[S4] The Daily Adventures #4: The Naked Challenge

Even though I mainly play Aion these days I still find time to log in to S4. One of those occasions was about two weeks ago, during server maintenance, where I went to play some DM. God clearly favored me that day, because he allowed me the honour of witnessing and first-hand experiencing what happens when you stack AP Metallic, laser cats, wallshooters & 2 healers on the same team. Thanks to this opportunity our beloved Deity bestowed upon me, I now have a new record of finding uninstall.exe within 0.54 seconds.

Another of those occasions was about a week ago, again during maintenance, where I went to play some TD. God still had his blessings in for me, as I saw a player with full premium simply tank all bullets straight into the goal post. This was 7 seconds after one of my teammates, a rookie with PEN clothes, pulled off all kind of breathtaking maneuvers but sadly saw his progress halted by the infamous red lasers.

Fragments of glorious past times, once composed of now ancient terms such as “balance”, “variety” and “joy”, flashed through my head as I simply gazed at the monitor in front of me. “Enough!” is what I declared as my left hand met my (wooden) desk whilst I rose with a stern expression. Whether it was the summer heat that got to my head or the lack of sleep over the past few days, we will never know. But the outcome is the same; It was time for a challenge. Break the habit. Che Guevara. And more of that teenager rebellious stuff.

  • 3x Pen weapons — check. (+1 only, no enchants)
  • Creepy +0 Pumpkin pet hovering around me for company — check.
  • No Clothes / ‘Nature Lover’ mode — check.

Incoming: Proto’s futile attempt at going back to the basics to seek out the true aspect of “fun” and “skills”, as well as a guide on how to take on the Naked Challenge yourself!

Trivia #46: In S4, characters without clothes are fully covered. Characters with clothes are barely covered.

The Free Channel

After some weird errors such as “Xtrap.ini modified, closing game!” and “HGWC.Exe was closed, restart your computer” I manage to log in. Left-click + enter is my best friend as I futilely attempt to get into the Free channel. Today is yet another day in the Naked Challenge, the fourth time in a row where I play with what you can see above. Young ones, myself shall enlighten you on how to run & succeed in this challenge!

Step #1: Find the rooms with titles made by lunatics.

Look for rooms with interesting titles. Those are often made by equally interesting players, and thus can provide interesting matches. Whether you end up noob stomping or getting stomped by a stacked Pro team — you are bound to find something useful in these.

Room titles are often creative or amusing. There is the usual farming room, some whacky stalker room, and some EG gathering room (those guys love using the word ‘dragon’)

Step #2: Nothing to Lose, All to Gain.

Crucial is remembering that you have nothing to lose. Yes, you will die a lot. But remember, you are the pro. You are played naked with +1s while those scrubs hide behind full premium / forcepack sets. You are farming raw skills, they are relying on AP/easy weapons. You can only get better, they can only get worse. And in the event you do lose? Then the other team obviously hacked.

Reminder: Click images on this blog for full-res.

Step #3: Know your strengths, but also your weaknesses!

Playing naked has it’s advantages:

  • Your mind unconsciously adepts to the concept of “Make every shot count twice.” As you do way less damage per shot you have to make sure all bullets land, so your aim will significantly improve over time.
  • As your overall defense and movement speed is lower, you will unconsciously bring out new dodges / evasive moves in the heat of the battle. This helps your survivability when you switch back to PEN gear and build your way up to Fumbi / AP later.
  • Safe from all complaints. If others QQ because they can’t kill you or die a lot by your shots, you can tell them that you are playing naked and thus should question their own skills, not yours.
  • Killing a full premium player while playing crippled gives a tremendous amount of satisfaction and is done with true skill.
  • Saving a lot of PEN on repairs.


  • AP will wreck you.

Step #4: Screw it.

All else fails? Switch back to your AP gear and rape a rookie room in sight.


While there are numerous paths leading to the concept of strength, each is wandered by different people with different methods. Myself is one of those, one who seeks the concept of true skill as I wander the Netsphere and face new challenge to overcome my fears, surpass my limits and be the very best, like no one ever was.

This is my goal.
This is my mission.
This is my fate.


Until the next time.

~ .ProtoStyle

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6 Responses to [S4] The Daily Adventures #4: The Naked Challenge

  1. Tzunami says:

    Ah.. the joy of running a perfect +0 set. I have the privilege of owning some grandfathered +0 clothing and weapons, which combines complete squishy-ness with fashion (as I can’t stand looking at those jumpsuits). Considering my accuracy has been lacking in recent months, this seems like a perfect thing to go back to, as I feel I’ve lost my touch with the weapons that got me somewhere in S4. Hopefully after a few hundred frustrating matches, I’ll show some progress.

  2. Pleasance says:

    Meh. I play naked all the time anyway. I only use the FP weapons (I still don’t have any perm clothes T^T) when I think it’s going to be stacked since I have a horrible luck in Unlimited modes for having the game stacked.

    • Reivalt Geriant says:

      Kind of the same feeling here. Yesterday a perfectly balanced Unlimited DM was ruined because two players, decked out in max AP, decided to stack Beta. One was offensive, the other healed him nonstop with a Princess Heart. When the room master shuffled at the end they both left. FML.

  3. Harakiry says:

    Stopped reading at the “nature lover” part because I fell off my chair laughing. Nice article I am completely jelly of your englush.

  4. dunklerengel00 says:

    ! gg proto :3 i hope to cya soon in game ! :> *after i get my pc back* :)

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