The Daily Adventures #1 – Feather’s Request

Now that Season 3 is finally in place and as of such the neverending flow of updates has subsided, I figured it is time at last to return to the matter at hand. This blog was originally created to provide your ‘daily gig of gaming adventures, scribblings, cynical remarks and more from that one guy on that one internet’ after all. For S4, these will be called ‘The Daily Adventures’. Here is the first entry.
While talking with one of my clanmates, featherwing, on MSN the other day she asked me to “kill some extra” and “kick some ass” on her behalf as she was busy. As both a NICE GUY and parttime womanizer, I gladly accepted the request of a fine lady like herself. Let’s get this show started ladies ‘n gents, cook up the beef and serve it while its blazin’ hot. YEE-HAW!

Introducing self & preparing to get the job done .. yessir, shit's about to get real!

So, within 5 minutes I am able to enter the Free channel. Not bad. I find DM room in Square and join in. Proto’s in the house. The room is still small and has the usual stuff in it: one English-speaking person (US), some EGs and TRs, and few dudes from some third-world countries or whatever TT and SK may be. Score 14-6. Looking bad man.

Three minutes into the game. Been trolling with MS and already getting the first complaints and insults. This guy on the other team .. Pegasis .. he is just so funny. He runs around with a Piranha FP, can’t kill shit, and dies from basically anything that isn’t a Mind Energy or Resque Gun. And boy, he gets so angry. LOL. So I Mindshock him a few more times. I’d post the screenshots, but my blog would be shut down for containing exceedingly offensive language.


Halfway into the game. I’m doing my best, playing semi-casually at about ~65% and we’re still losing. Teams are fair and even, they just have 2 Pros and we have 2 Amateurs but thats allright, they can be pretty good at times y’know? By now one of my clanmates, Menety, has successfully stalked my ass and even managed to get in on the right team. Maybe there’s still hope left!

Guess what I am gonna do?

I run upstairs and see one of my allies using MS to bust some of the campers outside. Instead of telling him off, I join him and in no-time we are both moving left-right & jumping like rabbits while our MS are busy feeding on the life energy of whats behind the wall. One of them was Pegasis, as you can tell. It’s a small world innit? In the end though, our efforts were futile and we lost .. so I equip my default weapon setup and do another match. I’m not letting you down, feather!! 11

On a roll and it's making me hot. Hence the steam.

So, new game. So far so good, conveyed my greetings to everyone in a similar way to how I did with Willisagenius as you can read in one of my other recent blog posts. And LOL hey Pegasis.

Few minutes later. We are still leading, though they are catching up with the help of some decent players who joined their team. Already had some intense 1v1 duels and tension is building up.

Erased taking over the game in 3 .. 2 .. 1 ..

Deep in the second half. We managed to enforce our leading position, leading to some inner concerns on the other team. Alpha gained some decent players, including D3ATHSNIPER from the S4 forum, Mene’s been on a roll with his heals and we’re doing great. Ignore the little text at the bottom left, its nothing unusual by now.

Le end~

And the outcome. feather, this one’s dedicated to you. Did what you asked of me, just don’t forget to thank Mene later. He was pretty awesome ;]
Until the next time folks!
Reivalt Geriant
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3 Responses to The Daily Adventures #1 – Feather’s Request

  1. featherwing says:

    whoohoo my awesome clannies thxx proto ..>< my homework is killing me but seeing some .. reddies getitng killed in my name just gets me the energy i need to get going..

    and yes i do need to do a lot

  2. Raining says:

    Hurhurhur, should have called me.

  3. dunklerengel00 says:

    now this was funny XD

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