[S4] The Daily Adventures #3: .ProtoStyle plays SO

While playing Station-2 the other day I got a message from one of my mates, Gildarts. (AE), asking me to join his room. I accept his invitation as I had nothing better to do anyway. My team was getting their butts kicked by a bunch of fake rookies who were taking turns in raping them and were about to score again in three seconds, widening the gap to five points. After I left in the nick of time I join my mate’s room, which turns out to be .. sword-only. Since said guy is from my friendslist instead of blocklist for a change I skip the flaming and jumping his back with enough insults to insult his entire family up to three generations back and just remain in a good mood. Hmm. I grab the first three swords I see and am rearing to go. SO is unexpected, but why not? I’m the kind of guy who loves SPAM DAT CROW HUEHUE challenges after all. How it went? Continue reading to find out!

Introducing self and preparing to .. you know the drill.

First off, you should know that I am not a SO player. I only know the mode exists through the following:

  • People like Harakiry / AxlStream / FuckYeaSeaking / ahmedkingegypt | EG | MS 3,246 (R)(T) etc.
  • Tag clouds posted on the S4 forum with fierce insults taken from SO matches.
  • 90% of the rooms has a Sword icon, possibly hinting at the existance of another mode besides Unlimited.

In my whole s4 career I have played a well-count amount of three sword matches. The first time was a couple of months ago with a mate of mine, Valenar (PL), in a room full of PL (Polish) people who didn’t quite appreciate my CS/Hammer build. This I concluded partially from the kick as soon as the match finished but also because of the ‘proto’, ‘spam’ and ‘noob’ fragments I managed to recognize in what probably were entire sentences of insults in their native language. The second time was recently in a closed DM room for fun with Villu and few others where I had an impressive ~20 kills that was just a bit overshadowed by at least double the amount of deaths. As they say though, third time’s a charm. Game’s on, and I’m playing.

The match starts with 1v1. My friend initially named the room something fancy but changed it to ‘PLEASE JOIN QQ’ for some reason shortly thereafter. Said friend has been having an easy time dodging my fail attacks, even giving him enough time to throw in the occasional /haha or /provocation command and score two Touchdowns. My facial expression: [[click]]. Somehow, I manage to make it 2-1 before more players join, making it a 4v4 and a full room 8/8 at the same time. I’m a maths genious, leave those numbers to me.

I got a decent team (I think?) that can hold their ground in combat, leading to pretty amazing sightings like the screenshots at the left. So, lets have a look at what we have. Some EG players with melee weapons [x], which possess the amazing feature of having twice the range and strike out of nowhere, some Twin Blades/Daggers/CS and of course the lone Pro baddie with only a bat. Doesn’t seem too bad.

First five minutes have passed. What I learned so far is that CS Revenge is your best friend, you need to predict like a guru and the first one to make his move is more likely to lose the duel as the opponent can anticipate better. That, and the fact that everything besides a Bat or PS is apparently noob and there never is a shortage of racism based on one’s country.

Oh right, I also saw another Space Cowboy, this time wearing the black version of the Western Boy Set and Darkness Twin Blades. I was wondering if the new generation Rookies would try out new weapons or playstyles at later levels, but it turns out simply upgrading their free AP set / Twin Blades to permanent / forcepack equivalants is a heck lot easier.

By now we’re about halfway through this slanderous slashfest. Rather than sticks ‘n stones giant blades have been breaking my bones, further emphasized through the ‘cracking’ sound one hears when being blown against the wall. Despite everything though I’m somehow keeping up with the pace. Sure, I am smashing my keyboard like a madman in the hope something nice comes out, leading to an unusual mix of dashes, slashes, uppercuts and charges that leaves my more surprised than my enemies, but I’m keeping up. And boy, it’s been a blast so far! I get my ass kicked in the most epic ways like getting sandwiched between a Bat and Hammer and watching my body tossing, flying and rolling to the left at an amazing speed before turning in mid-air and going back to the right at an equal fast speed before hitting a wall and finally dying. LOL. This is one thing I love about SO, if you die it’s bound to be in an epic way.

A little bit later things are heating up. The fierce battles have awoken some minor irritation on both sides, or so my intuition tells me. In Unlimited you can tell by the amount of instant respawns used, but in Sword Only things are a bit different. I’ll just give you the hint to look at the bottom left corner, as the entertaining chat logs are a pretty good indication of when things are starting to get serious. If that doesn’t do the job, get in a voicechat with me and hear me giggling like a five-year-old school kid to know when the jig’s up. Damn, I love this game.

Jokes aside, at times I can only wonder what is wrong with the SO community. First off, I see rooms which ban the use of practically everything but a bat. Second, I see tag clouds with insults pop up from time to time. Is it because swords are relatively easy to use and you can get ‘luck kills’ frequently? I don’t know. In guns we have smash rifles and more spray, but the amount of QQ that generates over an entire match comes nowhere near the amount that a CS in SO generates within three minutes.

Just a normal match in SO

Back to the matter at hand, its deep in the second half and the scoreboard is 4-2. After trying hard for 15 minutes I am a bit bored, so with [[this]] facial expression I just grab and use my lv.13 Crow CS on anything that moves. If the fancy stuff doesn’t cut it, use the less fancy stuff that -will- cut it. Plain ‘n simple. Game finishes. gg.

Looking back over shoulder to latest victim like a badass.

What can I say for Sword-Only. I can imagine why people play it, I can imagine why people don’t play it. What I do not understand is how tense the people in this mode are moreso why they became that way. But that’s enough pondering for the day, my Neden-1 match is waiting. Until the next time.

P.S. I got my first in-game gift. Apparently this <3 is worth 300 pen / 35 coins / 2 CP. But it’s something else for a change I guess, comparing it to the people who tell me that they’ll hit me if they ever see me in real life. Sigh. All the sad pixel fappers, morons and total retards on the internet bore myself to no end.

~Reivalt Geriant / .ProtoStyle
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10 Responses to [S4] The Daily Adventures #3: .ProtoStyle plays SO

  1. Hella_Hell says:

    When ppl get pwned in unlimited mode while they are still rookies they go to SO and when they get few lucky kills cuz is way easier to kill with melee when there is no one to shoot them and they believe they are already pro.

    • PitchaFit says:

      I have two things to say and one to ask.

      1. Hammer nob.
      2. Next time bring something to throw them with. CS is great but it probably takes you more time than a bat would
      3. I don’t mean to sound like a girl, but what the hell are you wearing

      • Reivalt Geriant says:

        In response to #3 — a healthy mix of whatever Fumbi gave me.

        iirc a Bikini Top, B Eastern Girl pants, Western Girl Boots & Master Gloves. It doesn’t look good?

  2. Willisagenius says:

    Bitch that gift is from me, be happy >:I

    • Reivalt Geriant says:

      Sure am bro, why do you think I gave it a mention in my post? And I knew it was from you ;]

  3. Harakiry says:

    I’m in yer article, IS NOT POSSIBLE!

    I have different theories on why SO players tend to QQ more than gun players… but it’s most likely a MIX of these factors:
    1. Because it resembles a fighting game, and people generally QQ like no tomorrow in fighting games, with bullshit excuses like “throws are cheap!” “you only win because of your combos” and such. The same would apply to S4 when unskilled players make excuses for their defeats.
    2. More time to use the chat, which means more time to QQ. In Unlimited if you chat you can get killed from miles away, while in SO you can chill a bit more since enemies must approach you from close enough.
    3. Because of what you and Hella_Hell said, “lucky hits” are bound to happen in fighting games, and luck is newb-friendly. Luck in guns’ aim have a lower impact.
    4. The “no CS no TB” is part of the excuses, but this is more like a TREND, Guns have their own QQ too like “no anchor no rail no ramp” and all that crap.
    5. The average age. Enough said.

    getting sandwiched between a Bat and Hammer
    Bwhahah I can feel the pain.

    • Reivalt Geriant says:

      Impossibru, but true. Consider it a honour, yourself is popular enough from all the comments on here to receive a mention in one of my posts x]

      Your make valid points with your theories, though I think I can relate my own theory the best to #5. Because let’s face it, you can get a lucky kill / easy weapons / lag kill and whatnot, but in the end it’s all about how mature someone is that either causes them to QQ or just shut up and continue the game.

    • Random Player #42,315 says:

      QQ on guns died long ago on those factors you ponted, unless it resurfaced recently on the last 3 months since I quit playing pub matches.

      QQing about it was more likely to get your own team pointing your incompetence of defendng against it and get good.

      Although it happens that even before I stopped playing pubs altogether I was kicking every newbie out of my rooms (you know, avoiding hackers and the like), so I don’t have a clue on the intellgence [or lack of thereof] in newcomers.

  4. alex007neo says:

    Loved the article, especially the Captain Obvious moments! :3
    SO is not that bad once you get used to it, and if you want to annoy on purpose it’s the IDEAL mode.

  5. Schwarzy says:


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