[S4] A Happy (..?) Easter + 1,500 Views (Mini) Giveaway [Part I]

There are those days where you just keep on pondering over stuff. While some are out there thinking about the meaning of life and others about how to meet a hot girl and get her in bed, the latter probably seeing their efforts rewarded with a slap Chuck Norris would say ‘Ouch’ to, myself is wondering about some less spectacular stuff. Maybe it is just me or my bad luck with encountering relaxed S4 players with common sense, which is close to but cannot match my uncontested #1 of bad luck with getting girls to like me, but damn I’m starting to believe the S4 community gets worse and worse around holidays and other special days.
Just when things are Looking Bad, Man!™ however you can always count on Alaplaya to brighten up your day by providing another rigged coin event along with some absolutely breathtaking costumes and more epic jizz. Incomin’ to the Ardan Frontier: 1x easter patch/event coverage, 1x Proto’s great encounters, 1x a new Handgun and 1x a mini-giveaway as we have something to celebrate. Grab a chair, energy drink and 9gag/memebase to find some images to troll my post afterwards. All set? Let’s get crackin’, ladies ‘n gents!

me doing what I do best

Easter Patch / Event

Alaplaya is on a roll these days. Not only did they decide to hand out my Katana and swimsuit just when I had forgotten about them, they even decided to glitch them while they were at it and give me some extra as an added bonus and way of saying ‘Sorry’. Because of this generous gesture I now have three useless swords and four swimsuits that will all expire on the same day clogging up my inventory instead of just one useless sword and one useless swimsuit. I love these guys. So. MUCH. I should have seen this coming however, as I watched an absolutely wonderful interview with a certain product manager somewhere last week. And boy, I was baffled! There are still people out there that understand the pains that we go through! There are still heroes that fight to make this game a better place!!oneone. Needless to say, because of his brimming conviction my faith in this game was instantly restored and I’m looking for my credit card as we speak. Screw those haters, Bettmensch BadMan is in town to save the day!
I also got my eSper chips as posted last week, which of course were time-limited, giving me a whole 5 hours to enjoy them. To top things off, I only got the eSper chips as listed behind the ‘8 days of logging in’ row, so the rewards did not stack. Bye magazine chips. Thanks pentaplaya.

Whoo effin hoo.

So, the patch. New costumes? Not interested. Vague rip-off pet from a Bleach character and its zombified version? Not interested. Coin toss event? Hell yeah! 1+1 buff or whatever .. not interested. 50% PEN? Pretty neat. I’d have to no-life S4 for about a week with this event to make up for the lost PEN from my level ups anyways, but other than that it is a pretty decent event. The coin toss event, ladies and gents, is where it is at.

Common sighting on the short term.

Following up from the infamous ’11 rigged coin event is version 2, coming in the form of Who was first: Chicken or egg? One of the things I learned is that this event is not a good way for getting an answer to this question, as a chicken can apparently be an egg when it feels like it and eggs becomes chicken in less than three seconds these days. /logic. Jokes aside, here is a short rundown. At the start of every match easter eggs fall out of the sky and are yours to collect. An improvement compared to the last time is that these eggs will remain where they are for a few minutes (they do not fall through the map) and anyone can collect the same egg (it won’t disappear after someone picked it up, it only will for you). There is a limit of 5 eggs per match. When picking up an egg you may get up to two ‘easter coins’ from that egg instead of one and sometimes an easter egg accessories for 6 days / 7 days or even permanent if you are extremely lucky. With 5 ‘easter coins’ you can roll in the Event section, giving you 100 pen / 10 coins / 2x MP +50% / 2x 7-day pet / 5x Beastly Boy + 5x Cheerleader costume capsules. Not bad right?

And yes, I failed.
Crash 'n burn, my battleship.

Unfortunately the rates are still rigged, suffering a massive decrease in win chance from lv.3 onwards. Even if so, the rates are still higher than last year as several people have already made it to lv.5 and even got a permanent version of the yet unreleased cheerleader set (!) Here is hoping people, it’s not impossible. Who knows, you may just get lucky yourself. Just let me know so I can buy a punchbag on time and block you from this blog before the police has to come and get me for disrupting public order.

. . .

Great Encounters

One of the things you should know about me is that I know what to do around holidays. Spending your time well ‘n stuff, leave it all to me, y’know? During last year’s Christmas for example I was listening to songs like Santa hates the poor kids! and destroying everything in sight on OldMoon, often not being able to differentiate between objects and players alike. Oops. Leaving that aside, I decided to play a few games being all happy. After the easter patch was done unpacking I started the game and wow, within three games that happy mood was gone. Maybe its just my aforementioned bad luck with encountering relaxed players but damn, what happened here .. I mean it’s holidays for eggs sake. People should be relaxed / happy / easygoing ‘n all that. Just wow.
First Room [DM]: So I join a 3v3 and there is this TR rookie on my team, named Commandersomething. I just go on my usual phase, getting some kills in and this guy gets so mad. Apparently I am a killstealer because every time I fire on a target he had the same target in mind and thus I should buzz off, as well at it being totally IMPOSSIBRU when my triple gun FPs do more damage than his lone PEN +1 SMGs. Long story short, he was recording footage and would put me on Youtube to get me banned. I just finish my game and move on.
Second Room [TD]: This time I join a Touchdown on Station-2. It’s somewhere in the second half and I start ramp running to leave the Fumbi at some spots for my team to pick up. Now, there is this guy on the other team who starts raging at me like a madman when I fail to kill some rusher with 0 hp glitch when I just came out of spawn. Now, I was still in a decently happy mood so I politely explained 1) what happened 2) why it happened and even 3) that he is a total moron and people like him are the reason S4 is sucking these days. Next room.
Third Room [TD]: This time I join one of my favorite maps, Hyperium for a fun ride. Besides the fact that I had to do some neglectable team carrying as can be seen in the screenshot below it was a great game with a close outcome of 10-9. But as things never go the way they are supposed to with me, even here I find a pro raging at one of his semi teammates for placing Toy Block wrong, even attempting to votekick him several times because of that, when we just have a few decent players knowing how to move around it.

How we lost? One guy with his Rev came out of spawn when I was one inch near their goalpost, picks up ball and hero runs all the way back into our goal post. No biggie. FML.

By now my happy mood was gone. Just lol. At times I wonder what kind of clowns play S4 these days? Now after this match there was another person flaming me, but he picked the wrong guy at the wrong moment obviously as I flamed back so hard that I had to use a Change Nickname for a day afterwards. Anyways, moving on.
While playing DM in Square some rookie names ItsSquishy (ETC) joined the room. His K/D were usual for a rookie, or so I thought until I crossed paths with him. And boy, my mind was blown. I have seen those fancy PS dodges and single strikes but this guy .. he was amazing. His movements were not only insanely fast, they also looked really smooth. I managed to record a short video of him doing so after I found him and fired with some pity. The guy was just that impressive, I fired with massive pity every time I saw him. When people are that dedicated to do their best with just their +1 PS and are that amazing then damn, I just hate myself for having Triple Forcepacks and a temporary AP costume.
Now, I promised to include one of my mates on S4, the_dead_one (PT) in my next blog post so here he is. He shows up at around halfway mark in the video to interrupt the show so I .. regrettably, have to kill him. As a final note, I know the quality is quite bad (not as bad as the thumbnail suggests though, do not worry) but read the description on Youtube to find out why and .. how you can help me fix that.
This concludes Part.I of the easter coverage. Part.II, containing the new Handgun forcepack and giveaway should be up somewhere in the next few days. Meanwhile, I would like to wish everyone a Happy Easter — that you may find many eggs, be it in real life or in-game, and have a great weekend.
Until the next time,
.ProtoStyle / Reivalt Geriant
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7 Responses to [S4] A Happy (..?) Easter + 1,500 Views (Mini) Giveaway [Part I]

  1. dunklerengel00 says:

    “First Room [DM]: So I join a 3v3 and there is this TR rookie on my team, named Commandersomething. I just go on my usual phase, getting some kills in and this guy gets so mad. Apparently I am a killstealer because every time I fire on a target he had the same target in mind and thus I should buzz off, as well at it being totally IMPOSSIBRU when my triple gun FPs do more damage than his lone PEN +1 SMGs. Long story short, he was recording footage and would put me on Youtube to get me banned. I just finish my game and move on.” loled right there ! :>

    and that Squishy guy is cool :o tho that has to cost a lot of sp :3

  2. Harakiry says:

    The video was actually entertaining. What the fuck, bullets couldn’t hit him, at some point it looked like he had an invisible shield

  3. alex007neo says:

    I had quite a gig reading this post. :3
    If you want MOAR giz then use MOAR sarcasm and MOAR irony.

  4. Schwarzy says:


    • I was missing on purpose because I wanted to see him do his moves for the footage I was recording. If I just stood there like a duck he wouldn’t have done that I am sure.

  5. RageCakeee says:

    Hey dawg i herd your posts were coolshit, so I read more shit of dat shit.
    So erm uhh…well, good job protoface.

    @alex007neo, I heard you wanted more sarcasm and irony?

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