Introduction: “The part that not many people care about”

Introductions can start the story of a book, give some little details the readers need to know about or introduce a certain person (in this case, it will introduce the writer). This obviously makes the introduction important but ironically, many people tend to not pay much attention to it. It’s probably because introductions are usually unnecessarily long and ends up boring people for them to finish it. To avoid this kind of problem occurring, I guess I should stop blabbering and get to the point.

I have decided to give myself a completely different name from any games or forums I have been in. I thought ‘Pleasance’ might be much more original than my IGN ‘HeatLeon’ (in S4) or my forum name ‘DanteInfern’ (Alaplaya forum). The name also makes a bit more sense. I want the people reading what I write to feel pleasure from it. I want them to be enjoy it. I’m talking about getting a little smirk or laughing their heads off, not sexually getting aroused by it (just so there are no misunderstandings). On the other hand, I also want you to think about what I write in some seriousness. This may not apply to all of my entries but I believe it will apply to many of them (if I even write many of them). I want to show others how I think about this particular situation and I want to know what you think about it and why you think that way. But of course, all of this is your choice.

I have been playing S4 3+ years and I’m saying this instead of giving a specific date or a specific patch (like, patch 5 or something) because I’m not quite sure when I started playing. It was definitely before Patch 10 (the infamous one). It was definitely before the Smash Rifle came. I guess I just didn’t care much about the news at that time. I’m one of the hybrid players in S4, playing a mix of Unlimited and SO (I’ve tried GO once). Most of the times, it just depends on the missions, the available rooms and my mood. Admittedly, I have played more SO in the past but unlike many Unlimited lovers in the forum, I do not see that to be something to look down upon.

The real life version of this player is an uninteresting boy who lacks common knowledge and sense. Many people tell me to get a haircut as well but I prefer to keep my hair long. It keeps my head warm.

Writing short blogs for others to read is a new thing for me. I could give it a shot and keep this going every week or two. But I warn you now: I make absolutely no plans on what I’m going to write. My trial entry has been written in 20 minutes with no kind of planning. This introduction has been written in another 20 minutes with no kind of planning and by skimming what others have written for their introduction. I have no idea what I will write for my entries at any point until I start to type. So to conclude, I’ll see how it goes.

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3 Responses to Introduction: “The part that not many people care about”

  1. Reivalt Geriant says:

    So, here is the first word from the ‘big boss’ if that is a way to put it.

    I must say, great introduction. It was to the point, interesting and with a bit of humour to spice things up. Considering you wrote this within 20 minutes, I’d say you definitely have talent.

    All in all, just go with the flow and write about whatever you like — keep up the good work. Glad to have you on board, and looking forward to working alongside with you.

    P.S. I had no idea it was you until you wrote so Dante.

  2. 0Harakiry says:

    This blog just became 90% cooler.

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