[S4] !Reminder: eSper Chips Login Event

As a healthy reminder to all dedicated S4 players, counting over 10,000, and to all my dedicated blog followers, counting the same amount minus an ample 3 zeros, keep in mind that the eSper Chip Login Event is now active!
During the event period, lasting from today until April 3rd, one will obtain eSper chips by simply logging in. As the whole system got redesigned and G/I Capsules no longer give chips, it seems essential to just spare a few minutes every day for logging in and get your hands on these valuable treasures..

Look, Behold & Marvel! Who needs free G caps now?!

The big question is whether all eSper chips are permanent or not. A permanent +5% exp for Shoes would definitely be welcomed. Meanwhile, you can familiarize yourself with the new enchant system as alaplaya was as kind as to put a guide on their website.
Now for something else. Yesterday I saw an Unlimited Azit in DM so I joined it. Practise failrailing. And who do I see there? My GOOD FRIEND Willisagenius! I charge my Rail to max power, headshot him, and say ‘Hi’. Within the blick of an eye later, a blue beam sent my corpse flying with 0/118, and boy it was spinning around like a rookie being CS spammed before it hit the ground. Kill by Willisagenius, who replies “Hi” back. What an ass. And thats why I like him.


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4 Responses to [S4] !Reminder: eSper Chips Login Event

  1. dunklerengel00 says:

    i missed a lot of those log ins for the chips , sooo i hope u wont get it perm !!! muahahaha xD

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