[S4] eSper Special: Meepdesu

About half a year ago, during the ever-popular winter months at the start of this year, there were two artists in the S4 Community. One of them was a girl known as Meepdesu, specialized in drawing female characters. The other one, as you may remember, was a guy known as TheArtRoad, specialized in drawing male characters. You can still find their threads [here] and [here] respectively. They got many views, requests, and people asking for info on commissions. Two artists willing to draw player’s characters — it was like a gift from the S4-Heavens itself.

Sadly, this moment was short-lived. Some users started to complain about copyright, and the mods at the time eagerly jumped on the bandwagon. Meep and TheArtRoad closed down their threads and vanished from the S4 Community. Personally, I felt this as a severe loss. Enough to be reminded of and cite Nero’s final words: Qualis Artifex Pereo (A great artist goes with me)

A few months later, I was looking for new ideas for the blog. As you may know, this is how the ‘eSper Special’ came into existence. What you do not know yet, however, is that next to Tzunami there were 2 other people who I had remembered all this time and stood at the foundation of finding the inspiration for this column. One of them made her return recently, and I am both happy and glad to have her here with us today. Folks, here is our very own Meepy aka Meepdesu!

Read on to find out her story, her views on S4, the role of art and much more of one of the most popular and famed artists of the S4 Community!

Pantsu shot. Now I am sure at least all male readers will be seeing this through to the end!

– A week or two and some awesome drawings later, here we are at last. How are you, Meepy? Mind giving a small introduction to your fellow eSpers? Who is the Pro-ranked character with the blond hair and black dress, known as ‘MeepDesu’, in the S4 League?

A derp. No, I kid. I started s4 around October of 2009, and I’ve been playing on and off for 3 years now. When I first started, I had absolutely no idea how to play the game (S4 is the first shooter game I’ve ever played). Even now, I still have absolutely no idea how to play the game; I just go around and be annoying with my heal stick… ._.”

– Your art is widely known and famed in the Netsphere and beyond. What can you say as for its success? What is the secret behind those combinations of lines and colours that makes the players go wild?

The first drawing I did of an s4 character was actually a self portrait. [Click]
After sharing my fanart with the community, some of my friends just requested art from me, and I was happy to oblige. Since then, I’ve made much more s4 related art. To me, art is an essential part of my life, and I’m more than happy to share that talent with our s4 community. It makes me happy to see so many people enjoy my artworks and always come to request some more.
The program that I use to make all of my art is called PaintSAI. I’ve experimented with other programs such as Photoshop, Corel Painter, and Tegaki, but I’ve never familiarized myself with any of them. When I first started drawing with my tablet, I was working on commissions from a forum site called GaiaOnline. I spent a good 3 years using PaintSAI and creating more than 1,000 artworks for users there.

on repeat
for 5 hrs
at a time
just not looking at the creepy big eyes and the seizure causing blinking lightss

One of many drawn pieces; yet with each of them Meep put the ‘S’ of ‘Stylish’ in ‘S4’

– We could dedicate a whole entry to your art skills, but we can’t forget you are an eSper too. Shifting the focus to our beloved S4, what are your favourites? Like gameplay mode, map, weapon or outfit – let’s hear it!

What I love the most about s4 is all the adorable outfits that are available to the players. The first time I bought AP, I actually spent all of it to buy a 30 day outfit, piecing together the set myself. The anime like approach to all the graphics and gameplay is what really interests me and probably many other players. My favorite mode is DM because all I ever have to do is run around with my cute princess wand and look pretty. Of course, this fluffy pink heal stick is also my favorite weapon. My favorite map would have to be Circle 1; there’s nowhere to run, nowhere to hide, and there’s always going to be someone shooting your back!

– What would be one of your most outstanding, epic, funny or randomly awkward S4 moments?

My most epic moment is this one time, I entered a Luna 2 DM and found 3 of my friends on the enemy team. When the match ended, the score was 0-100. It was at that moment that I realized: heal is OP.

Speaking of healing .. meanwhile, somewhere in the Netsphere

– Since some weeks we playing the tale of lil’ Alice in the Netsphere, better known as Season 4. What are your thoughts / hopes about the current season? For example, what do you think about the new Station-3?

In all honesty, I don’t pay that much attention to the seasons. Mainly, I like to stick to the maps that I’m more familiar with. As for Station-3, I’ve only looked at that map once for just around 10 minutes, and I have to say, I was quite lost. I don’t think I ever made it to the enemy side of the map; I couldn’t even find the fumbi. I feel like the new map ideas are just getting more and more confusing. To me, Station 3 is just a maze within a maze; I would run forward out of the spawn area, and then I’d have to run backwards to an area that seems to be the fumbi’s residence (I have yet to figure out where the fumbi spawns). I don’t want to be a thorn in the side, but I really do miss the old s4 days. Even the newer art for s4 has changed; I prefered the artist/art style for the first 3 seasons much more than the one we have now.

– If I were to ask you for the one thing you like the most about S4 and the one thing you like the least about it, what would you say?

My favorite thing about s4 is the anime-like take on the game. What I hate the most about s4 is the new weapons. Please, give us back the old days without this tb, hammer, katana, sigma, spy dagger, homing, and spark rifle crap.

– It’s good to have you back, Meepy. After you vanished a while ago following some conflict with the moderators, we were not sure if you would ever return. Will you stick around this time?

When I left s4, it was because of the community. But, I came back now just for the same reason. There will always be some jerks no matter what game I play, but there’s also the many friends that I gain in return.

I feel like s4 staff should realize that when they send in their application to become a staff member, they are sealing away just a bit of their freedom. Sure, they can still fool around with friends and even newcomers to welcome them to the s4 community, however, they are representing the administration and should act accordingly. When tackled with any problems and such, they should react in a professional way; otherwise, they just may be held accountable for their disrespectful actions.

– Where can our readers find you at if they want to see more of your art or request some commissions?

My DA: http://kawailemon.deviantart.com/
My SA: http://meepdesu.sheezyart.com/
I kept the deleted s4 art on my SheezyArt.

– Finally, what is the one advice or tip you would like to give to your fellow eSper artists?

Practice. Practice. Practice. Everyone has to start somewhere and as the saying goes, practice really does make perfect.

– Thanks for your time, and show me your S4! Remember folks, with Meepy we have the ‘Stylish’ part covered! ;- )

[Bonus] : S4 Madness !

Last but certainly not least, we are finishing with something very special. Here is Meep’s greatest gift to the S4 Community yet, for all to enjoy: our happy S4 Forum Community together in one picture.

P.S. The grey hair doesn’t make me look old, right? :/

Our happy, slightly disfunctional S4 Family.
Welcome to the insanity ward!

[Click image for Full-Resolution]

Thanks for reading, and until the next time.

— .ProtoStyle
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9 Responses to [S4] eSper Special: Meepdesu

  1. .ProtoStyle says:

    * Note from author: Originally the plan was to have a dual-interview with both Meepy and ArtRoad at the same time. This was the idea that became the driving force behind the eSper Special.

    Thank you very much for the interview chance! :)

    Your homepage has been added to our links / partners menu at the right. Pleasure working with ya!

  2. Tzunami says:

    Very nice, Proto. I remember running into Meep a few times and meeting her briefly. Her artistic style stands out very well, and it’s great to see her art accepted so nicely around the community. Congratulations on the interview, Meep!

    • .ProtoStyle says:

      Hey Tzu, good to see you are still dropping by. Glad to hear you enjoyed it.

      I believe that those with artistic or other creative skills add something extra to an otherwise boring S4. You are a great musician, Meepy is a talented artist and I am an aspiring writer scribbling away on his blog. We all do our part. But the appreciation often lacks. With eSper Special I hope to rectify that and give these people some much deserved kudos.

      Leaves me with the question who is up next. I was thinking about NoctiS or the owner of S5, and also a great S4 Video-editor / creator (Outcast?). Got any recs?

      • Tzunami says:

        I’d really have to get back into the swing of knowing the popular S4 players outside of the game. You do have a couple of real nice choices there. I think since you’ve covered audio and artwork, it would make sense to cover video next. It sort of follows it’s own built-in pattern.

        I’m sure whatever you choose will cover another great area of S4 that people know or have forgotten about over time.

  3. Kokocyon says:

    Meep’s a creep. But somehow always draws my character the best.
    /enhances art skills.

  4. MeepDesu says:

    why am i a creep? ;<

  5. the_dead_one says:

    Don’t worry Proto, the grey hair doesn’t make you look old, being the only tall character in the crowd does. XD

    • .ProtoStyle says:

      Hot damn, you’re still alive! But yeah, I’m happy Meep drew me as a normal character. If you see what I write in-game — a cute, chibi version wouldn’t fit my reputation. xD

      • the_dead_one says:

        Probably I should let you know, I’ve been inactive thanks to my parents but I’ll never quit S4. Never!! Now i’m gonna play S4 for a bit. XD

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