[S4] Hi-Ha-Ho Halloween Special

Since a few days it is Halloween in the NetSphere. This is may be a bit of an understatement, as with the horribad patches over the past year(s) it has practically been Halloween EVERY.SINGLE.DAY as we looked on in -horror- (/pun) to what alapenta GameOn was gonna pull from their mad hats next. And to pull something out, they sure did. Something, a shimmer of hope for the future of S4, that wasn’t as bad as expected. It actually was decent. It actually was good. As more and more players get perms from the event the mood keeps on rising — today I already saw the first “best event ever!!11” replies on the forum.
Ebil pumpkings, slutty sexy witches, manly monsters and ghostly pets — everything is in place for an unforgettable Halloween.

Read on for this year’s Halloween Special: Proto’s experiences with the patch, scary S4 videos to get you in the mood and a small bonus near the end!

Halloween Patch

The poster above proudly spans across the S4League server selection screen these days, possibly as some sort of comfort or motivation to make all those players who are trying to enter Free or Free-Event these days but have a hard time (or painful fingers, if you know the Enter + Left-Click trick) realize what they are doing it for. One of said players is me, who was intrigued by the “FREE CANDY” part and reminded of something similar, just as legit. In the end though, I managed to get into the Farm Mania v2 Free channel. The first thing I noticed was that either:

  • The Facebook game “Farmville” has received a sudden, massive popularity boost, to the point where people now spread the habit to other games they play.
  • There are a lot of shady van owners generous strangers giving out free candy these days.

Since there are no DM rooms these days, I went for a TD instead. More specifically, a Tunnel match. In this room I found many people carrying forth the whole Halloween spirit thing, be it by what they wear, having spooky usernames, or by having an invisible/absent guy in the winning screen and — wait, what? Aaahh!! Anyways .. those people I have given a red square. And of course, then there are oddballs who come in wearing a Christmas hat and having not a single damn clue of what is going on. Those I have given a blue square. Report them at sight.

So, this Tunnel match. The score is 3-1 for Alpha when I join the game. They have a high Semi, a Pro and some other Semis. I have a semi, some amateurs and some rookies, until this S4 rank joined. Not a problem. With spamming some CS in the trend of “I want to hear those bones SCATTER! UuuuppeeerrrCUT! /smacks into wall” and rushing in while spraying my .. white stuff .. everywhere .. like a madman I single-handedly managed to reverse the score to 3-4 in our favor, while everyone in the room is baffled and complements me on my skills.(Read: With a few lucky kills, I managed to get a decent score while the Pro-Semi and S4 on my team did all the work. I quietly left the room afterwards.) Oh and, there were some funny moments like this:

Since I now got some candy let’s go to the fumbi candy shop~ and see what we get. I was never great at mathematics, but this simple formula I can understand:

This was basically my luck with the event so far. As I see my fellow eSpers getting perms left, right, above and below me (wat.) I cannot help but think I got the “Trick” in “Trick or Treat!”. Must be my fate for critisizing S4 in the 9 months this blog has been up, but it’s a choice I willingly took. I am a pessimist, and nothing revels me up more than dragging you all down with me !! Gya-ha-ha!

Anyways, while my laptop is out for repairs, as well as answering the cops asking me about a gunfight incident, let’s get back into the Halloween mood. Recommended to watch these videos on a cold, lonely night.

S4 Halloween Movies – Scary Stuff

Bonus: Halloween Giveaway [Finished]

Since it is Halloween and all let’s have a small giveaway to celebrate. (Small, since I am a poor student — better known as ‘Studebt’, and I’d need Paypal donations to give away more). How it works?

  • Leave a comment on this entry with your IGN & whether you want the Pumpkin or the Skull Imp pet.
  • The first 8 replies containing this info will receive 3x Pet Capsules of the Halloween Pet of their choice.

Third time’s a charm, so you never know ; )

A Smartpack pet, a +0 permanent, a skill or a piece of accessoires — what will it be?


Until the next time,

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21 Responses to [S4] Hi-Ha-Ho Halloween Special

  1. Kokocyon says:

    As many farm rooms as they may be, this event is actually the best I have seen so far in 3 years of play. Sure more AP around might not sound great, but free perm stuff from alaplaya is not something very usual. Even gives me hope for xmas.

    Also doubt i can participate in the giveaway, but if i can, Ign; Kokocyon and skull imp plox.

  2. HellaHell says:

    I don’t think anyone should even complain about such event. Surely there were better ones in the past but it seems like the first decent free event from a very long time.

  3. Kornelije says:

    This event is probably fairest one in a while and we can’t deny it despite a fact that not everyone is lucky with getting permanent stuff even now. Main difference between this one and rest of similar events is that we don’t need to gather eggs, coins or anything else. Those ideas were pretty much bad as coins were going through map at random places while eggs did same and on some maps they were below it. This minor change during halloween event made it more enjoyable and removed that frustration when you need to wait and practically camp places where items appear.
    Hopefully this is not the last event like this and in near future we might get another one as good as this one.
    A bit offtopic: nice to see that I am not alone who is using that Christmas hat even now ^^

    • the_dead_one says:

      Hahaha! I’m still wearing it as well. I loved when I had the summer set and was still going around with the Christmas hat.

  4. smashplaya says:

    Skull imp bruh

  5. TTTank says:

    It was good until that bug got fixed. I think they lowered the chance of getting lolipops and perm stuff. Still desperately trying to get male set and PoPo…

  6. Tzunami says:

    Gotta love when Ala-Sieben-Penta-On puts on another lovely farming event. It definitely brings out the best in the community. I do agree that the odds of getting something perm seem to be better than other events in this way, but you never really know. It just hits you that you finally got that perm and it only took about 50,000 pieces of candy.

  7. Pleasance says:

    I would say that this is a good event (free perms, yay) but my rotten luck always seem to ruin it. Ah well. Maybe I’ll get permanent clothes some day…
    Still, it’s good to see that this site is ongoing.

    Pumpkin Magic

  8. MasterBRA says:

    that’s probably the best event of this year, although there was some bugs with it, and one of them made possible to people have more than 15 permanent hallowen sets o_O

  9. .ProtoStyle says:

    4/10 people for the free caps so far.

    Remember that you need to list whether you want Imp or Pumpkin along with your IGN ;)

  10. CosmicButts says:

    Nice read. This was a fair event to everyone seeing how it wasn’t very tedious or annoying to get what you want, asides from the thousands of esper chips you get in the process. Oh and scream masks, scream masks everywhere.

    IGN: .Mimicking
    Skull Imp.

  11. .ProtoStyle says:

    Ok so, as it turns out stacks of 3 are more expensive than stacks of 7. So I can give out 3 caps to 2 more people. As of now, 6/8

  12. Lumin says:

    I dunno, I usually read the blog without commentig but since this time you are gifting caps maybe I should give it a try. lolk I’m a selfish bastard, I knoe. D:

    I think this event is one of the best (if not THE best) since the seasons started. Not everyday you can win two permanent premium sets and two pets. The sets are incomplete (no shoes and gloves) and the pets aren’t premium, but hey, at least they’re free. I really liked this event and I’m looking forward for the christmas one.

    Oh btw:
    IGN: Chaos-Sorcerer
    Skull Imp.

  13. Tenshi says:

    Oh heys, my video is up here, sweet. I feel recognized lul ^o^
    Hmm i also think i caught some of that bad luck of yers, damn it.
    Well you get stuff when you least expect it, so dont give up!

    And am i too late for those caps?
    IGN: zTenshi
    Skull Imp

    • .ProtoStyle says:

      You are just in time, with you its 8/8 and we are finished ;)

      Caps are on their way. Thanks for checking us out and I hope you don’t mind your video being up here — it was too fitting to let it slide.

      • Tenshi says:


        I dont mind at all, kinda surprised me though since i kinda forgot about it and its been awhile since i a made something.

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