Introduction: “That one guy on that one internet.”

Now that the AF has been upgraded to V2 several new faces will be joining me in the endeavor of providing new content and keeping the place going. More introductions like this will appear over time, so keep an eye open to get to know them! ;]
When I made this blog I promised a working link on the About page to what would be my full introduction at one point in the future. Now that the time of image hunting, drafting forcing bribing recruiting new members and square eyes has come to an end it is finally time to sit down and introduce myself. First off a small reminder.
I am Proto thy Hero. Before me —  I am .Proto. No bullet can hit me, unless its caused by lag. I cannot die, unless its by hacks. I cannot lose, unless its because of my team. 
Actually nevermind, as similar jokes would give the idea that I have ego issues, which is totally NOT the case obviously. This in addition to the fact that I would not dare to poke fun at our divine superiors, and neither does the idea of thunder striking down on me appeal a lot. Anyways! To provide our future writers and my fellow bloggers with an idea of what to write as per define;yourself I will spearhead and give you a look at who the founder of this blog actually is!

So, I am known as Reivalt “Rave” Geriant on this wonderful worldwide web, and on a slightly smaller scale as .ProtoStyle in the S4league. I am the founder/administrator/whatever-you-want-to-call-it of this blog, the Ardan Frontier. This started a couple of months ago when I decided to combine my passion for writing with my passion for gaming, which was the start of this very same blog you are reading now.
The whole idea began two days prior when I was in a creative mood and wrote down the experiences I had in the S4 I just returned to after a three months hiatus, eventually becoming my first blog post. I initially intended to keep the blog as a small and personal thing, but when the news about the new Season -Blade- was leaked I decided to try my luck through writing a good first official entry about the news and share this with the S4 community. Apparently this was well-received as the blog pulled over 800 visits in the first month (and no, not half of them were mine).
Now a little bit about me. My real life version is a young man in his early twenties with dark blond hair and blue eyes. I live in the Netherlands, a small country located at the top-left of Europe (in)famous for its ‘red-light-district’ in the capital (Amsterdam) among the many coffee shops dotted over the country. My humour is often sarcastic/dark like my attitude at times, so beware. I attend University where I study English Language & Culture because of my love for the language and culture. Hobbies include writing / blogging, anime / manga, music, gaming and traveling / seeing new places (if I have the money <poor student). I have played numerous games over time, ranging from a ton of MMOs like Aika, Forsaken World, S.U.N & WoW to Shooters like the Tribes/Battlefield series and RTS like the Civilization series, in addition to a few ‘Indie’ games like Audiosurf. These days however I’m just studying / enjoying life / writing so I decided to settle down in S4 until I get bored of it, if ever.
As for S4League, I started on this game somewhere between patch 13~15 (~2+ years ago?) on my first character, known as D-Flow (–>). I ended up quitting a couple of months later and returned for a fresh start even yet later, making a new character named .ProtoStyle and have stuck with it ever since.
My main mode is Death Match, as this is the mode I have been playing nonstop ever since day #1. My weapon setup has remained the same all this time, featuring the Spray SMG, my infamous Revolver and my annoying Semi Snipe-Rifle. With some luck from G Caps / I Caps I have been able to obtain the FPs of my entire set and even a permanent HP+30, which is on a shared first place together with Bind in my favourites. My favorite maps are Neden-2 and Nightmare (Cpn).
Next to DM my favourites are Captain where I have 1k+ domination kills and learned how to bind, TouchDown where its nice to just rush and jump like a bunny, and Siege which is a great mode for relaxing/trolling/practising new setups. My characters look like this:

My intended main char .. if I'd ever get the parts from the capsules (=never)

My real main char .. usually wearing these Fumbi components.

also my character

For TouchDown I have a female character that I often give blond hair (hey, it’s my favourite hair color k?) and reduces the amount of ‘JAMP NOOP!!11 a7a’ and similar complaints, often turning them into ‘Wow Pro TD! Nice!! ^-^’. Tell me about the effect of female characters on male players. Just be aware that like my male character (who often has a cold / withdrawn / cynical personality) my female character may have the looks but isn’t exactly a very friendly person either ..

Yes, she bites.

And she scratches.

As for my skills, they are rather diverse. There are days like this:

And there are days like this:

Finally, my blogging schedule. My goal is to provide at least one entry per week, which can be honestly about anything but as you will notice I have a preference for the Daily Adventures & Weekly Rambling categories. Chances are I’ll somehow .. convince my fellow bloggers to take care of the analysis and other great things we aim to get up here.
What can I say, so far it’s been a joy writing for you folks. Besides getting feedback nothing can make a writer happier than people reading and appreciating his work. So, here is a big BIG thanks to all followers / readers / commenters. You made this blog into what it is, to the point where other people will be joining me on this project and make the AF even better. I will continue doing my best, and hope everyone will like the work we publish.
Let’s get along!
/provocation /humiliate
Reivalt Geriant / .ProtoStyle
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3 Responses to Introduction: “That one guy on that one internet.”

  1. I will just call you the troll of this blog

  2. Ciaron says:

    tl:dr, u sux.

  3. I love you guys too.

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