Welcome to the Ardan Frontier v2! + Mini-Giveaway Winner

After two weeks of hard work filled with planning, testing and exploring new options, next to logging in to S4 for some trolling with Bind and collecting some more insults for my tag cloud in the process, today is the day I can proudly announce the Ardan Frontier has been updated to Version 2! So what does this mean? You’re about to find out!

New Content

The first objective will be to take the blog to a new level by providing more frequent, insightful and unique writings compared to what you have seen up until now. Ever wondered what 10 reasons to play S4League could be? Or how .. Alaplaya manages to keep the players silent everytime? Or maybe you need tips on effective combi farming or becoming a PEN richboy? While finding that out you may also learn about how to become a pro at Siege mode, or master one of the many weapons in the game. No worries, the amount of sarcasm will remain, as I (being a cynical Dutchie) always have plenty to share after just one day. If not, then S4 will refill my gauge within a few matches. So, expect to see new content on here!

New Features & Page

The site has received various upgrades. Among the new features are the Tag Cloud in the right menu, showing which tags got the most clicks and thus helping you easily find topics of interest on the blog! Next to that are the Milestones, showing a list of our achievements. Some of them may yield a giveaway or other event, so keep an eye open!
Besides the new features several other components have received updates. The category system, now showing at the top right, has received a major overhaul, allowing you to easily find all entries about a certain subject. If you place your mouse over a category or click on it, you will see a description to get an idea of what topics are covered in the concerning section. Now it’s even easier to find your favourite entries!
Additionally, a new page named Support Us has been created. In here you will find various methods to show your appreciation for the site and help us in getting more visitors. If you found joy in the entries we wrote and want to see how you can help us, pay it a visit! It will be updated overtime.

New Writers

In order to realise everything that is written above several users from the S4 Community will be joining me on the writing team. Their introduction posts, which will appear overtime, should give a good impression as for who they are and what they will be doing, so please give them a warm welcome to the blog!

New Graphics

As you have noticed, we have updated several sections of the site with new graphics. Next to the new banner you will now find Ardan Frontier Userbars in the Support Us! page and our new favicon may start showing in your browser address shortly. The new background and new theme has been held off for a bit, as we encountered some difficulties with it and thus will focus on the writing aspect of the blog first.

And next ..

Overtime the blog will be continiously updated. Keep an eye open for further additions/changes that will appear in the Weekly Rambling posts.

1,500 Views Mini-Giveaway: Winner!

The winner of the 1,500 Views mini-giveaway is .. *drumroll* alex007neo! Congratulations!
The number was 42. As this number was not guessed, I checked everyone’s guesses and found his to be the closest to the actual number out of all participants, only being off by three. The Black Dragon pet capsules he requested are on his way. I got word he already received the first batch, and the second batch should come soon!
Thanks for participating all, and keep an eye open for future event! ;]

This concludes the v2 update. I want to thank everyone for sticking with us up until now, and hope many more will continue to join us in our project and remain with us. Enjoy v2!


Reivalt Geriant / .ProtoStyle

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4 Responses to Welcome to the Ardan Frontier v2! + Mini-Giveaway Winner

  1. dunklerengel00 says:

    gz pony bish !!

  2. Ciaron says:

    Well, you said you had sarcasm? That’s kindergarten sarcasm. (no sarcasm right here)

  3. alex007neo says:

    I hope to see even more laughs and something different from laughs as well with the new V2. Even if it’s “my daily gig of gaming” you could also do something else. About that, I really don’t know anything, but laughing isn’t all you can do when writing a blog. But I bet you already had that in mind, since I’ve seen the new content you might want to unfold. About being a PEN richboy, I might fall under that category, and might help if you ask me for tips and ideas and crap.
    I’m happy to be the winner, and no, I’m not the pony bish! Pony GUY at least!!! T-T

  4. Harakiry says:

    And a brony had to win the epic prize. What is this fuckery I just witnessed?

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