[S4] -Blade-: In-Game Footage & Upgrade System

As the S4 community has taken notice of the inbound new season, -Blade-, the flow of incoming information is anything but subsiding. Five days after the confirmation of the upcoming third season yet more new material has surfaced across the net, ranging from detailed in-game footage of the already popular Katana and Sigma Blade to new loading screens among several other pieces of information.

A full coverage of today’s new content, along with a healthy dose of speculations and plenty of visual material fresh from the Ardan Frontier incoming to your beacon after the break ..

In-Game Footage: Katana & Sigma Blade

Today’s new content revealed plenty of information regarding the new weapons, which will be covered after watching this particular gameplay video. Not only does it clearly demonstrate the new Katana, it also has the famous ‘deathscreams’ included and what could be argued to be of the best soundtracks in the game to make for a great watch!
Going by this gameplay footage, the Katana has three attacks:
  • Jump Attack (jump + left-click): The user jumps and rapidly spins around in midair three times before unleashing a final downstrike. No SP consumption.
  • Normal Attack (left-click): Unleashes a series of fiery katana slashes on the area in front of the user. No SP consumption.
  • Special Attack: ‘Ultimate Slash’ (right-click): The user lunges forward and unseats the katana with a powerful blow, dealing massive damage. Initial SP consumption ~15%. Can be charged for additional damage. SP consumption ~40%
After watching the video it does not leave much to the imagination as for why the community is hyped about this weapon. Not only does the design have something in it that appeal to numerous people, it looks like it can hold its ground with a wide variety of attacks. Although the initial damage of a slash seems to be low, the rapidly accumulating combos make for a devastating weapon. Maybe too devastating. However, everything has its weakness, so my only real concern at the moment is the jump attack; its powerful and, with no SP penalty, very appealing to spam. Regardless, I do believe that it is safe to say that the Katana will be joining the arsenal or default setup of numerous players on the short-term. Keep an eye on your back folks, or chances you this oversized butter knife will be slicing through you like a piece of paper.
*Note: As pointed out by Shadow333 on the Alaplaya forum, the Katana also has a ‘heavy slash’ which seems to release a little blue/purplish shockwave. Perhaps just an affect of the animation, perhaps something more? Time will tell.
Starting at 0:24 is the display of the Sigma Blade, and boy, it seems disappointing. At first.
  • Normal Attack (left-click): The user unleashes two quick slashes on the area in front. No SP consumption.
  • Special Attack: ‘Awakening’ (right-click): An energy burst is released by the user, increasing the size and range of the Sigma Sword, as well as causing massive damage with powerful two-handed blows. While in this state, SP is continuously drained (as if the user were holding a Fumbi) and the normal attack gets a third combo.
While the Sigma Sword initially does not seem to compare with the Katana, its Awakening skill changes everything. With the range and power behind each blow it is capable of laying waste to everything nearby, perhaps even bypassing the CS revenge stance. As the Katana seems to be the season’s all-rounder, the Sigma Sword could be a trump card to turn the tides of the match in a pitch. Also worth pointing out is the fact that when the user jumps and uses the normal attack, the Sigma sword has a single slash similar to the Spy Dagger. Perhaps in this lies the secret to yet another stage of controlling your character’s maneuverability, for those interested.

Upgrade System & Wallshooting

The next bit of news comes from yet another video, covering an introduction to the Upgrade System, some of the other new changes and an interesting piece of information regarding wallshooting.
As it turns out, all kinds of items (weapons / costumes / pets) can be upgraded with something known as ‘Upgrade Chips‘. The method through which they are acquired is yet unknown; they could randomly drop from kills in all modes, come from the Arcade mode or something else, who knows, but what we do know from another video is that these upgrade chips will be in the AP shop as well.
Every chip yields a certain bonus for a certain piece of equipment, for example extra ammunition, increased experience (5%), higher attack, higher defense — you name it. With this they are very similar to the eSper chips, which makes us wonder if said system will receive a major overhaul and be turned into this upgrade chip system. It is unknown if bonuses stack and if they do, what the risks of a failed upgrade are.
Your equipment also seems to receiving experience now, as is shown through a bar displaying the amount of ‘MP’ that equipment has so far. This ‘MP’ may be needed for upgrading or for inserting certain kinds of chips. What we do know, however, is that alternatively you can use PEN for upgrading. Isn’t that great?
Saving the best for the last, the video reveals that the aim is now centered, meaning no more wallshooting! I could already name five people off the top of my head who will be in a great deal of trouble. Ha! <- This would be my reaction, if not for the fact they decided to introduce it as a toggle-able option. Christ sake. WHY!
I should tell you folks that I am all for raw skills; a good aim, nice jumps and more of that stuff following the basic gameplay. The other side of the coin, wallshooting & airhugging, is something I heavily frown upon. Such users can expect a kick from my rooms at anytime they ask, if not I gladly volunteer to help them out of the room. However, if they are skilled and its blatant they don’t use macros, and show me they can also be skilled without such trickery, this all doesn’t apply. Such people I respect alot.

Loading Screens

Pananaman is back! Or rather, it could have been his cousin! Raised with the art of DL / Iron Eyes but slowly going back to the ‘rightful’ original way. Three new loading screens all for your entertainment. First up is this certain girl we know well for various reasons by now, then a badass pose famous for making some males go HHHHNNNGGG– and third an image closely resembling a character from the original art. Behold, marvel and drool! Be sure to click them for a larger resolution!

Before heading on to give some rightful credits to the people definitely deserving them in an attempt to safe my blog from being buried under copyright infringement claims and having to return to the miserable life of a Dutch university student, I want to thank you all for reading. Remember to comment / watch / spread the word. Stay classy, bros before hoes, where’s Waldo? etc etc, and until the next time.


Reivalt Geriant


Video #1 – faithrin/Seoyoung [Click]
Video #2 – ex0blast0r [Click]
Video #3 – ExVeras [Click]
Loading Screens – .Antath- [Click]
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3 Responses to [S4] -Blade-: In-Game Footage & Upgrade System

  1. Raining says:

    Sooo, katana looks like it has huge range, weak, and working with combos. I suppose the community gonna QQ loads about that. We just gotta learn to how to defeat it early after its release.
    Sigma looks rather dissapointing and short-ranged. But i’d rather test them myself before having an opinion.
    Brighter GUI = win, sure it isn’t panamaman, but it’s brighter and joyful, unlike iron eyes’ depressing theme.


  2. I’m disappointed that they got rid of wallshooting by centering the reticle. I know that any other solution would involve a great deal more work, and I do approve of fixing it (though I used it occasionally until now) I think that having the reticle so close to the character slightly aesthetically unpleasing and blocks the relevant view a little too much.

    Still a relatively great update though, everything else seems somewhere between interesting and fun.

  3. Every weapon seems overpowered at first, unless we adapt and learn how to deal with it. Remember everyone crying about the Spy Dagger? At first I died, then I learned how to quickly dodge the thrust, now I simply move (yes, walk) aside, rev to the back of head, and done.

    The Katana is badass, but it ain’t gonna do much again guns or the CS revenge stance I think.

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