[S4] Upcoming Content (&7.5k blog views!)

Today the Ardan Frontier has hit yet another milestone, and thus came the emotional moment where I was finally able to tick the box of 7,500 unique blog visits! With this we are yet closer to our grand goal of 10k visits, something I never would have thought possible when I started this blog. Since I have no free caps to celebrate this time, instead I will give you folks a small overview of our most prominent stats, as well as some unseen, new S4 content to make sure you see this entry through to the end.


The Ardan Frontier project was launched in February 2011, where a flash of inspiration struck me and I wrote a small comical entry to share with my friends ([S4]: Back In Action). At that time there was a great deal of speculation about the upcoming season -Blade-, so I seized my chance to practise with writing for an audience because well, I simply enjoyed doing it. Writing is fun. It was not until I started the column ‘The Daily Adventures‘ and covered the Easter Event however that things started to pick up at a fast rate. New writers joined me in my quest, we got our own server and domain, and here we are now. Now for some statistics:

At the moment I am writing this we have had 7,716 visits, 90 of which were today. The busiest day was 7 December 2012, where we got 341 visits. We have published a total of 45 entries, which have received over 300 comments, as well as an additional 181 spam comments that Akismet (our spam protection) kindly filtered out.

We have had the most referrals from the S4 forum with over 2,800 hits. The most popular entry is 10 Reasons to Like S4League which has been read over 1,200 times. The most-clicked image on the blog, how could it have been different, is the lady from the -Blade- season, which especially our male audience knows all too well.

With this I want to say a big “Thank You!” to all our readers and fans who keep on visiting to read our entries, and also to those who were as kind as to donate some spare bucks. The Ardan Frontier will keep going for as long as S4 does (or until Coldor / Desmono has had enough of me). We will try to keep bringing you new, fresh and entertaining entries on S4 and improve our writings as we publish more entries.

Upcoming Content

Thanks to the courtesy of one of our readers, we have two images to share with you guys. First up is this image of what seems to be an Alice-themed Gun, but the debate on whether it is an Assault Rifle, Railgun, or new weapon altogether has up until now remained unfruitful.

Next up are two new costumes which will be hitting the stores at some point.

Finally, the other day I encountered a hacker who was using a skill that I had never seen before. It looked rather flashy, explosive almost — it reminded me of Bind but it looked like 4 circles of fire circling around you and other nearby players, which then suddenly closed in on us. It somehow seemed to amplify the damage I received from the player using it.

What do you think the weapon is? Or the skill for that matter? Discussion is open, drop a line in the comments.

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9 Responses to [S4] Upcoming Content (&7.5k blog views!)

  1. .ProtoStyle says:

    To start this off, here’s my two cents.

    As I argued in the Skype group convo, I think the weapon is an Assault Rifle skin. It seems to have the same shape and handling type. Blood however argued it looks more like a Railgun. We have 2 AR skins and 2 RG skins. Maybe it is a new weapon after all.

    The skill somehow made me think of the rumoured ‘Berserking’. I can’t check the S4 Files to see whether there already is a new skill implemented, so its a mystery.

  2. TTTank says:

    Congratulations on getting closer to your goal. Keep up the good work!

    -Weapon is probably a Rail Gun. Position of the trigger is the exact same of a Rail Gun’s. Also, we already have a secong AR skin.

    -What the hell is wrong with those sets O_o

    -Oh cool, a debuff! Now all we need is the timed accesory espeR chips i’ve wrote on Official Improvements Thread.

  3. the_dead_one says:

    I don’t know but… looks too fat for a railgun. XD

  4. -WnR.Revo says:

    Congratulations on the goal!

  5. Caduceon says:

    What a cute Whalegun

  6. Lumin says:

    First, congratz.

    Second, that gun seems to have the Rail’s shape, but it is kind of strange for a Rail skin. However, I don’t like it, but that’s just a personal opinion.
    The sets are cool and somehow original, nothing more to say about them.
    About the mysterious skill, I have no idea, never seen that. But if it actually is the Berserk, I’ll gladly welcome it with open armas. :D

  7. .ProtoStyle says:

    Update from one of our readers.

    The first image is most likely confirmed to be a “Bunny Railgun”.

    As for the new skill, there apparently indeed is a rumour of a new skill floating around in the community that has access to the game files, but this is all just vague speculation.

    Stay tuned ;)

  8. KillahBunneh says:

    bunny railgun? dafuq. Looks more like a whale to me.

    • .ProtoStyle says:

      The front of the gun (left of its ‘eye’, the red spot) is the head.
      Right of its eye is the cheek.
      Two flaps left and right above the trigger are the ears.

      And you have a bunny, Pentavision style.

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