[S4] Hackmania Sphere

After permanently quitting S4 (for the 12th time) and returning one week later (also for the 12th time), I found that the Netsphere had undergone a trivial name change. “Due to the recent arrival of a batch of unbelievably skilled players the Netsphere is now known as the Hackmania Sphere” the notice said. You have probably seen them — the kind of guys that have command over ultra secret pro techniques which enable them to run at lightning speed. They also have an amazing proficiency with weapons, as they can fire about 20x as fast as normal players. Not to mention, they possess otherworldly aim qualities that kill you in one hit. These players are known as the descendents of G himself — they are immortal and normal eSpers are no match for them.

This week: .ProtoStyle indulges himself in the world of S4 hacking to find out the cause for this recurring plague and finding some solutions — which leads him to only one possible outcome!

Where to start. November has been a good month for me. First, I got to witness what the terms “charity” and “generosity” mean in GameOn’s dictionary — apparently they are definitions joined together with some sort of event known as Thanksgiving. Basically, its an annual event where GameOn is given money by the players as a form of thanks for doing such a great job. All that you had to do is upload enough AP for this month’s server upkeep, and in return you got to dress up like a Space Cowboy or Indian drag for a week. Cool. Symbolic gifts are the best.

After this there was an S4 database security breach. Despite all the rumours clouding our vision, such as user security and password change, we have been able to pinpoint the actual truth. Apparently, there is a Russian S4 hacking syndicate that got into a disagreement with one of GameOn’s staff members and organized a full-scale assault, led by a team of world renowned hackers, against the S4League database as a revenge act. They made off with numerous account details, but no biggie. *sniffs* Ahh … Chinese weed indeed is great.

Some time after this I pressed the “Update” button for one of our plugins, JetPack. You all saw how well this went, as the blog came back online only a few hours ago after being completely inaccessible for about two weeks. Oh and, there apparently is a rapidly escalating hacker outbreak going on which has left the Netsphere in turmoil. But that is just a side note.

Hacking Outbreak: Causes

About a week ago was that fatal day where I realized that my in-game experience, bluntly said, sucked harder than a [This word has been removed by the WordPress Team. You signed your blog up as PG-13 rated — please abide by the rules.] Why I came to that conclusion? Because of my love for card games. 5 hackers in 5 different rooms — each of them in different modes, too. Rrrrrrrooooyal Flush!

Getting to the point, S4 Forumer Katakarat offered the following explanation to the hacking problem:

Shortly, the game files are encrypted but, the key for decryption is ‘hidden’ neatly in resource.s4hd.
So someone who is experienced or semi-experienced at reverse-engineering will have that key for free abuse in matter of hour.
Penta/whatever added an extra layer of security about 4-5 months after the first resource modding outbreak and that was reversed in matter of a week.

All this was the result of 4 minutes of efficient googling so no point hiding or removing this message as the tools and guides for breaking S4 apart are everywhere.

There is sense to this. S4 is a popular game, the files are easily accessible, and they easily can be edited. This led to the founding of S4 hacking communities (ElitePvPers, GameKiller) where hacks such as Item Manager and S4 Trainers are readily available to everyone. To make things worse, they are frequently patched by their wicked creators to bypass the latest XCrap security layers. The real problem, however, lies with GameOn / Alaplaya. They simply do not care enough. The votekick system has been ‘bugged’ for almost two months now, and although the issue has been forwarded we yet have to wait for a fix. Somewhere in the ToS / CoC it is stated that hacking is prohibited, and doing so allows the company to sue you. While this set a good public example to scare off the other hackers, there is no reason why they would do it. There is no profit in it. Finally, even if the game is infested by hackers, people keep on buying AP, which in turn tells GameOn “It’s ok guys, they don’t mind the hackers, the sales are still going strong!”. And this is what matters the most.

Recently, someone on the S4 forum said that buying AP keeps S4 alive, which is essential because S4 still S4 and we love it. I however compare this S4 to a comatose patient that is  artificially kept alive and can’t do anything. Someone who may be happier when he’s dead. Do you think a ruined and hacked S4 is still better than no S4, or is it better to finally be released from this game and move on or start over on a private server?

Hacking Outbreak: Solutions

After all depressing and serious stuff, it’s time to show you guys my optimist side. After a lot of research, I can proudly say I have found some solutions to hackers. Here are 6 things you can do when you encounter a hacker:

  • 1. Explain your concerns to them

Language removes barriers between people. Try to reason with a hacker. Tell him about the issues you have with what he is doing in his own language, and he will understand and cease his activities.

  • 2. Stick with your friends

Play matches with your friends as you watch the Netsphere burn. It is their concern, not yours, as you are enjoying legit and thriving matches with some of your best companions.

  • 3. Lose your cool

Show your anger by insulting the hacker in all ways possible. He will be afraid of the negative emotion he has awoken in you, and will flee from the room in fear.

  • 4. Lose your sanity

Pretend that the unfair situation has turned you insane. The hacker will be shocked by this unintended side effect and flee the room immediately.

  • 5. Start hacking yourself.

Fight fire with fire. Get your S4 trainers out and show them whose the real boss in town.

  • 6.

Until the next time.

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9 Responses to [S4] Hackmania Sphere

  1. NiuWang says:

    Hacking Outbreak Solution #5:

    Most definitely, haha I did that on one of my old accounts. If people stopped buying AP then that might fix everything, then again, the lazy fucks probably won’t do anything.

  2. the_dead_one says:

    I think some peopel buy AP to survive longer against hackers as well, althought rarely that does any help at all. Alaplaya wants our money so hackers doing the job are fine for use. Meanwhile the players want the hackers out of the game so they give Alaplaya money to see if something is done about it. In the end they only care about or money.
    Now about solution number 6, please tell me you didn’t press the “Ja” button.

    • .ProtoStyle says:

      I am inclined to disagree: People buy AP to feel superior, strong, powerful. But even a full-premium player can’t match a hacker. That would stop them from buying AP if anything, going with a logical conclusion.

      And to answer your question: Fare Thee Well.
      (No, I didn’t.)

  3. Asemu says:

    That is just a reality and future of this game if nothing changes. Developers are really laid back like MAIET Entertainment. I expect S4 end up like GunZ , but sometimes I think it is already in same state as mentioned game.

    One very irritating thing is that there was so much of denial that they didn’t get dozens of attacks. It’s just pathetic because denying that server isn’t under attack despite horrible state of it and whole portal being not accessible without decent reason is practically bullshit. Are they thinking that we are fools and don’t know how it looks like or that no one reads newspapers, which not long ago had dozens of decent descriptions about what happens when even government portals get under attack?

    How many times I mentioned that they really need better security measures.. Blast it, everything was ignored as better security costs ”too much”. No wonder they had to make such emergency password resets out of nowhere.

    Thanks for such ignorance to actual problems I personally stopped wasting my time on playing any of their games months ago and current enjoy relatively decent game (http://i45.tinypic.com/347tob8.jpg , won’t deny it has issues too, but not like S4, which is unplayable for me). Now just look at last few week! My call wasn’t a mistake as I subconsciously predicted something similar might happen.

    Having that in mind 6th solution worked out the best for me. Other five is something I would never go for it while my pride wouldn’t let me go as low as those retards are and act like an immature brat.

    Game needs to change right now or it is going to go down in full speed quite fast. If devs and host stop being ignorant and arrogant at least for a bit, they would see what sort of mess their product has become and start taking care of situation with urge. Without that we will keep getting ridiculed for spending anything on such trash quality game.

    My personal suggestion for anyone sane enough to realize that things probably won’t ever change to a better side permanently is this:
    ”Quit before you get addicted and find something worth your time and most importantly cash (which you might spend).

  4. Hella_Hell says:

    Haha… what is next? You will tell everyone how to download hack and use it?
    On which side are you again Proto? If you don’t like S4 just leave. QQing and moaning about won’t fix it. Took me 4 years to realize that so I m just telling it to you. You are not helping.

    • .ProtoStyle says:

      I thought I made it clear to you that you are not forced to read my entries if you do not enjoy them, yet here you are again.

      I am on no one’s side, Hella. Writing is my hobby, Sarcasm is my attitude. I combine those two and share my views with anyone who wants to read them. That is all.

      I may not be helping, but the people ‘supporting’ S4 are not helping either.

      – Uploading AP will only show GameOn can keep throwing shit as us and not fix the game. There is no motivation to fix anything because the profits remains high.

      – Being on the Staff means you are only being a buffer to take the hatred of the community instead of the red guys. They are the evil ones, but you quell and surpress the community in their stead. Just so that they don’t have to bother with us and can keep on promoting their marketing schemes and focus on maximizing their profits.

      My entries here are both my hobby and my silent protest.

      • Hella_Hell says:

        Oh, sorry. I thought you need more readers so I decided to make an exception but as you wish.

        Anyways, it makes sense but ppl won’t stop buying ap regardless how much they b*tching and moaning about balance, security etc. Ppl just like to be hypocrites.

      • .ProtoStyle says:

        And what I do is play on that hypocrisy, among the other aspects one finds in S4, and apply my sense of sarcasm / black humour to everything.


        – ‘Road to Corruption’ -> Plays on the overall bad elitist attitude.
        – ‘Space Cowboys’ -> Plays on the way the current ‘rookies’ or fake pros are.
        – ‘The tale of Smash monkeys etc.’ -> Plays on the lack of originality in the game and how everyone more or less does the same.

        I bear no dislike or hatred towards you. What I told you is that I don’t see a reason in reading my entries if you don’t like them, simple as, but I don’t mean to tell you to stay away. Maybe the wrong implication was derived from the way I wrote it, my apologies.

        Appreciate your checking of the blog, and I’m always in for conversating & exchanging ideas in a serious manner, even if we don’t agree on some things.

  5. dunklerengel00 says:

    gj like always proto xDD i really enjoyed :D

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