[AF] Let it Snow, Let it Snow!

Christmas is coming closer. One quick glance at the crowds in the streets and stores are enough to make you realise the “Silent Night” is still far away — but the preparations are undeniably everywhere. Huge Christmas trees with second-hand lighting near your local City / Town hall, decorations in the streets and cozy scenes everywhere — especially on the advertisement flyers. As with everything in the world, Christmas has been commercialized. It must be said however that there’s still plenty of the Christmas spirit left as well. Those of you who are religious will understand the meaning of this image, and there are numerous people who are doing great work by indulging themselves in charity and the like, such as the guys from the Yogscast who have already raised over £131,000 for poor people in third-world countries before Christmas has even begun.

The moral is that everyone celebrates Christmas in his or her own way. Some of us are too busy with trying to pass the ongoing semester exams, but others may already be preparing for the annual visit to grandma’s house. We at the Ardan Frontier are getting ready to celebrate Christmas as well — the Ardan Style. Some updates:

  • Snow Script: It is snowing on the Ardan Frontier! It is without doubt these small pixels will warm your heart — either by the tradition they are associated with, or by the fact they may lag the PCs of some unfortunate visitors, in which case their hearts would be warmed by rage and anger.
  • Christmas Gallery: **Edit** Due to an unstable version and compatibility issues with this version of WordPress the gallery has been removed until further notice.
  • Christmas Special: This year’s Christmas Special on its way, and the first part is scheduled for publication later this week. It will cover Christmas my way and the S4 way, with a section dedicated to the Santa Fumbi Event.The second part will be posted immediately after in the following days, due to time restraint issues. Loyal readers will be in for something very special, so get ready!

While you guys wait for the next entry I would like to share you the following Christmas story. It is a video that was posted to S4DB by Macmaxi, the “Gentleman of S4”, who was among the first to make a notion by deleting all his AP items. Turn up the sound, and listen to this moving tale by said guy. And finally a question: How does -your- Christmas look like this year? Be sure to let us know in the comments.

Until the next time,

— Santa .ProtoStyle
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5 Responses to [AF] Let it Snow, Let it Snow!

  1. .ProtoStyle says:

    So, my Christmas.

    This week I have my semester exams, during Christmas holidays I’ll be studying for the other 2 semester exams that come directly after (lolplanning). At Christmas itself it’s the same as usual: be with family, eat, be cozy ‘n all that. We used to have this tradition of going to grandma on 2nd Christmas day — but after her passing and the passing of my grandpa on the same date one year later that ended. I’m not the kind of guy to quietly sit / enjoy Christmas. I do the same old stuff: play games, eat, sleep, enjoy the snow. Oh and, be sending some Christmas cards / wishes to the people to whom they are due to prevent Social Hermit reputation .. but that’ll be about it.

    Concerning the gallery, feedback is welcome. I have fiddled around with the settings a bit but it could be better. The widget is called “NextGENGallery”, and its my first day using it so .. bear with me. Site load issues are also welcome to be reported.

  2. TTTank says:

    Yaaay. Christmas is near!

    Sadly for me and my big bro, it’s like serving jail time (or whatever it is called) in our house. Because our parents are strict muslims and really afraid of us turning into faithless ‘things’. Also we’re not allowed to talk about foreign people and how they spend their time (near them). Just WTF? O_o

    -Snow effect is nice. Adds a classic Christmas theme to blog.

    -Azit and Azit-EX photos are good. But what about Bladecity and OldMoon?

    -Can’t wait for it.

    • .ProtoStyle says:

      At such moments we can be glad we have the internet =p

      – We have not received any submissions for Blade City / Old Moon yet, and I am too busy to take them myself. But if people do submit a few of those, I will definitely put them up.

    • MasterBRA says:

      i was going to upload a lot of screenshots on Luna-2 and oldmoon to help Proto, but unfortunately i messed up with them :(

  3. .ProtoStyle says:

    Entry has been updated with a small note regarding the removal of the Gallery.

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