The QQ count

I think the most important thing when you are introducing a new player to S4 is for them to gain the correct mindset. I’m talking about preventing them from becoming one of those guys who shouts out ‘TB noob!’, ‘spammer’, ‘fake pro’ etc. This is especially important to me because I get called those things a lot. Whatever I do, no matter how well I do, I get called many things. You are doing well? You are a spammer/coward/noob. You are doing bad? You are a fake pro. And putting aside all my responses of me saying ‘QQ more please’ or ‘ he mad’, it does irritate me. At one point, I just had to block everyone in the room to stop reading what they wrote but I still knew they were cursing at me and that feeling made me feel more… empty.

There are many things I do in response to those kind of guys/girls. I make fun of them myself, I try to reason with them or sometimes I ignore them completely. But at the end of the day, I feel disgusted at how our community has become.  And I mean genuinely disgusted unlike those guys/girls who says ‘ew spam’ because new players and veterans alike were complaining left and right about EVERYTHING. Being good enough to destroy others in the room suddenly didn’t feel so good anymore. So, instead of trying to come up with a magical solution for everyone to see the truth, I tried the QQ count.

It first began when I was in a SO DM match with Harakiry (you all know him by now). He is one of those people who doesn’t give two shits about what other people say to him and an all-round cool person. The fact that we were both ‘above average’ in SO helped to increase the amount of QQ in the room and I was astounded to see so much more than usual. So, he and I decided to try counting how many ‘QQ’ comments they made. This surprisingly made everything more enjoyable and it felt even better because I had someone else who had the same ideals as I did. At then end of the match, I lost count after something like 24 but I did enjoy that match at the end even though so many people were crying. I wished to do this again but unfortunately, I haven’t seen him online these days so that plan was scrapped.

So why don’t you have a try? You don’t have to screenshot every single QQ made since this isn’t a competition but just see how many complaints you can wreck up. And (oh why not) Rage Quits count as 5 and getting kicked or vote kicked gives you 10. Just something try while having your daily matches.

(You might also be wondering why this entry is so much shorter than my other ones and the answer to that would be on my introduction.)

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13 Responses to The QQ count

  1. Skia says:

    1st! Complaints really get annoying after a point. I usually try to reason with them, one less person complaining is one more person saved. What usually annoys me even more is people going “umad?” when the other is casually talking with no hint of anger…

    • Pleasance says:

      I do try to reason with them as well on rare occasions. And on even more rare occasions, it works. That is one of the good feelings I have from playing S4 (call me weird or whatever) and I say it was worth being killed 5 times while typing. It’s just that a person getting persuaded is REALLY rare.

      The ‘mad’ lines are usually jokes or provocations. I use it sometimes too but they are clearly mad after throwing tantrum while getting killed by a CS.

  2. Reivalt Geriant says:

    Challenge accepted.

    Yes, the S4 community has turned pretty bad. The only thing that annoys me more besides all smash rifles / counter swords are the attitudes of the players behind them. Stuck up elitists on the male side, attention wh0res on the female side. I wrote an article a while ago on what caused this bad attitude, if you haven’t read it yet:

    P.S. Sorry for all confusion with the categories. I tidied them up a while ago. Now we have a ‘Daily Rambling’. Just be sure to tick ‘S4League’ along with it when you submit an entry.

    • Pleasance says:

      Of course I read that article before (sly Proto, trying to get more views on it) and the S4 community will just continue to get worse. The frustrating thing is that I don’t have a microphone big enough to tell everyone the truth.
      The thing is, you shouldn’t be mad at the people using Smash and CS.

      P.S. reply. Actually, I just forgot to put this article in a category. Sorry about that.

      • Reivalt Geriant says:

        Thing is Heat, I am a bit of an entrepreneur in S4. I bear with the horrendous matches and their equally horrendous players just to find those few matches with real gameplay. Yes, real gameplay. So not hero rushers in max AP or smash fests. I mean challenging and intense, yet balanced matches where people deploy various weapons and tactics.

        Smash Rifle and CS are way too overpowered and ruin any chance of experiencing such a match. I can deal with a lot of situations, even with airhuggers, but it’s annoying if you get killed by the only weapons you cannot counter 90% of the time.

      • Pleasance says:

        To AP, I agree. it is OP. End of story.
        However, for smash rifle and CS, refusing to admit fighting them to be unfair isn’t right. Top tier weapons exist in almost every game. But that doesn’t make it right to poop on anyone for using them. Top tier characters exist in Fighting games too but fighting top tier characters is natural and shouldn’t be looked down upon either.

        The CS, for example, is essential in SO. It is less OP in unlimited (actually, I don’t think it’s OP in unlimited but that’s just me) because:
        1. It’s a melee weapon. You don’t use melee weapons unless you have no other choice because you will most likely die by getting shot during your delays.
        2. You don’t have to get up close to fight people so you can avoid getting hit by the CS completely,
        In SO matches, however, it is very difficult and a waste of SP to dodge EVERY single attack. The Cs is primarily used in SO but it doesn’t become necessarily game breaking since everyone can use it (unlike AP) and you can still have 2 other weapons.

  3. Skia says:

    No confusion caused here, I get the updates through my email ^_^

  4. Tzunami says:

    Setting up a match to cause people to QQ? Do you mean the “pros” QQing or the new players. Either way it won’t be hard at all to setup a build like that. Just give me an hour or two and I’m sure I can get a room to complain.

    • Pleasance says:

      No need to ‘setup’ the match to cause mass QQ (that would be funny though) but just any match you feel like. QQs can come from new players to veterans so it’s all good. Have fun, Tsun.

      • Reivalt Geriant says:

        Reminds me of what a mate of mine once said. A friend of his was applying to the S4 moderator team, and I believe he had to report ~15 or so people within the trial period. So to help him out he decided to go into rookie channel with a Hammer. 15 minutes later his friend had all reports he needed for his trial.

        Morale: QQ can happen anywhere, and if not you can always give a hand with it.

        For me, nothing cracks me up more than seeing the enemy team fight among themselves and calling names. Meanwhile, we just continue to kill them as they are typing, they get even more mad and take it out on each other.

      • Pleasance says:

        TEAM NOOB!!!
        MY TEAM SUKKS!
        ^That sort of thing does happen and its ironically the dead weights who say these kind of things the most.

  5. Harakiry says:

    Ohoh I remeber the count we did, it was so fun and it increased so quickly… but writing an article about it, pure genius!
    We should totally start a trend. I will spread the word to all the friends I know and we’ll play THAT minigame every time a match starts for teh lulz olloololol

  6. -WnR. Revo says:

    How do you think I feel then. I often resort to trolling ingame, forums and even Skype calls

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