[S4] eSper Special: Tzunami

eSper Special is a new column where we aim to interview talented and renowned players from the S4 community. Together with our writers we compose an article in which these eSpers tell us about their projects, give their thoughts on the game and share some samples of their work. Along with a personal touch, we aim to create an enjoyable read where these people get some well-deserved attention.

S4League, as you probably know by now, is a competitive sports-shooter hybrid. In the years that this game has been out it has attracted numerous players that continue to brighten up ones matches with challenging weapons (homing, smash, crow, twin blade), challenging tactics (hero rush, metallic camping) and challenging skills (anchor, shield). But S4 is also a game in which one can find a wide diversity of interesting, skilled or talanted people. Today we will be taking a closer look at one those people. Enter; Tzunami.

Going back one year in time, we are at the Summer ’11 event where players could create and submit a soundtrack for the current Iron eyes season. The winning entry was by Tzunami. His SoundCloud page gives the feeling of a talented musician, a suspicion further confirmed by the wide selection of tunes available on his front page. But above anything, Tzunami is an eSper like the rest of us. Read on to find out how the game sings in his ears and he sends his enemies dancing to his tunes, along with a special bonus at the end!

– Can you give a small introduction to your fellow eSpers? About who the character Tzunami exactly is, and where players would know you from?

In the NetSphere, I go by Tzunami. I’ve been playing for… sheesh, might as well say since Patch 1. I’m easily able to be found roaming around North America – Free 1, but now and then I’ll wander to Europe – Free 1 for a few games. As most people would know about me, I do what I want when I want. My attitude led me to popularity at various times over the years.

During the ’11 Summer Event your entry ‘Escape the World’ claimed the first place. Ever since that moment it has been played almost 1,500 times and the limited HQ downloads were quickly capped out. What can you say about its success? What is the story behind it?

With the amazing success of the song, I really didn’t expect it to win first place. Around the time of the Summer Event I was pretty busy with my musical focuses and noticed that they had a contest going on. I figured it wouldn’t hurt to try and I crafted a song just for the fun of it. Once I noticed it won, I figured there must have been a mistake as I know I didn’t do my best… but clearly the choice wasn’t up to me to pick the winner. When it comes to creating music, the best concept is to follow a theme and achieve those feelings and emotions through music. I’ve followed the “story” of S4 since the beginning, so with the concept that the NetSphere was being taken over by some outside force, it gave me a feeling of despair and empowerment. The eSpers would have to stand up for what they believe in and fight for their territory. Escape the World clearly captures the feeling of people standing up for what’s theirs.

– Going back to S4, what do you like most about it? What is/was your favourite gameplay mode & weapon? Why?

I do play every mode evenly, but Deathmatch would clearly be my favorite mode. It’s classic S4 gameplay and all that matters is to kill the enemy. It’s also a good mode to spend some time relaxing while you play, allowing some breather to chat amongst friends and other players. My favorite weapon without a doubt is the Gauss Rifle. People consider it a useless/outdated weapon, with Smash Rifle and Assault Rifle as it’s successor, also causing difficulty in gameplay with it’s I-shaped bullet spread. Long ago when S4 was young, Gauss Rifle players were a force to be reckoned with. Their pinpoint accuracy and quick kills could easily shut a whole team down. I wanted to use a forgotten weapon and bring it back to the surface, showing people that everything isn’t about the same 3-4 weapons you see today.

– Similarly, what do you like the least about S4? If you could restore the game to a previous moment, what moment would this be?

The overall gameplay of S4 has fallen back to your typical shooter. There are always people wanting to be better and trying to be the best. I do enjoy competitive gameplay, don’t get me wrong, but with the power that AP holds over normal pen users and the attitude that AP users tend to give off really doesn’t give the game a friendly feeling. It’s either you deal with being weaker than everyone else, or conform to the normal and give in, which, as I’ve seen, AP changes people. If S4 could return to the days where players could enjoy a game without someone ego going off, say before Season 1, it would be such a better game. If I really wanted to bring something back, it would be a strong community not separated by small useless differences or skill.

– Can you give us a small story of one of your favourite match moments in S4?

Favorite moment in S4… I’d have so many to name. One of the real defining moments in all my time on S4 would have been around the time before Season 1 kicked off. AP wasn’t in full swing back then, and it wasn’t that hard to find really good and competitive matches. It was an Unlimited Tunnel match and the score was 0 – 0 28 minutes in. I was on defense using my fumbi’d set of PS/Sentry/Cannonade and the match wasn’t getting anywhere between my iron defense and their relentless attacking.

My team wasn’t holding up too well with the Railgun users gunning them down at each passing moment so I needed to manage keeping the strikers from scoring and the defense from taking my team out. After trading kills with a sniper and losing out only line of defense, one of my teammates managed to catch the enemy right at the goal for the reset. The second I respawned, I quickly took out their ball carrier and landed critical shots on each of their snipers, allowing my team to pick them off  and charge in for the only score of the game, right before the match ended. If we did score at that point, they would of won by points. It was a real rush getting that first and final goal with no time on the clock.

– Ever since Iron Eyes the game has undergone a lot of changes. We are currently in the third season -Blade-, a sword-oriented season. After the introduction of new maps, weapons and items such as the ‘TwinCapsules’ there is heavy speculation about new systems such as limited ammo & weapon drops coming soon. What can you say as for the direction s4 is headed for?

I’m really not sure what to expect as S4 goes on. When the experience table changed, the game wasn’t about being top rank anymore, but whoever was the best. Even though the rank system is nothing but a leveling modifier, the extreme shift in player focus really changed what matters. I’m one of the few players pro-limited ammo/drop system, because it will bring the much needed balance that S4 has been lacking since Season 1 took off and AP became the only way to really do anything. Whatever happens, S4 will keep it’s appeal in some way, and players will always have something to complain about because the thing that gives them the edge has been taken away from them.

– What is the one thing you would like to say to the current generation of players?

Simply enough: Don’t give in to anything that anyone says or does. Play the game the way you want to play instead of becoming like everyone else. You’ll enjoy the game so much more if you keep that in your mind.

– Do you have plans for joining the upcoming Summer ’12 Event and brightening it up with yet another amazing piece?

I’m actually looking forward to seeing if they pull a repeat performance. If so, I’ll make sure to bring my A-game and try my hardest.

– Where can our readers contact you at if they have any questions or want to join forces and set up some co-operation project?

If anyone wishes to get in contact with me for collaboration or information, they can shoot me an e-mail at: 

[Bonus] Escape the World + HQ Download Link

As a bonus, here is Tzunami’s one and only ‘Escape the World’ in HQ format. Click on the video to hear it and / or find the download link below (direct .mp3).

Download: http://www.mediafire.com/?b49400kqzdcjhns

A big thanks to Tzunami for taking the time to answer our questions and supplying us with the exclusive HQ version, and a big thanks to our readers for reading as well. Be sure to check out his site on the right while you wait to see who is up next. Cheers.


Reivalt Geriant / .ProtoStyle

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9 Responses to [S4] eSper Special: Tzunami

  1. Tzunami says:

    I have to thank you Reivalt for the interview chance. It was nice to share some of my views and experiences in game. As well, do an in-depth review on the song that so many people enjoy.

    I’ll make sure to keep an eye out for new posts and reads around here; It’s a really nice site that covers various aspects of S4.

    • Reivalt Geriant says:

      The pleasure is mine, and thanks for checking us out! All posts are sorted by category on the right, should you ever feel bored and want a read.

  2. Harakiry says:

    Duh @ pro limited ammo and ammo drops. First he says that S4 is becoming generic like other shooting games but then he’s ok with those changes lol

    Writing an email address in copy-pastable plain text is never a good idea. Spammers and bots are EVERYWHERE on the internet and will treat your email as a latrine. You may have seen this previosuly… some people bypass this by writing their email like this: john[at]yahoo[dot]com but there are cuter workarounds like this: http://services.nexodyne.com/email/icon/awR1EAhcxScBYkkJIpW5/9ToHvtc%3D/R01haWw%3D/0/image.png
    Just saying since now you’re a webmaster complete with purchased domain woot

    • Reivalt Geriant says:

      Small fix: I am a webmaster with zero technical insight complete with purchased domain.
      While I focus on writing, I leave most pertaining to the blog itself to Mr. Anonymous Wizard.

      I have added that image to the post though. Maybe I should do something similar with the mailbox address later.

    • Tzunami says:

      I said nothing of the sort that it’s becoming like other shooting games. It’s still the only good TPS on PC that I know off since Gunz fell off the earth. I’m okay with it because it’ll balance out the power AP has over Pen users. Drop system? Nerfs FP weapons so everyone has a chance to use them. Limited ammo? Can’t play through a whole match by sitting there with your left mouse button held down and win. They’re all good changes to the gun portion of S4 that have been long overdue.

      • Harakiry says:

        “The overall gameplay of S4 has fallen back to your typical shooter” – that’s what you said
        Having limited ammo would make AP players more powerful, the game would become more unbalanced. AP deals more damage and PEN less. You would save more bullets with AP and PEN users would waste them more, how is this supposed to balance stuff? And no, limited ammo won’t train your aim better, it will frustrate you more and encourage you using melee. Limited ammo don’t fit S4 for several reasons.

        If you want to really “balance” the game then tell the developers to sit down and remove AP power boosts completely and rebalance every single weapon and skill.

        Drop system is meh, I see more negative sides than positive ones.

      • Tzunami says:

        I meant that statement in a competitive way, compared to the earlier years of S4 when the community was more closely knit and willing to go out of their ways to help the newer players find their place. In terms of limited ammo, even though FP/AP deals more damage over PEN, they all still use the same few weapons, which are mostly spray and pray ones. For players that know how to avoid those weapons, it’s nothing more than wasted bullets when you know you only have three clips per weapon at your disposal. It will raise awareness of accuracy over power in most cases, excluding mass reserve weapons such as HMG, Turret, and more critical thinking from the players that use weapons with low ammunition, such as Railgun and Cannon. If you haven’t noticed, just about everyone that’s against limited ammo is crying over the fact they’re “forced” to die to get their ammo back, when the drop system compliments that.

        The drop system would entirely balance the usage of FP weapons, so all players can use any weapon they want. In that case, the game would always evolve and you won’t have that one person camping some corner with a Railgun taking heads off. Along with that, players will be forced to take up weapons they normally wouldn’t be comfortable with, or, avoid them all together because of their usability, such as Gauss Rifle or Turret. As well, you’d be able to just take away a vital weapon from the enemy and use it for your own team, a la Mind Energy or Rescue Gun. It’s all about evolution and keeping the game fresh and exciting, not sitting there using the same couple of weapons just because you know it’s the easiest way for said player to earn skills. As well, the drop system will probably affect all Swords Only matches, allowing other players to pick up the FP weapons of dead enemies and use them for their own team’s good.

        Both points do have negative sides, but players are too stubborn to see there is more good than bad about them. They complain because the S4 they expected to consistently cater to their unbalance is being turned against them. Is a full AP player in a TDM with over 50 kills considered imbalanced because they’re standing there across the map spraying inaccurate weapons? Not at all. They’re classified as “pros” because they can get that many kills after going through hundreds of clips. Now if a player managed the same feat with every weapon in the game at their disposal, would that be considered imbalanced? Most likely because they actually have the skill to back up each weapon they use. That’s where the real pro players shine at.

  3. Reivalt Geriant says:


    Just dropping by to say your interview has been read over a hundred times within two days already. We don’t usually get much comments, but the ones we did get were positive. The youtube video is also generating some views so all good.


    • Tzunami says:

      That’s great to hear. It’s nice to see that people are looking into the interview and reading through. Very nice indeed.

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