Green-Blimp- Team!

The title explains nothing, i’m sure. I normally use a swear word instead of “blimp” because of a friend that started calling the team that, out of purely a joke.  It’s not meant to be insulting, it’s just because some of us actually like to swear. Yes. I used the word “like”; as in we swear any damn day, instead of the teenage “OMFG YOU ——- NOOB SON OF A —-” jockstrappers that pull —- out of their ass when they’re angry.

This will be one of my first posts about any kind of Moderator/GameMaster/Admin team. I’ve never been an Admin, but i have been a Moderator and a GameMaster for a few games. There has been one team that was absolute ElephantPoop, and another team that i felt like i could rely on to answer a simple question without copy-pasting someone elses response from a different day. (Lol that always makes me laugh. “Timmy says : Hi! [quote from a post on a thread that hasn’t been alive for a year] That’s what you should do, hope it helps! Regards, TimmyKaka”) Shoot me now.

Back on topic ;
Team 1 i really should not have expected much from. The top GM was basically a pre-teen that edited any post containing any comment about him that he didn’t like. That is the ONE thing i cannot stand about some team members. It’s fine if they actually insulted you, but what the holychristmastree? Once i edited his post after he edited someone elses post and posted about editing that persons post (follow that?) Just for Pizza and giggles. I believe he never caught on to my flame/joke either, so it was perfectly fine, but the point is; Where the DeepDish are rules keeping kiddies from signing up to be a mod?

Team 2 was great in respect of the fact that they would not only have ground rules on any user that applied to be a Moderator, but they also would make that user publicly post their Application in one thread. And get this; all the other users got to bash, or support, that persons Application. Then based on the votes, they’d choose the top 3 to go through their training before they became a Moderator. There was also 3 different teams. The Moderators of the game, the Moderators of the Forums, and the GameMasters. It was nice and the other Team members were great most the time. Though, all teams have downsides as well. These Mods/GM’s put on a lovely face in front of the User population but they were more focused on gossiping and relationships in game. -Facebashing is allowed here-

For my first real post i refrained from saying too much and creating wall of texts like proto.
I will create more entries on this subject in a few days, with more insight than just what i’ve experience personally and over-all team functions.


Thanks for reading and enjoy this weird picture ;


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4 Responses to Green-Blimp- Team!

  1. dunklerengel00 says:

    scary thing D=

  2. Ciaron says:

    You know I totally know how they act, like giving one kid too much power, and strange people wanting to get into greenshhhh-blimp team, among some other irresponsible things.. But lol the upcoming strange ones are gonna be funny, obviously. And hey, you were too good for that, now sit back and watch em fckup.

  3. “and creating wall of texts like proto” I lol’d.

    Sad reality: Everytime a new member joins the Moderation team the first thing that comes to mind is the ‘What kind of clowns are they hiring these days?!’ joke.

  4. Harakiry says:

    One word: Zerozaku.
    That guy is the only actually good GM that survived in alaplaya, the others got demoted. Yes he’s THAT sexy.

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