10 Reasons to Like S4League

Ever wondered why you keep on playing S4league? Yeah, me neither. I mean, with all the awesome stuff in this game its already alarming that I am writing this post instead of playing it right now. No worries, I’ll turn myself in for a mental check after I’m finished, but before that I want to help you guys out. If you read this and somehow end up wondering why you play S4League again, fear no longer. With this post I will provide 10 reasons why you should LOVE and ADORE this broken game so much and reawaken your burning hatred passion for S4League in the process. Either that, or you will finally come to senses, uninstall the client and jump out of a window. Jump on in & find out to which side you belong!

1. Variety of Challenges

S4League stands for ‘Station-2 Sword Spamming Sports. As of such, one can expect to find numerous rooms filled with provoking, interesting and especially diverse challenges!

Spot the differences.

 2. English Community

In S4League the several language groups each have their own servers and channels. Been a lone wolf? That time is over now! With this ingenious server system you will always find people from neighbouring countries with good connections!
In S4League, please enjoy all your matches without laggers!

Chaser match in English (Europe)

 3. Making Friends

Online Shooters are the THE place to go if you want to meet nice, mature & friendly people that you can have a laugh with and talk with about a wide range of intelligent subjects. S4League is no exception, as I have made countless friends myself — so many in fact that my blocklist is almost full!

Collected within two weeks of casual playing.

 4. Fair Balance between PEN & AP

You know those Pay-to-Win games? They’re horrible right .. yuck! So that’s why you should play S4League! Because equal chances are everything, both the PEN and AP weapons have been properly balanced and continue to provide fair and even gameplay matches to date. In S4League, enjoy matches that are decided by nothing but skill!

AP vs. PEN Revolver.

5. Hack Protection

Thanks to the great security program “XCrap”, no hacker will come through and ruin your day.
In S4League, enjoy an endless spree of legit matches!

“Bet you cant kill me!”, he said.

6. Responsible Company

Contrary to popular belief, it is not the community that makes a game. I’ll let you guys in on the BIG secret behind S4’s success. It is thanks to the companies in charge, alaplaya/pentavision (now: GameOn), that we can enjoy this wonderful game as it is!

Tickets are answered immediately, fixing bugs takes top priority, the staff is professional, and, once a year, a GM even comes down to our place to post something! Most important, though, is that they create FUN and BALANCED events for EVERYONE to participate in, with a FAIR and EQUAL chance to win.

Because some things cannot be expressed in words should not be expressed in words the following video will have to do instead:

7. Boobs

As the eye also needs something, S4League has done its utmost best to keep this game PG-13 rated by keeping the bust sizes on female characters realistic. Skimpy outfits or hooker skirts are nowhere to be seen, so be sure to let your kids play this game. Additionally, clothes in S4League purely follow the concept of emphasized defence in their designs, and thus are —

SCREW THIS! (╯°□°)╯︵ ┻━┻

Boobs, because they are just plain fuckin’ awesome.
Get @ my manliness, haters.

This is a “tanking outfit” in S4.
Remember, those things apparently add a lot of defence!

8. Pure Quality

After patch 10 the game’s HQ graphics have been reduced just a little bit. This was done in order to reach a broader audience, which sure worked as now everyone running a cardboard box instead of a PC is able play and enjoy the game as well. But, have no fear! The changes to the graphics are both unnoticeable and neglectable!

In other words: S4League equals quality.

Medium Graphics.

9. Epic Matches

In the end, we all play S4 for these. Those awesome matches you get once in a blue moon where the teams are even, the players are skilled and there is a full 30 minutes of intense, fun and epic gameplay to enjoy. Imagine a DM without healers, camping or more trickery. Or a TD without solely max AP stair heroes and anchor users. Find one of those and you’re good for the next few weeks.

One of the greatest matches I’ve ever played in three years of S4. I salute thee.

10. Me

In case none of the above reasons worked:

I play S4.
So that is why you should as well.

The man. The legend.        The machine.
*Preview clothes fall off*  God damn.


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15 Responses to 10 Reasons to Like S4League

  1. Pleasance says:

    Loved your sarcasm. I got to start writing one myself.

    So, seeing that you wrote an article, I’m guessing you are back in S4 now?

    • I am not completely back, nor completely gone. I just linger around to play some matches once every few days, where I find materials I can incorporate into articles as seen above ^.

      If / When limited ammo comes here I’ll step up my game.

  2. dunklerengel00 says:

    awesome XD the 1st and 7th reason rock !! ^^

  3. the_dead_one says:

    I totally agree with reason 10. The rest is of no importance compared to that one. XD

    • Reivalt Geriant says:

      my my .. I am so honoured. But next time we 1v1, I’m sure that reason 10 will turn into a reason to hate S4, like the rest =p

      • the_dead_one says:

        Hahaha! You do know that one of the reasons why I love fighting you IS because you’re strong. Sure, you’re an awesome guy and all and that’s a good reason to hang out with you, BUT I prefer fighting you rather than teaming up with you for some reason. So it will never be a reason to hate S4.

  4. SirCaim says:

    Well done as usual, keep up the good work~

  5. Harakiry says:

    The most important reason that keeps me in this game is the Counter Sword. I think I would’ve seriously stopped playing the game if there was no CS.

  6. NiuWang says:

    Haha, loved the sarcasm, honestly htough, I think the only reason I still play S4 is due to boredom from other MMO’s.

  7. ahmedmax says:

    i need this link

    • NiuWang says:

      What link? You’re not making any sense by not specifying what link you’re requesting or to what…

  8. Kazuryu says:

    Hoho, gotta love this.

  9. MeepDesu says:

    yaaa! bewbies! :D

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