Spot-On! : Smash Rifle

Smash rifle is a shooting/spray gun introduced in Patch 9, and is the only weapon so far to have both melee and ranged abilities (Nope, I am not gonna take lag into consideration haha!). This weapon is a small shield looking gun, it is not to parry hits or bullets, but to slap the fluff out of people, hence the name, I bet you weren’t expected that one. Killing with this feature feels awesome! Manly ! …while getting killed by it feels like quite bad lol.

But rare are the people who even use it. Simply because when compared to the shooting itself, the slap feature is a tiny and almost negligible cherry on the top of the smashcake. People deem this rifle “imbalanced” “overpowered”  or “cheap”. But why? Are they overacting crybabies like most of the time, or are their complaints justified by the way too powerful nature of this wanpan?

Let’s take a tiny look at this controversial weapon:

  • Damage: According to old numbers it is between the semi rifle and submachine guns (if i am correct semi rifle has 10 damage, smash has 11 and submachines 12, if not, correcting me would be appreciated, thanks)
  • Bullet capacity : 50 (2nd highest bullet capacity after HMG’s 100.)
  • FireRate : about the same as submachines as far as I know.
  • Reload time: 3secs.
  • Bullet pattern: Random T-shaped 4 bullets pattern.


For now, it looks normal, not really like the mythic fearsome weapon that threatens the peace of our world and that looks set to cause a mundicide. What makes it so effective then?

Because its bullets are GREEEEEEEEEEEN. No.

Because of 2 things : its bullet pattern, and its range of action.


  • Bullet Pattern

As mentioned above, its bullet pattern is T shaped, and in a random sequence. However, the spread is tight which makes it accurate. The T shape also helps landing bullets on targets that  are dodging laterally, as your crosshair could be totally off the target you still can land bullets (very useful against people dodging very fast). And thus, a higher probability of landing critical hits without having a very decent aim. This could lead to think that smash is easier to use than other spray guns. Indeed, smash is easier to use than SubMachine Guns and Semi-Rifle. Though, as you aren’t aiming as much as with traditional rifles with a fixed bullet pattern, your aim may decrease, and this may affect your aim with other rifles/guns (personally this happens to me).

  • Its range of action :

Once again, the smash rifle is between semi and SMG’s in terms of range, as it is a mid-range. Of course it could be used in close range but SMG’s get the job done faster at this range. It could also be used in long-range gunfights, but, obviously Semi has the upper hand in this kind of battles. So why is it good? Because most of the gunfights happen in mid-range. Face a target from too close : you may get melee’d. Too far? Takes a bit longer and while your focus is on that far-away target, some other sneaky enemy rat may get very close to you, which leads people to get closer to kill faster with shooting weapons. Jack of all trade but master of mid-range? Not master but more effective than other rifles at this range (Yes, I know, player’s skill makes this statement kind of flawed but then it creates flaws in all weapon comparisons).


Conclusion : Smash is a versatile mid-range rifle that fits in almost all weapon sets, easy to use and effective for most of the gunfights. Is it OP? Effective is a more appropriate word. Our S4 community loves to deem almost everything “overpowered”, so this word doesn’t really mean anything anymore. Is it getting so much attention because it wasn’t one of the very first weapons Might be possible but not likely. It can possibly replace both SMG’s and Semi. But I highly believe that SMG’s and Semi are more rewarding your aim than a smash could actually do.

What about you?



~ Kokocyon +

PS: this entry was definitely not inspired by smashplaya. And this post is totally open to criticism. Thank you for your time.

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9 Responses to Spot-On! : Smash Rifle

  1. HellaHell says:

    First of all, is this a tutorial or something? Cuz it is pretty baic and I m sure most of the ppl are aware of all that considering they already using it, lol.
    Also what is the meaning of OP? Isn’t it about something that is exactly more effective than rest of the stuff? If you think it is more effective then you can freely call it OP cuz it is basically the same thing.

    • Kokocyon says:

      Not really a tutorial, a tutorial for smash could consist of only one line, such as ” hold left click and hope for crits”.

      The point of this entry is trying to understand why the community frowns upon it.
      And why it is so vastly used. I am aware that this entry includes things that everyone knows.

      The meaning of OP? In online games, pretty much everyone has their own definition of this word. Mine’s “that can’t be beaten”, which is not the case with smash rifle. But i can understand that people may have a different view on this word. Thanks for your comment Hella!

  2. Reivalt Geriant says:

    In the 4 years that I have been playing S4 I don’t think there’s a weapon that puts me off more than a Smash rifle. As you said, its effective. Too effective. To understand where I am coming from read the following:

    Recently, I did a few testruns where I replaced my FP SMG (lv11 Enchant) with a +1 PEN Smash Rifle, clean (lv0 enchant). By using a Smash I got double the kills and half the deaths compared to when I normally use SMGs.

    The fact that a PEN weapon gives such an advantage over a forcepack is very alarming. The reasons why Smash is too effective, it’s all in conjunction with what you wrote: its spread and range. I can just stand halfway across the map and chip away at people’s HP steadily, not to mention in 1v1 situations I will still win because the ammo capacity and accuracy on a Smash simply outlasts other spray weapons (except HMG)

    There is no way to defend against Smash either. As you know it’s the #1 anti-airhug weapon. It is so easy to use and so effective, it is ridiculous. I see a ton of Pro ranks that would be NOTHING, no more than rookies, without their beloved laser cat + premium top. Makes me wonder why I train to improve my skill (or even play S4 altogether) when any AP loaded monkey with FP Smash / Rev / CS can just render 4 years of work useless in a few hits.

    • you're funny says:

      ummm? this means you dont have any subaim or you clearly aren’t able to ribbon both midshots or the 2 shots below the crosshair.

      Subaimers who can hit 2 Shots / 4 spray are OP vs smash, because whilst the maximum of combos of a pro player with smash is 20-25 (by having 50 bullets which last long until you spray them out)
      you could have 15-20 combo with subs if you’re good, you clearly never really trained subs in the 4 years, you just used them and hope for hitting people.

      also smg’s do more damage.

      get your facts straight.
      smash is just used in competitive play because you have to watch your position/the time/ball control etc. which doesnt give you the time to aim properly, but you still have to be awesome at aiming to keep up even with a smash rifle by doing that.

      maybe just sign-up with your clan at s5 forums and enter the tournament, its NO SMASH / NO ASSAULT next season, so you, as the 4 year pro gamer, should be able to own all, right?

      • .ProtoStyle says:

        Stating that I have been playing 4 years =/= Stating I am a pro gamer. Just thought I’d clarify that. Also, not at all, in fact. I am a casual S4 player, but even casual players are allowed to have their own opinion. This is a weblog where anyone and everyone can express their point of view: from rookies to Pros, from well-reasoned replies to not-so well-reasoned replies. That is all fine.

        Training on weapons, tournaments, damage numbers, combos and all that — its all not relevant to me, as a casual player. I deem anything more than a match for fun too boring, dedicated and time-consuming. I play simply with that I have, enjoy the game a bit, and voice my opinion. If said opinion offended you somehow, then hereby my apologies.

  3. ShikiTenraku says:

    One fact you maybe should mention is the Critical Damage, because that is what makes the most people say it is OP.

    And personally, i cannot hit anything with a Smash, even less crit. It’s a total miracle to me how almost everyone else can constantly hit and crit with it. Maybe it is because of me using the Centered Camera Option so the bullets do not hit most in the upper left corner of the crosshair…

    • Kokocyon says:

      Yes indeed, I forgot to mention that the crit damage is quite unproportional when compared to base damage. Thank you very much I appreciate, (gonna add it when I can, must look for damage tables and such)

      Maybe you got problems using it because you got decent aim with other classic rifles? I personally hit more with these over smash. Maybe because i am aware that it is slightly harder to use so i am trying much harder.

    • you're funny says:

      Smash needs 4-5 crits on a pen player if you yourself are pen

      Semirifle takes the same amount of crits

      Subs are always 4
      Revo are always 4

      where’s the OP-nes of it when Subs and Semi are more accurate?

      you guys just don’t understand the game’s mechanics and this is why all this OUEFNDOFIOWE SMASH OMG – stuff comes.

  4. smashplaya says:

    I can’t aim the green lazor bullets for the life of me, forever sticking with smg. *humps my sharks*
    Koko-kun don’t lie, this article was inspired by me ;D

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