The little things we are not told about

In the old days, most games lacked tutorials. Actually, ‘lacked’ would be the wrong word to use on most of the good games. Everyone familiar with Megaman? The game itself is VERY simple. It pretty much consisted of pressing two buttons and directional inputs to play the game: Jump and shoot. You didn’t need anything else (or rather you didn’t have anything else) to complete the game and you would still enjoy the game thoroughly. The game itself taught the players on how to play the game through its level design and this made the game satisfactory and rewarding since YOU are the one who figured out how to do it instead of a robotic voice or a bunch of text telling you how. Unfortunately, games nowadays are filled with tutorials due to their massive increase in depth in terms of gameplay. Even Megaman isn’t as simple as before. Has anyone here played Megaman ZX (probably not)? You still have the core functions such as moving, jumping and shooting but now the game also has many other features like dashing, secondary attack button, charging, talking, crawling, wall jumping, sliding, hanging, buying and switching biometals (you don’t need to know what that is). The game now has so much depth that it becomes almost impossible to play to its full extent without tutorials. And that’s fine as long as the tutorial is well-made. S4 however…

Anyone who played this game before the new GUI update, you’ll know what I’m talking about. EVERY single weapon and skill had a nice little tutorial on how to use them and what they do. The tutorial was simple, had a good pace and it rewarded the player with the said weapon or skill for 5 hours for them to test it out on real matches or for selling them for 1k PEN each. You were able to go into the basic tutorial before you even begin the game (and you were given 50k PEN for completing it as well) and it taught you all the basics of the game. Just basics but it was enough for newbies. And now, new players have the very crappy version of the tutorial. You are not even taught on how to attack (well, I guess left click to shoot is pretty obvious) but what the new players lack the most are the tutorials (or license tests) for every weapon and skill. Now they have to buy them to test them out but this obviously doesn’t help them save up PEN. Some new players don’t even know how to use the Revenge function of the Counter Sword or how to use the Plasma Sword’s heavy slash without using the Right click. The lack of in-game tutorials is shocking and makes the game less-beginner friendly.

But even with the tutorials in the old days, there are some things that we had to find out about our selves.There are these little things in S4 that we just don’t notice until we have played for a certain amount of time. For example, did you know that you are not able to attack for about a quarter of a second after dashing? Did you know that if you dodge out of a stun, that dodge cannot be interrupted (like knockback or another stun) or cancelled (by attacking or pressing  jump) by anything unless you switch to an empty gun (which puts you in the reload animation)? And finally, did you know that many sword attacks (such as the PS right click or the CS light) makes you go back a little bit near the end of the delay? There are still many things in S4 that you are not taught about which affects your gameplay constantly. In truth, I wish I can let others know about these things. I want to share it with them and I want to know what they know as well. But S4 isn’t exactly the most popular Free-to-play game  so reliable source of information is hard to get. I have listed many of the things I mentioned in my own guide (yes, I have a guide here: but I’m probably missing some things here and there. We don’t even know if they are any of them are intentional but since they exist, we have to deal with them nonetheless.

So, do you think you know something about S4 that nobody knows? I’m talking strictly about gameplay here and not sound or graphics (don’t want to get HishoBunny mad at me) but just these little things you have found out over the game. Maybe they are as basic as cancelling dodges (I mean, we are not even taught that you can cancel your dodge by pressing jump) or maybe as bizarre as wall jumping the other direction (this is actually possible). Who knows? I’m sure you or somebody else does.

Funnily enough, the idea for this article came from playing minesweepers today… But I’m sure none of you noticed that.

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16 Responses to The little things we are not told about

  1. Tzunami says:

    It’s funny. I was just looking at the forums a couple of days ago and someone brought up the thread of the brand new “tutorial mode” that’s out in KS4. I’m not really sure of any special tips or tricks that I use myself… at least not ones that other people don’t know. Could also be the fact that it’s wired into my brain.

    • Pleasance says:

      That’s more like the ‘tutorial’ for the drop system.

      They don’t need to be ‘special’, tips or even tricks. You don’t even have to use them. Just things in S4 that you are not told about all count.

  2. Reivalt Geriant says:

    While I cannot think of anything about S4 that no one else knows (except that bombs explode the moment you die — but everyone except maybe rookies know that), I do want to say that I have actually played and completed both Megaman ZX and its successor ZX: Advent. Switching Biometals on ZX:A for the win, you have like 20 biometals or something to choose from lol.

    Games these days are getting more and more complex .. even though the tutorials explain a great deal about the game I would just prefer it if they stayed simple.

    • Pleasance says:

      Cool. And… yeah, Megaman ZX Adevent gets a bit crazy with the amount of things you can transform into. And the funny thing is, you only have one biometal which copies the data of all those major bosses after you beat them (except the last one QQ).

      Having complexity in games isn’t an issue as long as:
      1. The tutorial is engaging and it is incorporated into the game. The best kind of tutorials are the ones which you don’t think of them as tutorials.
      2. The complex and different mechanisms of the game are introduced gradually as the game progresses. This is easy for single player games but becomes harder for games like S4 where there is no story (Arcade hardly counts) and no specific route to follow.

  3. Skia says:

    The 5 hour rewards could not be sold for 1000k PEN, but (probably) for 1k. Also, completing the tutorial did not given 50k, but 5k PEN.

    Some of the stuff was not always here. The little pushback for example came after a patch some time ago. I am certain that you can perform actions when you dodge out of a stun, we regularly see that on SO fights (Unless I misunderstood what you meant?)

    Due to the way S4 evolves with things being added or removed, whether they are accidental or not, every now and then I believe it would be impossible to ask for an updated tutorial. The tutorial is not made to teach you every detail after all. That is learnt throughout playing, no matter which game you play.

    There are many things one can mention that are not explained. If that is what you want, thing a rookie would like to know instead of things a veteran might not know, then I could mention a few after I read the thread first to make sure nothing is already mentioned there.

    • Pleasance says:

      Can’t believe I actually wrote 1000k. My bad but I’m sure the tutorial reward was 50K PEN.

      Some of the new bugs were added as the game was updated which makes it even more annoying to keep up with all the little details.

      It is true that games become better and change and results in us needing to learn more. However, S4 currently lacks the basics of tutorials (how to use certain weapons and skills to different modes) which seems fundamental to new players

      I would like you to mention what the rookies might want to know AND what the veterans might not know. They may be very insignificant but I like to talk and discuss about many things with people. You, for example, are a person who I really don’t know about. No need to get personal but just seeing how you think is enough to keep this discussion alive.

      • Tzunami says:

        If I remember correctly, you started off with 35k, the full tutorial gave you 10k or so, newbie missions gave about another 10-15k, and by the time you reached Rank 10, you should at least have 100k if you continued with the weekly missions.

        Now that I think about it. Most of the new players don’t know much about the actual “status” of S4. Between the never-ending dispute of PEN vs AP, the weapons they’ve missed out on, the actual tricks that keep the high ranked players competitive, and plenty other things. I’m mostly sure at least 50% of the community doesn’t know the actual idea of the combi system besides free sets. Surprisingly enough, I’ve been hosting a room recently for my own fun and S4 players don’t even read room names. At least two dozen players entered the room and instantly went to killing anyone in sight.

        It’s really sad how far the community has fallen compared to a couple years ago. I try my best to teach the new Rookie and Amateur players I see the basics when they ask. Give them the perspective of a veteran player that still plays the game for actual fun instead of trying to be the best.

      • Pleasance says:

        The most sad part about the S4 players these days (in my opinion):
        1. A lot of them can’t understand english.
        2. A lot of them rule out everything they don’t like and call them to be ‘noobish’.

  4. D3Sniper says:

    Good work as always
    uh about “I mean, we are not even taught that you can cancel your dodge by pressing jump”
    you actually need to press w in middle of that action in order to perform that
    I am pretty sure half of S4 league players including you do it automatically anyways.

  5. Harakiry says:

    EVERY single weapon and skill had a nice little tutorial
    From Smash Rifle to newer weapons and skills we were given there was no tutorial anymore I think?
    you were given 50k PEN for completing it
    I believe it was 5k PEN, 50k PEN was probably the PEN you had when creating a fresh KS4 account. But maybe you STILL get 5k PEN with the new crappy tutorial?

    Something that nobody knows? How the critical system really works for swords. We’ve discussed this in one of my videos remember Heat? haha

    • Pleasance says:

      Actually, you were able to take license tests for them. It’s just that, you didn’t HAVE to take them.

      We did discuss about how sword criticals work in deeper levels but it blows my mind.

      • Skia says:

        I believe we can agree that it was 5k. 50k is too much to get it as a reward, even for the old S4.

      • Pleasance says:

        I wasn’t even talking about that with him. But ok…

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