Thanks for the comment! ^^ Love u too~ aha

  3. necromanser says:

    Upgrade system makes S4L too RPGish q.q I think people wont like it…

    • >Inb4 S4 re-introduces the old lobby along with NPCs you buy weapons/clothes/Fumbi from. But I get what you mean, adding weapons like Assault Rifle / Turret made it feel too mainstream FPSish, and an upgrade system can make it feel ltoo mainstream RPgish.

      Just wanted to leave that, thanks for watching & commenting!

  4. HeroPrinny says:

    I already said this to you, but I don’t like how they tease us with all this stuff without giving out release dates. They’ve done it in every season trailer. :<

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