‘.ProtoStyle’ entered the room.

One month later, here we are again ladies ‘n gents! My apologies for the lack of entries, I have been tremendously busy with university in addition to other things, but now that I am (hopefully) done I can pick up S4 again. Wait, again? That’s right. I quit the league of the eSpers and have moved my activities to Aion, where I now grind through dem days in an idyllic landscape with awesome point-click madness. The other day however I logged in once to see how our little favourite shooter was doing. Familiar sightings, but also new ones — in short: plenty to write about!

Incoming: The why-and-hows about leaving S4, coming back & the blog’s future — accompanied by your daily gig of giggles.

Because, let’s be frank. Where else can you find such people?

Leaving S4

For my reason for leaving S4 we have to go back a few weeks, to the day where Alaplaya released yet another brilliant new patch brimming with epic new content and overall quality. This patch was so good .. not only is it argueably one of the worst patches in years, it also got me to instantly lose interest in S4. Consider it a bucket you have filled too much and caused to spill.The latter was quickly resolved when university decided to pop up with something that can be referred to as the ‘periodical exams’ for the last part of the year. The past three weeks have been a hell of essay papers, presentations and more jizz — but that’s only half of the story.

The other half can be attributed to the blog itself, in the sense that things were not going as I was hoping to. Despite the initial interest I ended up with 0 applications for the new writer positions a while back, which was a real pain because that meant me and Pitcha had to do everything. Next to this was the fact that everytime we released an article the amount of response we got was minimum. Sure, there were a lot of views but the lack of comments was a motivation killer on the long run. 300+ hits on your article is great, but neglectable if you only get 1-2 comments. This partially caused me to have a writer’s block, basically being unable/unmotivated to produce new work.

As of such I sought my refugee in Aion. For those of you who don’t know it, it is a high-quality fantasy MMORPG that recently went f2p after it stayed p2p for a while. As I am writing, I have four toons, lv45/lv30 and 2x lv10 respectively. I’ll probably do a coverage on it later.

Coming Back to S4

A few days ago I logged back in to S4 after I heard about the 5th patch, carrying with it a new map for Siege. BladeCity is a fun map, a nice change of pace. It is something else after a long period where 90% of the maps were Skyline, and has a new feel about it. No steampunk, no lagpads, just bases. And no, the containers holding the Sigmas and Katanas cannot be broken. I tried. Medium-range weaponry seems to be the way to go here, or so I concluded after my close-range setup (which helped with attaining numerous victories) turned out to be ineffective. Currently experimenting with Semi/AR/Katana, which is working well if 1) enemies don’t get close and 2) stay put and don’t move, preferably at mid-range.

Other than that I got a subtle reminder about the wonderful shuffle function, which caused two previously uneven teams to be mixed to the extent where a highly balanced and entertaining match was the logical result. It remained a bit stacked though, so I had to ask a few players on Beta to sit at various points throughout the match to make it fair. They were more than willing to corporate, leaving the following screenshot as a trophy for this challenging match!

Click for full-res.

The Ardan Frontier

So, as for the blog’s future. For now the plan is simple: find new inspiration to write and continue writing. Several ‘epic-rated-posts’ I started on a while ago are still in their draft, and I’d love to get those finished and out here. Among them are a rant about my two absolutely FAVOU-fuckin-RITE weapons, 10 reasons to play S4 and more. What would help are comments, suggestions and people joining the writing team so I don’t have to start up everything by myself. If you are interested in any of this — with the help of Mr. Anonymous Wizard we now have a mailbox (which I will elaborate on later). The adress: mailbox@ardanfrontier.com

Until the next time,

Reivalt Geriant / .ProtoStyle
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9 Responses to ‘.ProtoStyle’ entered the room.

  1. Schwarzy says:


  2. Jigglesticks says:

    trololol all Pros vs Amateurs.

  3. D3Sniper says:

    Dat Stax button.

  4. dunklerengel00 says:

    on which server do u play aion ? :> im on Nexus >. >

  5. Reivalt Geriant says:

    Hey Schwarzy, been a while. Still playing ‘n all?

    And dunk, I’m playing on UK – Anuhart. Thought I told ya last time but there ya go =p

  6. 0Harakiry says:

    Real men stax teamz. You should feel proud, son.

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