S4League, Sleepless Nights & 1st Week of Blogging.

Time; we either do not have it, or when we do, we do not use it wisely. This cliche yet cool quote would be the ideal defense to hide myself behind and use to explain the sudden deprivation of sleep to some concerned parents and university teachers, if not only for the fact it does not apply to me. Hence the ‘Would be‘; if it takes you 30 seconds to turn your head and say ‘huh?’ after someone said something, like the Slowpoke I am, the time quote simply does not apply. I’m just slow. Only with some things though, mind you.

While the newsflow of S4League (hopefully) subsides a bit after the revelation of the third season, -Blade- and the subsequent Upgrade/Enchanting system, it’s time for just a small look back and a small-but-slightly-bigger look forward: some things you will be seeing on the Ardan Frontier in the near future =]

Starting Out

Almost two weeks ago, on February the 6th, I had a moment of spunk and registered for this blog. I initially wanted to call it ‘finalfrontier’, but as it turns out this name was already taken by an inactive blog that looks like it was setup by some hobo over 5 years ago. FML. So, I renamed it to ‘Ardan Frontier’. I published a few posts, one of them being the Back in Action entry that signified my return to S4League after taking a leave for two months and simultaneously, the start of this blog. It was for that post I made this blog initially. I showed these posts to my friends at college and a few trusted people in S4League, just to get some feedback and stuff. The ‘big launch’ was not even planned yet. Until that day.
While looking for new items to blog about and picking up some ideas but nothing concrete, Godplaya heeded my calls and bestowed upon me the third season. I figured this was the chance I was waiting for to push my blog forward from a personal work-in-progress to an official blog project. Three days is the time I spent writing and perfectionising the introduction post for the third season. I showed it to my clanmates on S4League first, since I was quite nervous. As you probably noticed, I am not a native English speaker, so that is why I was hestitating about writing. However, they said it had ‘good writing’ and that ‘was fun to read’. After thinking that you only live once and you should fuck the world before it fucks you, I mustered my courage and made an advertisement thread for my blog, officially opening it to the public.
Two days later I have ~375 total views and 200+ visits just from today. Even as I am writing this, I still have to frequently check myself for signs of insanity. Holy crap. Just holy crap. I never expected my blog to start off like this, ever, period. What can I say; a big BIG thanks to you all for reading, visiting, leaving comments and watching my blog. You guys are awesome.

Upcoming to the Ardan Frontier

As things seem to be getting big at a fast rate, I have made prepations to go along with this flow. I have been contacted by several players from the S4League community, stating they are interested in helping me with the blog. If all goes well, I will have two introductions from new members of the team on here in the near future.
This is only the start though; one of the things we are looking into is doing guides / tips / analysis of the weapons on S4League! With the insights of several skilled and renowned players, I think it definitely will be worth the read.

Now, if you guys have any feedback about the site, ideas for subjects to blog about or think you can be the vital component to improving the Ardan Frontier, and in what way you can, let me know through the comment function below.

Reivalt Geriant
P.S. To make the read worthwhile, he is a TrueStory ragecomic someone from the S4 board.

*Le Random TD ragecomic* Click for bigger resolution!

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