Goals and Achievements

After coming back from a two week break, I decided to think about what I wanted to achieve in S4. What did I want? There’s obviously the enjoyment you get out of playing a game but that is the primary objective for playing any games for most people. What I’m thinking about are the secondary objectives.

Since I played this game before the infamous Patch 10 came, I have quite a lot of +0 permanents weapons and skills so I never really had any kind of trouble with having too little PEN. Seeing some new players (like my friend) and some of the comments on the forum, I can tell that they are not very satisfied with playing only with rentals. My friend seemed like he was about to cry when I told him that players were able to buy permanent weapons and skills from the PEN shop long long ago. He rarely buys I-Caps or gambles on the Fumbi either due to the lack of PEN (mind you, he still got more permanents from the fumbi than me) or that he was scared that he was going to have too little PEN afterwards.

So, I came up with a couple of reasons why people would play S4. You may even have your own crazy reason completely unknown to me but that’s fine. I can’t cover everything afterall but I’m sure some of the reasons listed below will be one of your reasons.

1. “I wanna be the very best~”
Since this is a PvP game, it’s only natural for you to gain the desire of wanting to crush others. The longer you play the game, your aim will get better, your reflex, your sense of judgement in difficult situations and, most importantly, your knowledge of the game itself. You will find out that weapon X destroys weapon Y but it is weak against weapon Z or (in S4’s case) that weapon W is the most powerful weapon in its category and you would be fool to not have it in a match. Everyday you play, you hone your skills and tactics find out which is the most effective. You yearn for more powerful opponents to be even better and to gain the satisfaction of defeating the enemy you once deemed him/her to be better than yourself. You may have even bought AP to fight on even grounds with the other ‘pro’ players who bought AP or maybe you just want to kill the weaklings with less effort. Your choice.

2. The collector
The amount of different weapons and clothes in this game is huge. And wouldn’t it be nice to see all of them in your inventory? Being able to truly customise your character to look how YOU want him/her to look can be surprisingly fun for you, especially since you use that character of yours to meet other players.
But of course, it isn’t a simple task. Getting even one item in the right colour permanent is difficult since S4 has turned into a massive casino. Still, you gamble away your PEN and/or AP in the hopes of getting what you want eventually. And when you get what you wanted, you show it off in front of everyone for them to see.

3. The ‘troller’
You are sick and tired of all the bitching in S4. Everywhere you go, whichever room you enter, all you can see are complaints and QQs from other people saying lame excuses like “spam”, “zzz, I’m not even trying” and “fake pro”. Now, it’s their turn to feel miserable as you troll the living crap out of them with whatever they hate the most. You have grown to enjoy the ‘delicious tears’ created by yourself and you just want to annoy people as much as possible. Who cares if you get banned when you can make a new account in couple of minutes?
But then, maybe you should look at yourself and ask: ‘Am I really enjoying this?’ Do you really enjoy making other people suffer mentally or making kids cry? But hey: who cares?

4. Social call
You probably don’t play the game as often as you used to but the wonderful people you have met in the game (trust me, they exist) just pulls you back into the game. In the end, this IS an online game and what would an online game be like without players interacting with each other? You probably would have quit the game completely a long time ago if it weren’t for them. Playing with friends is a lot more enjoyable than playing with people who can only type ‘noop’ and you can chill out, type all you want and laugh off everything at the end.

5. Pure F
All of the above things really don’t matter to you much. You just play the game purely because you like the gameplay. Even after going through dozens wonderful/horrible patches, this is still the same game you found long long ago. It doesn’t matter whether you win or lose. You’ll just suck it up like a man (girls can still do this). It doesn’t matter if there is a hacker in your room. You’ll just live that one and try again. Collecting EXP and PEN has absolutely no meaning to you since neither of them affects your gameplay directly. If you run out of PEN, you could just make a new account. Maybe you are known, maybe you are not but in short, you don’t really have a secondary objective.

How many of these (made-in-3 minutes) categories apply to you? Or maybe, you just have your own reason to play S4. Share, discuss, talk. That’s all I really want from writing this.

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8 Responses to Goals and Achievements

  1. Y.E.Y. says:

    Trolling people is fun, but doesn’t last long. Either someone uses a way to counter your trolling, or a real professional(!) will kick you from room because you were not obeying the invisible rules. Or even worse, a hacker cames in and becomes the next troll king of room.
    But it’s fun anyway :D

  2. Skia says:

    I’ve got many friends that I made over s4. Most of them stopped playing and we rarely talk anymore. Even though that’s sad, I made new acquaintances, possible not because I’m me, but that doesn’t matter, I’ve found a few people I believe I can trust.

    I think that that is what’s keeping me here. That and my work as a moderator and tester. The game is fun of course, but I doubt it would feel the same if I got demoted.

  3. Tzunami says:

    At first, back when I started playing again, my goal was to be the best at what I could do. Over time it started to show in the community, being a +0 player taking out the small amount of AP players that existed. It was nice at first but it didn’t really feel like my real goal.

    Looking at my current place in the community, I’m probably one of the few players that makes a room relative to the old style of S4. People join, they relax and practice and I teach some of the Rookies and Amateurs various things. I do hear people mentioning my name whenever a Gauss Rifle dispute sparks up, but, as much as I enjoy using a particular weapon and having some fame from it, I just miss the days where everyone could relax and enjoy a real game without “hardcore” players barging in and ruining the peace and fun we had.

  4. Harakiry says:

    I play S4 for the Counter Sword, is this a legit reason? No but seriously, I share 1-3-4-5 reasons, number 2 too before Patch 10 came… I wanted to collect all +0 skills and weapons since they were permanent back in the days.

    A personal reason that makes me play the game are my videos. They are remotely decent compared to the other crappy 90% of YouTube S4 videos, and I like the reactions of the viewers to them.

    Another reason that may sound stupid but makes me play the game is that I feel an unique part of the community. I feel like I’m one of the few mentally sane players that doesn’t QQ all the time with the usual excuses and just enjoy the game. I’m a “veteran/old timer” and play since the beginning of S4EU, so I know the history of the game and of the community. I have written some guide/wiki contributions here and there with time. I know S4 mechanics that no one else even knows, thanks to hacking too, with all that knowledge I could write teh best wiki evurr made for assfur alone. I’m kind of “famous” under two nicknames. I’m pretty awesome at what I do (SWARDZZ). My videos seemed to have an huge impact on everyday’s S4 gameplay. I can abuse the ban system so much that I could even get YOU banned. Yes YOU that are reading my comment, whoever you are! Tell me your nickname and I will ban you A7A7A7A. I used to have friends that could do it for me (“corrupted” GMs, an hacker guy) but they’re all gone with time so I have to do this stuff manually olol.
    I feel like a big fish… a big fish in a small tank olol.

  5. Reivalt Geriant says:

    Good to have you back, Heat. I’m still on a break but it’s great to see you are taking care of things in my absence. Now, as for my reason:

    I play for what one could call ‘Fun Challanges’. Basically matches in which the mentality and skills of players on both sides are closely matched and you have a tense game where everyone needs to play their best cards. I am talking about DMs or TDs that are not dominated by smash cat, airhugging, AP metallic camping, anchor etc — you catch my drift. Where you can get killed and actually admit it was a good shot or lose the match but say a honest GG instead of digging up your flametionary for some recycled insults. Sadly, S4 can rarely provide that with all crap that is circulating in it these days. As I am writing this, I have not touched the game in two weeks and hope limited ammo / weapon drop system will come soon. That ought to bring S4 one step closer to its original concept.

    1 – I used to play to be ‘the very best’ but I gave up a while ago as there will always be someone who is better than you. And hey, I’m a relaxed gamer. I don’t see myself training for hours in 1v1 rooms just to improve myself.

    2 – I love collecting things in real life, something that carried over to gaming as well where I like to collect titles / achievements / badges etc. Why I am not a collector in S4 — there is no ‘reward for hard work’ system. It’s all just gambling with PEN and if you’re lucky you’ll get something random. Nty.

    3 – Trolling conflicts with my morals. I believe you should face an opponent at full strength; killing him with anything less than that is an insult and tarnishes my sense of honour. I hate when people use trolling weapons, so I am not going to be one of them.

    4. Kinda true. I have my guild, Erased, which is filled with people I have known for a while as well as people I can get along with. Although not a main reason to play S4, it’s still something that can keep me around to play a few more games rather than logging off.

    5. Pure fun would be the main reason I play for reasons stated above.

  6. Pleasance says:

    Unfortunately, I wasn’t able to reply to any comments made in this article since I had to leave my computer (and my house) for 5 days and I’ll be leaving again for another 5 days the day after tomorrow. Still, I do like how my articles still gets attention.

    And Proto: start writing some articles in your OWN website lol (but you do get some nice rest).

    • Reivalt Geriant says:

      When I get the inspiration back I’ll get some entries rolling. Until then .. tough luck soldier :p

  7. NiuWang says:

    In the beginning, back in 2010 when the majority of S4 Problems began I used to focuse on becoming the best. I always kept up with S4Source and S5 tournaments, but never reached the deadline.

    I’ve never been all that competitive lately, ever since I quit for more than a year. Now a days though, I think you basically covered all aspects of me in your fancy article here:

    The collector – Only reason being is that I’m aiming for a decent amount of perms. When I originally started on my current ‘main’ account, I was blessed by the gods with two perms on my first two fumbis. Short hair +7% and a PS + 7%. Now when I try though it seems like the success rate has lowered drastically.

    To the point where perms don’t even seem to exist and just like an American who’s down on his luck, he just keeps going and going until he’s gone. Now I’m practically PEN broke, but, thanks to the new rewards system for leveling, I got some PEN to get me kickstarted back up. I’m aiming for only one complete set ( it doesn’t matter what) I just want one.

    The ‘troller’ – the only reason I started trolling was for cheap easy laughs. The best part of it, to piss of those ‘serious’ elitists who just can’t seem to shut their mouth, which in turn usually causes them to rage. It all depends on who I’m playing with though, cause each group of mine varies from one another.

    There are of course, those who play S4 in entire silence, and those who just can’t seem to keep their hands off of the other letters on a keyboard other than “A,S,D.W, R, F(sit, varies on what you have it set for) & [Space bar]”…I myself happen to be one of those very people.

    Social call – Yes indeed the social call. I’ve made plenty of friends all the way back from 2010, most who have quit, and others who quit soon after meeting them. Although, with each new account I make, I’ve met more and more people as the population of S4 grew, not just player wise, but country wise as well.

    Those “good” and “decent” mannered individuals who stupidity won’t rub off on me are one of the main reasons I still play S4 League today. I specifically recall joining my first Swords Only Clan back in it’s prime, ¥ Pwnography¥ …sword and the rest of the gang were so good to me, I learned a lot from them. A pretty close community, but I got kicked several times whenever life issues arose and I became inactive. Another reason I’m still involved is because I started on the forums and met a few good people there as well. All In All, I’m mainly in it for the friends that I’ve made and wish to continue to play an MMO with.

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