Introduction: “Subtle fits of sarcasm”

Hello ~

My name is PitchaFit. Yep, i chose that for a reason.

I’ve been playing S4 from patch 8 and on. I hope to think of myself as a decent player but lack of aim seems to disagree. I like BR and DM more than the other Modes. I do not mind Captain, Siege, etc. However the fact that no one plays them kind of takes the fun away.

I have been a Moderator/GameMaster for other games and i have always found it terribly dramatic as well as annoying. Why do i stay? The normal rate i asked myself this was near 2-3 times a week. I have loved some of the games i have been on the team with, but others make me want to stick my head in a basket and light everything on fire. My posts will be insights to what actually happens between staff members in a Team, possibly try to ease some minds when there is mayhem with Events/Bugs (from what i can find), join with the Daily Adventures from time to time, and toss in my ideas for future Events of our own!

In my sections i will never:

  • Use direct Names/IGN’s for my own identity purposes and the respect of others’ privacy; expect weird names in exchange.
  • Insult someone without it being a joke
  • Release information that has not been or was not, implemented in any game.
  • Lie as far as the behind-the-scenes Topics go.
  • Discuss any Private portions of my job(s) (Such as Relationships; Alerts/Warnings of or about, other Active Members.

I will be posting about 2 – 3 times a week, possibly in a different section each time, depending on the circumstance.

Was lovely to introduce myself and I truly wish to see your comments on my future posts!




About PitchaFit

Posting in this blog that i posted in a blog while posting your blog to post a blog with a post of a blog in a blog And pitching a daily fit
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4 Responses to Introduction: “Subtle fits of sarcasm”

  1. Since you wanted to see comments, here is the first one =p Welcome aboard the team Pitcha, glad to have you with us and looking forward to your future entries :] Make me proud aha

  2. Ciaron says:

    Sweet person we got there, indeed looking forward to reading your entries.

  3. Harakiry says:

    So now mindless alaplaya puppets (staff members) don’t just bullshit their players on own their website, they have spread and do it on the interwebz globally… how cute.

    Oh and BR sucks major balls as a mode, it literally does.

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