[S4] The Daily Adventures #5: Conveying the Christmas Spirit

Ho-Ho-Ho(e) ! It’s that time of the year again folks: it is Christmas in the Netsphere! S4’s ever-loyal mascot Fumbi has turned evil and stole all of this year’s presents from Santa! It is up to you to retrieve them, so rally your friends and start butchering each other for some bloodstained packages that will contain your present. MERRY CHRISTMAS people. God damn, just when you think they cannot twist the whole Christmas spirit thing any further.

Have no fear, though, for Santa Proto is in town! Together with his big sack filled with presents and love he travels through the Netsphere to convey the true Christmas spirit to all eSpers! Since it has been a while I decided to start my mission by dropping by the SO community again and convey my happy Christmas wishes because well, as you may remember from a previous entry, those guys sure seem to need it.

After dressing up in Christmas Style, courtesy of my 30D PEN-statted Angel Padding capsule I had left from last year and a Rudolph one of my very few remaining 2010 Christmas Capsules, I am rearing to go! Hide your children, Santa Proto’s in the Netsphere!


Green durability bars look kinda cool.

So I join a Neden-1 Sword Only room just at the right moment, it seems. I came to this conclusion because there were quite a lot of ***** in the chatlog, which is the symbol for snow, so that shows those guys are already in the Christmas spirit. Let’s get to work!

S4Client 2012-12-12 13-35-32-98

Ho Ho Ho!

I start by walking around the map and wishing everyone a Merry Christmas. Some replied with “Advance” or “Ty.”, others with “spamer”, “lager” or “I WONT BE HAPPY STFU “. Me, being the kind guy I am, just keep on replying with happy smilies and kind words, but this didn’t really work well.

I sit down with my team and decide what we should do next. Well, not so much -sitting- down, as the poses of these guys seem to suggest they are rather busy with listening to a certain song and putting it into practise.


Since the guys in the room did not seem to understand my good intentions, I decided to take a different approach to convince them why they should go along with the Christmas spirit. This new approach worked a whole lot better.


After all, violence solves everything.

After 20 minutes of playtime and a ton of bloodshed, I felt my mission was coming to a close. I was confident that I made them understand the idea behind Christmas, the ideals, the spirit and such. So I stood ready with open arms to receive the tokens of their appreciation.

And what did I get as appreciation for my work? (Click an image for larger resolution)

1. Getting stepped on


2. Getting mercilessly killed


3. Insults


4. A Mischievous Santa

S4Client 2012-12-12 13-42-01-20

 With my last hopes and bit of optimistic happiness I dragged myself to the Event Fumbi Shop in the hopes of getting something nice in return for all this suffering I went though. And then I got this:

S4Client 2012-12-12 14-01-18-25

In other words, screw the Christmas spirit, back to flaming.

Until the next time,


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7 Responses to [S4] The Daily Adventures #5: Conveying the Christmas Spirit

  1. TTTank says:

    Welcome back, farm rooms!
    That’s all i need to say.

  2. Mr wizard says:

    I totally expected freestyler, and what did we get, freestyler!

    • .ProtoStyle says:

      Just proves you’re had a good youth with some real music.

      Thanks once more for re-upping the blog btw, making good use of it as you can see.

  3. .MimicKing says:

    Besides dressing up as an eSper santa, this is how my morning went.
    But you failed to include my fabulous guest appearance in the Neden-1 room, going 20-11 as I fail to learn SO.

  4. Tzunami says:

    Music choice was excellent. Sadly, players can just enjoy the joy that you try to bring to the NetSphere. Maybe one of these days there will be some sort of mass… event, where all the bad-mannered players somehow.. disappear, leaving us with joyful and happy Christmas events every winter…

    …but until that day comes, I wish you the best in your journey to spread joy and not get ripped-off by the almighty SantaFumbi.

    • .ProtoStyle says:

      I’ll try my best, sir Tzu.

      Also, a big congratulations on winning this year’s summer event as well. Totally deserved it.

      • Tzunami says:

        Thanks a lot, Proto. Great to see that people enjoyed the song this year as well. Sad to say that third place cheated to victory, but the ETs are taking care of it and it set my mood back in the right place.

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