[S4] A Happy (..?) Easter + 1,500 Views (Mini) Giveaway [Part 2]

Few days later, here we are again ladies ‘n gents! Sorry for the delay, there has been alot of planning and secret schemery going on behind the scenes so that kind of required my attention — but more about that later. Today I am bringing y’all part 2 of the highly anticipated easter patch coverage. Highly anticipated as the amount of blog views over the last few days, which can be counted on one hand, leaves little to the imagination as for your BURNING enthusiasm and RESTLESS anticipation to the point where I have no choice but to post this. Fear no longer: here it is!
Before anything else, let it be known that the past few days have been an absolutele bliss in many ways. For starters, I got enough easter eggs to make the easter bunny unemployed for the next couple of years. No more easter! I also managed to secure my retirement fund in these bad economic times, coming in the form of ~20+ pages filled with MP+ that will sustain my S4 needs for a lifetime. In addition to these wonderful goods, expiring like my enthusiasm for this patch, I managed to reach lv.5 on the coin flipping game at long last. This at the neglectable expense of a hurting pointing finger and numerous hours farming playing legit matches on Azit-EX like a good kid. But leaving that aside, let’s get crackin’ and cut to the case!
In today’s entry: the final impressions of the easter patch, few thoughts about the upcoming content and of course the promised the 1,500 views mini-giveaway. Next to this I will also have an announcement to make about the Ardan Frontier’s nearby future — stay tuned!

Feel the adrenaline BUURRNN!

New Banner

First off, I would like to thank TaylanAs from the S4 Moderation Team for creating the fiery banner now proudly spanning atop the Ardan Frontier. She recently volunteered to create a new banner to replace the by now outdated previous banner, subtly making clear it was horrid to look at in the process. And boy, when she showed me the outcome my mind was blown. It’s blazin’ in more ways than one. Hope you folks like it as much as I do, and if so don’t forget to go & thank her ;] She’s awesome.

Easter Patch / Event (2)

Servin’ up one scrambled coverage. Continuing from last week, alaplaya is still on a roll. Not only did they decide to do the playerbase a favor with another insane spend-80K-AP-for-reward event, they even said this event is repeatable for every 80k you spend! And what do you get for this minor investment? A permanent, non-smartpack pet with +8 SP, a permanent chaser doll (!) and some time limited stuff. Wow. Buisiness must be going bad for these guys if they have to pull this. As WizPig also pointed out in a certain sarcastic video (recommended watch), it’s the season. Milk dem players during their holidays when they have plenty of milk. Damn. If I ever meet anyone who thinks this is event is good or made out of consideration for us please tell me. I’ll sell you off to a local mental healthcare institute and catch some bucks in the process. To give pentaplaya some face, they have been generous on a smaller scale by giving me the missing eSper chips from the recent event: 3x +magazine chips for Rifle/Guns/Heavy Guns weapons respectively, lasting a whopping 5 hours total. Not bad thar.
While alaplaya is taking good care of the wallets of those outside the game, their patches are taking things inside the game. Recent addition to the Season 3 Bug List now include but are not resticted to: screen freezes, flickering loading screens, lag spikes and ~30 fps, all of which dominate the present gaming experience and will continue to do so for the next 2 weeks until the next patch comes, probably leading to some broken monitors and / or players in the process. So what does one do during these times? 1) Do not play Square 2) Feel like an EG and 3) get flippin’

So, the coin game. After ~200 tosses (1,000 coins) I did not get much further than lv.4. What I did manage to do however is expand my previous 10 pages of event stuff to a new record of 27 pages (!!) in my inventory as can be seen below. Next to that the flippings didn’t miss their effect in making me flip at least, as all the fails left me BARKING MAD <*_@;;> so caution is recommended upon approaching me. Something good happened to set me temporarily straight again though, for the duration of this post, namely reaching the godforsaken lv5. Once. Turns out I just could have thrashed those 1,000 farmed coins as my luck was right within the extra 100 coins I had gathered after. So yes, it IS possible.  Luck -can- be forced with persistence after all. Just get coins, tons of coins, and spam it. Protip: Chicken was what gave me victory. Before moving on a small rundown of this year’s event:
+ Coin Flip Event. Decent rewards and slightly higher chances compared to Christmas last year.
+/- Respawn Bonus event.
+/- meh costumes/ripoff pet.
Unstable patch!!. Causes a lot of lag freezes / spikes. FiX IT!!
No free permanent accessories. Cheapskates! Burrrnnn!
New hacker outbreak. Start updating XTrap instead of female e-bust sizes!
I like chicken! Wat.


Upcoming Content

Allrite so, I probably won’t have to pull a rookie here and repost the old news everyone is already aware of so I’ll make it short. New Skull Handgun [Image]. Cool, looks badass. Don’t pay attention to the ‘Toy Gun is old hat’ line. Makes me wonder if alaplaya is out of new weapons to release and instead is now going to make new forcepacks of all weapons, probably releasing them together with some sugar-coated ‘look we listened, here is your closer-to-original-S4-design weapon!’ BS along with lines like #14 from the great Alaplaya Trolling Guide: ‘Available for everyone!’ while the weapon is still G capsules exclusive. Dont get me wrong, I’m all for them releasing cool new designs. Just don’t sugarcoat it and tell us straight if you want our money so bad. Such a honesty would probably convince some players to pull their credit cards again.
Something else is the new school set [Image]. Now here I found myself thinking something weird. I loved the whole idea of the Imperial Guard set, but somehow this costume looks alot better. More S4-ish? Or just better done? I dunno. Anyways, while the guys receive some upgrades in their abs the girls seem to receive their upgrade in other areas, making for some more distinctive physical features in certain areas. Going by the amount of clicks on this image so far that isn’t a bad thing, so I know what to do if I ever start craving more views on this blog. Fanservice galore. I’d even post Happy Fappin’! some sort of line along with it because I am a NICE GUY but I still want to be able to show my face to my friends and all dem pretty females in real life afterwards so .. aint’ happenin’

[Event] 1,500 Views Mini-Giveaway

Now, what you all have been waiting for!
I made this blog two months ago and during that time traffic has increased and accumulated at a, from my point of view, amazingly fast rate. At the start of last week’s entry I had roughly 1,500 views, so this event is already a bit outdated as that amount has increased by another 300! (inb4 Spartan joke, its truefax.) over last week. To celebrate reaching the first milestone I set for this blog, I will have a small giveaway. Do not expect a lot as I am a typical poor University student, and no I don’t find money for beer every weekend despite my debts, but it should be something anyways.
How does it work?
I have picked one random number between 1-50 and written it down. Be the first to guess what number this is and you will receive 6 Pet Capsules (2x stack of 3) of your choosing! (all the same kind or different capsules). Participating is simple:
1) You may guess a max. of two numbers in your post, but you may only post/participate once!
2) Write a comment to this article under your exact in-game name (upper/lower case & any special signs). The name you will input is where the capsules will be send to if you win.
3) Participation until Friday, 20th May.
4) The first comment that contains the right number wins. So guessing the same numbers as someone else isn’t gonna get you anywhere.
5) Winners will be announced in next week’s entry.
Thanks to Willisagenius for his help in making this event possible. Not only does he knows how to spice a match up with the occasional joke or provide a challenge in TD, he is also a kind person I often can have a good chat / laugh with. Thanks man!
<Want more frequent giveaways? Better rewards? Your name up there? Then consider sponsoring me once (or more) with some spare AP you have laying around. How? Provide some of the gift capsules during the next giveaway! Contact me by sending a PM on the S4 forum if interested. Thanks alot!>

Random SS: Truly Epic DeathMatch

And last ..

The next week there may be no blog entry as I am working behind the scenes on something big together with a few other renowned people from the S4 Community. I’m not going into details yet, but I what I can say is that I believe that with the activity so far the blog is ready for its next step. What that next step is? I will just drop a hint and conclude this week’s my blog post with this: Ardan Frontier v2.
.ProtoStyle / Reivalt Geriant
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17 Responses to [S4] A Happy (..?) Easter + 1,500 Views (Mini) Giveaway [Part 2]

  1. ShadowNukoEXE says:

    27 and 35 :D

    Anyway, I really do like these blogs. :) Keep up the good work.

  2. BOOMDAMAGER says:

    11 and 22

    always bet on dubs!

  3. Hella_Hell says:

    I said it in the forum but I will say it here as well. It is not alaplaya that is making the patches… and lets face it, it could be way worse.

    My numbers for the event are 3 and 28

  4. smashplaya says:

    15 and 30
    also great blog keep it up yo

  5. MaderaUsa says:

    6 and 18
    Cool blog~

  6. alex007neo says:

    Same laugh as the first part. Me gusta
    Mine’s 2 and 45

  7. dunklerengel00 says:

    9 and 31 , cya around proto and make some combis for me QQ

  8. RainingAutumn says:

    17 and 23. gg.

  9. Tukurai says:

    25 && 50 because they seem to be the least logical numbers to pick.

    Also, nice blog.

  10. d3athsniper says:

    Nice Design / Wall of Text

    “Do i have to? w/e” 7-37

  11. Harakiry says:

    Not going to participate in the giveaway since eh-ehm, it’s over, but I do want to help you.

    Judging by some of your screenshots, it appears that you suffer of what is called having (R)(T) while playing the S4 League. Good sir, you are in luck, “recently” I’ve managed to fix my own RT with a simple tweak.

    RT, short for “connected through alaplaya’s Relay Tunnel servers”, means you’re communicating with other players using TCP packets, because for some reason sending/receiving UDP data with other players is not possible for you. But why should you worry about it and why it should be fixed?
    In short, TCP packets = more secure communication that uses encryption, complete with checksums and all that shit. This results in a safer connection (which is unnecessary in S4 since it’s a freaking game) but with bigger packets, meaning a slower communication.
    UDP packets = non-encrypted, light, fast communication, perfect for fast-paced games like S4 League that require a peer-to-peer connection to run optimally.

    So, what to do? Open all the UDP ports of your modem, from 100 to 65000. But HOW to do this?
    If you don’t know how to open the ports of your modem, first of all you should disable your installed firewalls in your PC (if any) since it filters your internet, then go to your modem options and change what has to be changed. You usually do this by typing or in the address bar of your web browser (where it says h​ttp://google.com to be clear). PortForward.com explains how, you just have to search your modem model and see how to do it, they have guides for each, yes they are THAT crazy.

    And that’s pretty much it. I experienced RT since the day I bought a new modem by Belkin, which means many months ago. This solution worked for me but I don’t promise anything, some internet providers block by default some ports and you just can’t do shit to open them. After opening the ports, I experienced a slight increase in mah S4 (less lag!) and since RT uses failaplaya’s servers, when their servers were in a troll mood I could easily get disconnected dozens of times in a single day, but hey it stopped happening since I connect directly with players now.

    Hope it helps. Don’t hesitate to ask me anything.

    • Hey, thanks for all your effort and time spent on writing this. I have tried everything as described, but without luck. I turned off Firewall, opened UDP 100-65000 and even all other ports for S4 as described on PortForward, but nothing changed. Players still have bad pings, and I still see (R)(T) everywhere.

      You should know I have had a battle with my router for ages. I have been encountering issues with hosting rooms and connecting to players in other games as well, and no matter what ports I opened or if I turned Firewall off, it didn’t work. My model is also not on the PortForward site, further complicating matters. So yes, I have tried numerous things, but nothing ever worked. I guess my company just blocked off several ports by default and can do nothing about it.

      Regardless, I appreciate your effort. You should keep what you wrote :]

      • Harakiry says:

        Sometimes antiviruses/firewalls act retarded, one example is AVG 8.0… the only way to disable it was to uninstall it completely from the computer, and that’s exactly what I did, since it caused me more rage than anything. After simply “closing” it, it would actually say “are you sure?”, but once you closed it, it would still run in background blocking everything but this time without even asking. What I’m trying to say is that you may THINK to have disabled your firewall but it didn’t happen… try harder?

        lol did you buy your modem on another planet? If PortForward doesn’t have your model you should just Google a guide on how to portforward/open ports with it. I’ve spent a while to figure out that I was supposed to open the ports for MY machine, but how to do this? If you have more than one computer connected to “your” internet (I do), then (if asked) you should specify what computer should get the ports open, and you do it by typing the private IP of your PC. Where can you find this? In my Belkin settings it’s under the “DHCP Client List” section, but there are more ways to find it, such as, if you’re on a Windows:
        Double click the “flashing monitors” (bottom right corner of the screen)>under the second Tab>IP address that should say “192.168.blabla”, copy that and set it up.
        Or another method to find it is Start>Run>cmd>netstat -n>your IP is under the “local address” thing.

        Also, do you get RT with *ALL* players in S4 or just 90% (like it used to happen with me)?

  12. I cannot uninstall Windows Firewall it seems, but I have it turned off and unticked the boxes where it says its active for the following connections: [..]

    I have found my modem on PortForward (Eminent EM4412), as well as the IP but it turns out its a model they do not know have default username/password for. Google has failed me as well. This modem is connected to the main modem elsewhere in the house, the latter being the one I opened the ports for.

    And yes, I get RT on -all- the players. I haven’t seen a single one without it, the lone exception being when I run S4 from my laptop on a wireless network. But my pc, where I play from, runs on a cable.

    • Harakiry says:

      I find it hard to believe that your ISP blocks all the UDP ports by default but it’s possible…
      You could always try searching for a function called “activate game mode”, some modems have that function implemented in their settings, but many don’t.

      About the password, check this:

      I don’t know what else to say… lol the last resort would be: buy a new modem and test it, but that could be a potential waste of money if the source of the problem is your ISP.

      Can’t think of anything else, at least I’ve tried duh.

      • I tried the passwords on that site the other day but forgot to include that in my previous post. None of them worked. For some reason the issues I get are always more random and complex than others, and as of such I gave up on trying to fix RT ages ago. My connection is just weird, in the past I tried opening ports for other games/Homeworld 2 on my other routes and even though I got the right ports it didn’t work.

        I guess the only logical reason is that my ISP, which is the same through all 3 modems I’ve had, simply blocked alot of ports. This would explain why I could never port forward anything, even if I opened said ports in the router configuration.

        Regardless, thanks for your efforts :] They are much appreciated, and I’m sure they will help other players in less complex situations.


  13. nouro25 says:

    I want a way to send a gift in s4

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