QQ, Rage and all of the above.

Today i had the greatest luck when i decided to log-in to s4. Please, let me humor you.

I’ll be honest, i have a bit of an ego. I control it though, ok. I have my occaisonal “LOL YOU MISSED” when one enemy is constantly the only one killing me, and he obviously finally misses. http://puu.sh/sRtI. I attempt to make myself stay in a room until the end, even if we’re being absolutely slapped around like those annoying Yorki dogs.

Besides my ego, there is one thing i cannot stand. If i get killed by a Dagger (Which of course, i did) that’s it. I’m done. I throw my hands up and walk away, i don’t give a **** if the game is still going.

No, not really. I would love to do that but it would eat my pride up later. Instead i bare it and try to push forward. Which means turning up the music that is already vibrating my ears, and stalking that person to the ends of the map. You hide behind your shielders? Damn if only i learned how to ninja and- LOLJK i jump off a few boxes and Rev you in the back of the head. Yessss.
But i’m staring at the announcement, looking at the IGN. Why does that seem different.
5 Seconds later my character is staring at that clear blue wall as i get sniped in the face by; guess who, the same ****ing **** from earlier. The rest of the game i hid away and took easy shots, just to get through it. Clearly my team is at fault for me being stalked.

I decided to switch rooms. I just wasn’t feeling Neden 1 after that match, and open a N2 to boost my ego. This being my prime map, i’m thinking i’ll be able to snatch back some of my pride.

Unfortunately my team is camping the base with their heals and sentries. Smh, these newbies. Second match was much more interesting, after shuffling the teams and kicking out the a-hole that stands still while he’s being healed (27 deaths? Gtfo). I noticed some of the members on the other team seem to know each other. Yippee. I also realized about 30 seconds into the game that 80% of them brought Sigma. Now i try to grasp new ways of killing the newbies that obviously use the easiest weapons, but this fucking melee. Especially the Sigma in hands of people with 200-300 ms? Why didn’t i bring a god-damn bomb? Luckily one of my team-mates did. I don’t think he really grasped how to correctly use it though, considering he always threw it just as i was jumping into the attack of sigma slaughtering, instead of when they approach. Let me make a long exaggerated sigh here.

Next stop was “Random Shop” because letting my rage out on gambling is much easier. First weapon; Spark Rifle. Ok, whatever. Expected. I try again. Homing Rifle. Again; Spark Rifle. I’ll try a few more times then i’m done. Homing Rifle. Homing Rifle. Homing Rifle. Spark Rifle. Hold on.. what? REVOLVER? YES. +7% Unlimited Use Gold Revolver. Oh. My prayers. I go to click Confirm and suddenly the window disappears. “Hacking Trial Detected”. For a brief 5 seconds i’m positive my face looked like this;              

However, my “Pull it together” balls grew in and that^ became a “Fuck it, i’m done”Pokerface.
I did wait about 10 minutes and logged back in. Who knows, maybe my luck doesn’t suck.
……. Haha that’s funny. No revolver for me.

For the rest of the day i have felt that i need to dominate something to regain some of my pride. I’m not sure if this is a rage-induced side effect or if my fist will soon connect with my monitor. Either way, this oddly represents my night;

Have a good weekend everyone, and keep checking out the blog for more updates/posts! There’s rumor that we will be hosting another small Event thing so stay tuned

              – PitchaFit

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6 Responses to QQ, Rage and all of the above.

  1. Tukurai says:

    But did you actually get your revolver in the end? Confirming isn’t required to obtain it.

  2. PitchaFit says:

    Oops. Edited it.
    No, i didn’t. This happens to me multiple times. I’ve slowly learned to accept it bit by bit

    Sort of.

  3. MaderaUsa says:


  4. Reivalt Geriant says:

    Yourself humoured me well. Enjoyable post, pity to hear about the rev .. what was the saying again? ‘Funny and true, except when it happens to you.’

  5. Harakiry says:

    What the fuck you didn’t get the Revo? Is this bullshit for real?

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