Flock to the cause — We are recruiting!

[Update @ 18/5: I have added a list of all features an Author gets to the Writers & Writing for AF page.]

For those of you who have been watching this blog, be it on your own accord or with a bit of .. pursuasion from me, and have been reading the articles as they were released, also on your own accord or with a bit of .. subtle reminding from me — your time has come. Because of the increased activity — ..*cries & hides the visits graph from last week* .. as I was saying .. because of the increased activity we are looking for three new writers to join us on the team. Expand your writing skills, share us your epic stories, save the blog from my fail scribblings and be the one that decides what’s on the AF next — by writing the new content yourself!

“Alright! Step down fail Proto, new man’s/girl’s in town. What do I need to do?

It’s very simple actually! Because I am a NICE GUY I outlined the whole process in a few steps:

  1. Go to this page (Writers & Writing for AF) and read the ‘Requirements‘ & ‘Recruitment‘ sections.
  2. All clear ‘n match? Get started on your trial entry. What is important is that you write an article that -you- are satisfied with — it doesn’t have to be great or professional, but it has to be something that reflects your style and sense of humour!
  3. Send your trial article to this mail address: mailbox@ardanfrontier.com before 27th May!
  4. Make sure you send this from an email you frequently check, as I will contact you on this very same address should you be chosen.
  5. Prepare for a painful 1v1. No one calls me ‘fail proto’ unpunished.

“Anything else I need to know before I beat your scrub ass in 1v1?”

New writers will be approached in the week after the deadline. If you get accepted, you will get a two-week period to familiarize yourself with blogging. When you think you are good to go, we will just see your entries appear.

We will recruit more new writers in the period prior the summer holidays, in a month or so. If you think your schedule will be better around that time, maybe save your application ’till then.

If you have any questions, troll comments or simply want to flame me please leave your comments below. Thanks!

~ Reivalt Geriant / .ProtoStyle
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12 Responses to Flock to the cause — We are recruiting!

  1. Skia says:

    Not interested in being a writer, but I’ll accept your challenge for a 1v1 pokemon fight!

    • Reivalt Geriant says:

      Challenge accepted. Mind you, I have been playing the games ever since Gold/Silver came out. Drop your game name / friendcode and we’ll get this show going.

      Pikachu, I choose you!

  2. Skia says:

    My first pokemon game was Yellow (and then blue/red), a generation before Gold/Silver (and crystal (!)) came.

    I don’t have a pokemon team anymore nor did I ever make a competitive one. I also have no idea if it’s possible to battle others when not using a wired/wireless, face-to-face, communication

    • Reivalt Geriant says:

      Very nice. I have picked up a version of all games ever since Silver, up until the recent Pokemon Black / White. And yes, there is a way to battle. There is an online battle stimulator where you make a team, distribute EVs, pick attacks etc. called Netbattle. If you want fun matches vs. thousands of others, look it up: http://pmnb.net/

  3. Willisagenius says:

    Time to write qq

  4. smashplaya says:

    I’d apply but my grammar is crap sometimes. D;

    • Reivalt Geriant says:

      We have a basic proofreader installed that filters out the most critical errors. For the rest you could always ask one of our team members to proofread it for you.

      I’m not a native English person, but I’m managing somehow as well ;]

  5. alex007neo says:

    I might give it a shot aswell. Also, .Proto, you never told me you’re a pokemon games fan. I stopped playing since Platinum, as I played Diamond, coz i lost my game pak, but I know plenty about the game, if you want, we can haz a chat over it.

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