Those moments ..

You know those moments where your adrenaline is rushing and victory is within a hand’s reach? You’re already imagining yourself to be there, happy and proud. And then suddenly, bang! Something unexpected happens and everything falls apart during the very last second. And what is the only thing you can do? Stand, gaze, accept your fate and tableflip. An additional option is that you snap and simply start laughing at your misfortune. The latter is what I do.

For myself one of ‘those moments’ would be the screenshot above, a recent TD match on Colloseum where I was killed right in front of the goal post after an epic hero run, dodging and killing everything in sight. For PitchaFit such a moment would be losing a permanent golden +7 Rev because of one of the many bugs in S4. For Ciaron such a moment would be losing the match after you carry a weak team like a baws while you only have PEN weapons and the other team, bloated with AP, starts boasting their ego after their fluke triumph.

So, my loyal readers. What is one of ‘those moments’ for you?

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2 Responses to Those moments ..

  1. 0Harakiry says:

    That awkward moment when your lvl 44 account with lvl 31 Combi Master and pre-patch 10 perms gets permabanned because your brother WAZAAAAA, the infamous h4x0r n00p that lives in your house hacked the top 10 clans with your IP, alaplaya tracked down the IP and permabanned the accounts linked to it, which means me.

    Ehh it happened like 2 years ago, stopped caring.

  2. smashplaya says:

    That moment when you’re playing a match and you get dc’d at the last few seconds because of the shitty internet you are using.

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