[S4] Slicin’ through -Blade-

Pro level: Shooting barehanded.

First off, my apologies for the lack of activity on here. Between playing some S4 I have been busy farming some experience in real life, seeing how University has been bitching for more time. I don’t know if I will have more time for writing soon, but I will at least try to get some more frequent posts in.

A couple of days ago the highly anticipated 3rd season, -Blade-, was released at last. Players have been assembling en masse to try out the new contents, if they were able to enter the Free channel in the first place, and after that share their wonderful experiences in this thread, now counting a neglectable amount of 43 bugs within one patch. While we are yet unsure what the future holds, we are all the more clear on the present. One rundown of the first experiences in -Blade- incomin’ to your beacon.

Azit & Azit-EX

The season’s new map is available for both DM (Azit) and Captain (Azit-EX). The close-quarter arena style map with jump pads from the trailer is here. Cool. May as well try it out. Get my guns loaded ‘n head to this showdown. Within 5 minutes I was done and was back to playing St-2/N1.
A friend of mine was wondering why Azit isn’t played in Unlimited, so I grabbed my Railgun and took the liberty of explaining why to him within 3 shots. In DM, you can just camp your spawn and snipe everything that moves while no one can reach you. In Captain a bit higher degree of skill is needed, namely using any melee attack with knockback successfully once to throw the enemy off the map. This is just absolutely fantastic, as the one thing that S4 needs so bad right now is another Circle or Skyline kinda map.
I don’t know what kinda of monkeys they are employing at pentavision these days but damn, I thought Rusty Garden was as bad as things would get. If the new maps of the first season take a week to return to St-2/N1, the maps of the second season a few days, and the map of the third season only a few hours, something must be wrong.

Katana & Sigma

Head to the shop. Pick up my ticket to being a wannabe samurai and a slightly oversized toothpicker while I can feel Cloud putting his hand on my shoulder and giving me a thumbs up.
Katana, meh. Granted, it looks flashy and I have several awesome moves with it (dodging enemies in St-2 with WASD slash and score with last slice & jump off the edge at goalpost, right-click back into the base before falling to death) but I didn’t found it to be very effective. When trying it in DM I was spinning around like Sonic the Hedgehog while another player simply waved and put a rev through my head when I was done. It relies on combos, but the damage is so weak I want to cry. But as we all know, Forcepacks can do amazing things for UU weapons. Imagine a FP ‘Jin’ Katana with some decent enchants. There ya go. Sigma, I never tried it much. Players can kick ass with it or simply use ‘Awaken’ to throw back / stun enemies but besides that .. I wonder.

Common sighting on the short-term?


This is where things start to get interesting. Every item in the game is upgradeable and will receive unique bonuses and stats through doing so. Although the initial changes are minor, overtime as you receive additional ‘levels’ in your upgrades they will start kicking in. Check this link for two useful charts on the whole enchanting system. So, what do we know?

Hittin' Jackpot!

– Every enchant will give you a level in one of the categories found in the chart.
– Levels stack, allowing for higher levels in a category overtime.
– Increased fail chance & higher PEN costs overtime.
– With every upgrade there is a small chance to hit ‘Jackpot’, which is basically a rare or higher level enchant.
– If an enchant fails, the enchant upgrades will be reset. Forcepack stats & eSper chip effects will remain!

My pride .. my creation .. but for now just a WIP.

That will be all for now. While I figure out what to write about next, why don’t you leave a comment with a link to your highest upgraded item?


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