Ardan Frontier v2.5: “Mommy, I need a new coat . “

If you are reading this article you probably just finished recollecting the pieces of your jaw after it dropped, hit the floor and scattered everywhere from awesomeness. Either that, or you are writing an angry mail to me pointing out that we did a horrible job, I should retire at once and leave design to the people who actually know what they are doing. I am placing my hopes on the first option, and as of such I will give a quick overview of today’s major update.

  • New Theme [Black/Orange]: The first thing you will notice is the brand-new look of the site. With the help of a wizard who prefers to remain anonymous, we have installed this new theme and customized part of the coding to cater our needs. Yes, I know some loose ends (i.e non-centered banner, bold posts, old redirects) still need to be tied up but the majority is done. I hope everyone likes it!
  • New Domain & Server: The site can from now be accessed from This is the new domain name that comes with the new server. In a nutshell, because of the kind offer and amazing support from Mr. Anonymous Wizard as well as the limitations encountered through having the blog hosted on WordPress, we moved the entire site to a new server. What this means for you? A shorter, easier and badass url, faster loading times and new features. Don’t forget to update your bookmarks ;]
  • New Pages: Several new pages have been added / will be added and can be found under ‘Navigation’ in the left menu. Check them out!
  • Donations: After some issues our Paypal donation is now established and working properly. Visit the Support / Donate page for details about this money-raising project and what we will do with it.

Finally, there will be no entries from me next week as I’ll be traveling abroad for a University project. Enjoy the new entries by my fellow writers meanwhile and see you next week!

~Reivalt Geriant / .ProtoStyle
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5 Responses to Ardan Frontier v2.5: “Mommy, I need a new coat . “

  1. MaderaUsa says:


  2. Mr. Anonymous Wizard says:

    You have already met me young one.

  3. Mr. Anonymous Wizard says:

    -Tweaked upper left logo/description space.
    -Banner location tweaked.
    -Left menu has a background now.
    -Tweaked lineout for the right menu background

    It should be fine like this.

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