Back to there, again.

Been about 5 months. Hiatus. Helps to come back with a fresher state of mind. But fresher state of mind  to play a ‘’fresh” game? Ohno.

So the game looks hmm bad but not yet at a critical point, (since we are still somehow playing it). It now went into a Tron-looking phase (oh copyright infringement? They ain’t afraid of anything !!). First thing you do after First thing you do after signing in is to check out all the new things you notice (Did your face cringe too?), even if you already know what to expect thanks to KrS4 previews. What most likely immediately catches your attention : the way your character poses in the menu/loading phase is now quite stupid. Female characters look even more hmmm vulgar than usual, while male ones look like they are having some tummy cataclysm goin’ on. New sets? Well not my stuff. Clan system seems to be something cool, if only there wasn’t –REQUESTING- ! Yeah…

The arcade missions feature is finally an alternative to the old tutorial for rookies. Even if it reminds us that limited ammo might not be as far as we think it is. The kill challenge was a good idea, as i bet many people would have liked to have their name shown as the quickest killer in S4League (including me, honestly) But let’s not forget hackers exist in S4 (exist is actually an understatement) So, no point taking this thing seriously. And finally bugs bugs bugs, just like everyone expected, the most dramatic one being the votekick system out of order.

Having been in clan Erased for a long while, it felt like i needed a new clan or to leave Erased. Don’t get me wrong, i love people from Erased, but most of the people that made me join and enjoy this clan are now gone to play other games or stopped playing games altogether. The new one has been called : Violator. Why Violator? Sounds like an overconfident, ridiculous, extreme, heavy metal-like name that makes anyone bearing this clan name seems to be so fluffin serious about S4. I doubt people would get the joke. Sounds kinky too as Proto suggested, making it even better ! So as of now I might accept people to join the clan after some trial, but honestly I wouldn’t even mind if i was the only member of this clan. Might still leave to join an existing DM oriented clan, but if Violator happens to get active members, I wouldn’t see why it would be worth leaving.

I have also changed character name for the 4th time now. Yes… I know. So after SkyRager, *Kokonut., RainingAutumn, and Ciaron, you may see me in DM rooms under the alias of Kokocyon (no symbol, not like people would kill to have this name anyway). And HOPEFULLY i won’t feel changing it ever again (laughs).

So let’s start with the long-planned analysis on Smash rifle. Coming within hours! Or days ! Or months !

~ Kokocyon  +

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12 Responses to Back to there, again.

  1. smashplaya says:

    SO THAT’S WHO THAT NAME BELONGED TO.. Also Koko I missed you. >: We need to play together soon.

  2. Pleasance says:

    Going back to the old Koko. Lolk.
    It’s good to see you again after you’ve went missing for ages but I didn’t know you would start writing here as well. Well, since I’m currently on a temporary (or permanent) break, it’s good that you have filled the spot.

    • Kokocyon says:

      Yeah missed the Koko nickname xD. Hoping to see you coming back from your break, as your entries are interesting,

    • Reivalt Geriant says:

      Koko actually was a writer here in the blog’s early days, under the name Ciar0n. He joined shortly after I published my first few entries. Sadly, real life got the better of him before he could publish his entries, but now he’s back and catching up so all good.

      Heat, you’ll retain the author permission so drop by at anytime you feel like writing something.

  3. Tzunami says:

    Now we wait and find out if we get anything interesting from this very controversial season. Eventually we’ll get something that will be the only thing we talk about in this season.

    • Kokocyon says:

      I wouldn’t call it controversial, just a bit lost… At least it is not SO themed, just neutral. But i don’t expect anything good, honestly haha.

  4. Reivalt Geriant says:

    Welcome home, son.

  5. featherwing says:

    you know i miss you :P the clan is indeed quite empty nowadays .. but erased will always remain to be the most epic dm clan ^^

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