Introduction: “Well, looks like it’s my turn.”

Hmm, here’s where I write a bit about myself, I guess. So, yah, I am quite a name hopping person, who has been known as Shexelle, *Kokonut., RainingAutumn (heeeyrager/RageCakeee on alaplaya forums as well), and now by the latest one (almost smelling like a brand new car): Ciaron. Hopefully I won’t be changing it at all around S4L anymore. (Rly)

Now that the “hi my name is …” phase is done, what about the player under these aliases?

Been playing S4L since patch 8, after lovely gaming eras in Shin Megami Tenshi: Imagine and Allods Online (would say what were my IGNs during my toptier times, but I doubt it matters) About my S4L gameplay I’m what others have called a Hit&run lover, you can see it like “OMG ITZ A NEENJA” or “dat coward again…” I don’t mind. So yes, pretty fast style, and sadly unable to use anything else than spraying weapons (Spray N Pray? Lolno). I consider myself pretty decent, indeed, but seeing what people love ingame (ST2 SO? Mhm), I’m playing a way not many like, which is Unlimited DM, even if my fav mode is still Captain (under some regulations hnng).

The IRL version of this grumpy player? Young man, early 20’s, the athletic type I guess (ikr, unlikely for someone playing dat kind of stuff to still happen to workout or run in parks), and eyes, hair and skin on the darker side (“Once you go dark…” lawl) since I live on the Mediterranean Coast in France, sunny place? Sure. Lovely place? Less Sure, but well, could be worse. I’m not the nice guy kind, neither the overly bad one, just depends on the day, but I usually happen to serve the mix with some sarcasm and irony (sometimes in a terrible fashion). I do enjoy art and science as well, as a frigging documentary lover. I love music, my fav artists being Kenna, N.E.R.D. and Coldplay (I do hate mainstream crap though) . One of my attributes is sadly to always look at things and situations with a philosophical state of mind, due to my studies. But one larger attribute? My ability to QQ, whine, complain (shamelessly, it can’t be helped at times… yeah? …Okay…) about futile crap and since S4L is undergoing some fckup, looks like pulling the QQstick won’t be hard.

Related to this blog, my part will be about cynical, sarcastic, and satirical entries about probably nothing much important in the S4L world (oh what a fancy place~) but also weapon analysis, strategical methods, and tips. You know, dat stuff.

Now we’re done with that, shall we get started? Why not, but soon (alaplaya’s “soon” ?! Oh NO )

~ Ciaron

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4 Responses to Introduction: “Well, looks like it’s my turn.”

  1. *Seal of Approval* Great introduction. I have heard and occasionally visited the sites of both games but unfortunately never got to actually playing them.

    Glad to have you on board and looking forward to working alongside with you!

  2. Ciaron says:

    Both games are not worth playing anymore anyway, even if GPotato is still pro publisher to my eyes.

    Looking forward as well. /enthusiasticfistpumplol

  3. dunklerengel00 says:

    ohai there, btw i played allods also , too bad it got ruined ;)

  4. PitchaFit says:

    I love your intro.
    Anyway, i played Megaten for a bit too and it was a nice game when i played. Don’t know/care how it is now. Aeria sucks so i’m sure Megaten went downhill.

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