[Giveaway] 1,000 Views Milestone

Moving the blog over to a seperate host caused the amount of views to be reset. This was to be expected, but given the amount of loyal readers we have it was only a matter of time before we were back at where we left off. And that time has come now, as we hit the milestone of 1,000 visits the other day! Hooray! To celebrate, I have prepared a small word game for you guys to crack your S4 brains over. As this event is designed for our loyal readers, it has not been leaked to alaplaya. Be fast, be smart — before others catch wind of this event. If you are both, you may be the one to walk away with the reward! Read inside for details.

How does it work?

I have picked a combination of one weapon and one skill from the game and wrote them both down. For both an amount of underscores has been provided below. Fill in a weapon and skill that fits. The first person to guess the right combination will receive 7 Costume Capsules M or F (your choice) of the new set.

Weapon: (two words, 10 characters)

_ _ _ _ _  ||  _ _ _ _ E

Skill: (one word, 6 characters):

_ _ _ _ _ _


  1. The spelling of the weapons and skills are as found in the in-game Weapon Shop.
    (eg. Anchoring instead of Anchor)
  2. You can only fill in alphabetic characters (a-z) on the _
    Spaces, – , or other special characters are NOT counted and therefore cannot be put on a _
  3. Submit a comment to this article under your exact in-game name (upper/lower case & special signs) with the combination you think is right.
  4. Participation until Wednesday 30 May.
  5. Winner will be contacted as soon as possible.
  6. Questions? The comment section is yours.


  • For those of you interested in writing, remember that the deadline is this Sunday (27th May). Be sure your application has been sent to the email provided before that day is over! Link: http://ardanfrontier.com/flock-to-the-cause-we-are-recruiting/
  • The frequency and size of events such as these depend on the funds we have. We are out of funds after this event, so if you want more frequent giveaways and better rewards consider donating some spare €€ or $$. Thanks! Link: http://ardanfrontier.com/support-us/
Reivalt Geriant / .ProtoStyle
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9 Responses to [Giveaway] 1,000 Views Milestone

  1. Skia says:

    Do spaces count as characters?

    • Reivalt Geriant says:


      Spaces, – (as found in Semi- Rifle) and other special characters do NOT count.
      Only characters a-z count and be put on the _

      I have included this in the notes, thanks for the headsup!

  2. Skia says:

    Not going to participate as I avoid using AP clothes, but good luck to those who give it a try.

  3. YozoraShi says:

    Weapon: (two words, 10 characters)

    Spark Rifle

    Skill: (one word, 6 characters):


    Free things are always good. Huehuehue.

  4. Willisagenius says:

    Smash Rifle


  5. AxlStream says:

    Gauss Rifle


  6. BOOMDAMAGER says:

    Gauss Rifle


  7. Reivalt Geriant says:

    The right answer was: Sigma Blade – Flying

    Since this was not guessed the winner is AxlSteam, as still guessed the skill right.

    Congratulations :)

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