Green-Blimp- Team V.2

You know how when you’re at the park and you see little kids rolling around in mud just to tick off their parents? Unfortunately this immaturity is often seen around the Alaplaya forums. The team in “charge” of controlling the rage, the rule breaking, and the new players who post the same crap 4 times, are … i’m not even sure how to group them.

Based off the latest update (4/26/2012) of the Alaplaya Green**** team, these are the members :



I’m gonna break this down piece by piece. This is just constructive criticism, i’m not intending to insult anyone or hurt anyone’s feelings (Implying that they actually read this).

The GM’s in my opinion, as a team, aren’t entirely horrible, but they’re not as good as they could be.
First, i just have to say, “Akira? A GM? What the ****?”
If you stalk the forums as well, then i will assume you know why i am confused laughing. Even as a mod, Akira didn’t make the cut. I’ve seen her responses to some questions in IRC and it takes a lot not to ask her if she’s been checked for mental issues.

MissCoriel. I hurd she’s having personal problems, so i won’t comment on the fact i haven’t seen hear do jack crap lately. But when she was, i don’t even…. -lost sentence-
She primarily stalks the Newbie Channels. Which ok, whatever, i guess someone needs to help them with the hackers situation. I went on an expedition one day to really find out what she spends all her time on. No idea why i thought she was actually doing her job. She plays with the rookies. She shows off, she brags, etc. (Very high ego).

ellinas95 or “Skia” is one of those mods where you can’t decide if you like them or want to find Ninja ways to flame them.  Sure he’s good in support, props on that. But he gives warnings for the dumbest Barbells ever. There was a few people he gave warnings for “Deliberately driving the topic Off-topic” …. In Offtopic. Where there is the most retarded threads made, just to screw around and he had a fit about it going offtopic? Lolplease.

iliasdahou is a nice kid and i’m sure he means for the best, but i don’t believe he is Moderator material. I read his posts and it either makes no sense or i want to *brick-face*. Not only that, he deliberately posted an ego-tastic picture to “show off” that he beat someone, and even said “haha i did better than you” (in more or less words). If my leader saw me do that, i would instantly lose my title. Be thankful yours is a teabag short of a pot.


The rest of the team members are either not so bad, or do pretty well, and this is deducted by:
How much time they spend on the forums
How much time/effort they put into implementing needed bans in-game
And the amount of tickets they finish week by week.

I’m only give you my 5 cents on this team, from my personal experience with being in these sorts of teams in the past. As i’ve mentioned before, people agree or disagree. I’d love to hear what you think of some of these members.

And to conclude, if you happen to know the new Trial Moderators, i’d greatly appreciate if you could let me know. (I have already been told that this new team will be greatly horrible, so i’m very excited to know who is in it)

– PitchaFit


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5 Responses to Green-Blimp- Team V.2

  1. Reivalt Geriant says:

    The future is looking bright x]

    I have had some encounters with them but usually in a neutral context. The only GM I had a small issue with back in the day was MikuruX. He was acting all high and mighty with his FP HMG, Shield and yellow text so I told him off. This was when I was a low lvl semi though, later on I got to respect him ‘cuz he left the team on his own and clearly stated why alaplaya was failing.

    I’ve encountered Akira, Coriel, -Rocket, WolfenAxel, illias & turbokid. I can only say something about two people, Turbokid/Kornelije who is an old pal so I’m happy for him and he’s doing great except being a bit too strict sometimes, and TaylanAs who is just plain awesome.

  2. PitchaFit says:

    Yes, i agree about turbokid, i think he is a good Moderator. But i don’t believe TaylanAs is anymore

  3. MaderaUsa says:

    Must….. resist….. posting this…. on the….. FORUMS!!!!!

  4. Skia says:

    Good to see that the only fault you found in me is giving warnings.

  5. Harakiry says:

    Delicious post, agree with pretty much everything. My two cents:

    AkiraNasuki looks mentally retarded to me also, EVERY single message I’ve read from him/her makes absoluetly no sense. And when I say EVERY single message I literally mean EVERYTHING; IRC chats, forum posts etc., they were all incredibly stupid or nonsensical in some way. He’s either retarded (mental retardation exists in lighter forms and affects 3% of the world population, it’s not a joke) or 10 years old.

    MissCoriel is an egofag that shows off her AP and abuses her GM powers to join into the rookie channel and rape them too I heard.

    Talyen666 isn’t even English, he was rejected from the Italian staff so he tried joining the EN and succeeded. Lol.

    TaylanAs and ellinas95 are surely NOT 18+ years old judging by their childish behavior (and nickname lol), which is supposed to be a requirement to become a staff member btw. Taylan also likes closing threads for a single “flaming post” instead of deleting it duh.

    turbokid clearly tries to act professional but he gets a no from me. He writes lots of false information or just stupid stuff around the forum. He sent me a PM on why I don’t follow alaplaya’s rules, making me look like I was the bad guy, so I promptly showed him a dozen of my accounts permabanned because of alaplaya being an horrible hoster, he read it but never answered. He also became staff members only because he’s a recommended friend of other staff members.

    Don’t know much about NulSaito, WolfenAxel, CherryLou. CloudStrife07 and ElreyNito are fun guys though.

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