[S4] Chillin’ Christmas Special [Part 1] : The Snow Sphere

The other day my friend and classmate asked me what was more important: my semester exams, which will determine my future, or my Xmas special blog entry, which will determine whether my readers will have 10 minutes of boredom less in their day. I replied to her by saying that was an obvious choice: and here I am.

Just kidding, I actually did finish this week’s exams first. We men have our own version of the 10 Commandments, one of them being “Thou shalt not incur a lady’s wrath”. So, it is with my good conscience (and hopefully her permission) that I am bringing y’all the first part of this year’s Christmas Special!

Incoming after the break: 1x Christmas in S4, 1x Santa Fumbi Event & 1x The .ProtoStyle way of celebrating Christmas. Grab some milk and cookies — you are in for a long ride on the sled.


The Snow Sphere: Christmas in S4 League

When I logged in this week there was another notice that caught my attention. “Due to the recent heavy snowfall several maps and hackers alike have been buried under the snow. Since the term Hackmania Sphere no longer applies, the NetSphere is henceforth known as the Snow Sphere.

ss (2012-12-18)

If you look long enough (>7 secs), you will see snow falling!

First a quick walk down the memory lane. The first S4 Christmas event was in 2008, where users could obtain pieces of the so-called ‘Santa Boy / Girl’ set [1, 2] from the Fumbi shop. Looks familiar? It should, if you have logged in at any time after the 12th. The first S4 Christmas I experienced was in 2010, where all players got a perm Santa Hat and also could obtain Christmas Capsules [3] by simply going around and killing stuff. The 2010 Christmas was also known for the “worst hacker outbreak ever” period until another hacking fest took over this title recently.

The next Christmas to go down in the books was the infamous 2011 ‘Wild’ Christmas, which saw the removal of the old Coupon shop and introduced the notorious ‘Spend-80k-for-perm.skill’ event, in addition to the rigged coin flip event where the chance to get to the 5th stage (5x Costume Caps) turned out to be 0,0%. Despite all this, there was still joy to be had gained by logging in every day which made your final reward accumulate up until 15x PEN Capsules, and also a rotation event.


And thus we arrive at this year’s Christmas. We have S4DB on the job by providing redeemable goodies every day. On the GameOn side, we have the December patch which can be divided up into two parts: AP, with new costumes / weapons / pets, and PEN, with Christmas decorations on several maps and Santa Fumbi paying us a visit. I suggest enjoying this period the best you can, seeing as the weather forecast for the scheduled end of the world in a few days is anything but promising.


Santa Fumbi

291407_404022743006925_16158386_oSince a few days there is a certain creature with a Xmas Hat and beard walking around suspiciously in S4. He looks kind of familiar for some reason. Accordingly to the site description this Santa Fumbi is “handing out presents. But only the good kids – those who play S4 League fair and square – will receive goodies such as PEN, accessories, pets, costumes or other helpful stuff.” What they did forget to mention is that this Santa Fumbi also possesses some amazing ninja skills, as he sometimes does not show up at all for the the daily login. Furthermore, reports of players suddenly having less Santas or getting a different number than the game says makes one wonder if he secretly tiptoed out of your inventory back to the North pole.

Starting off, we can assume that the event will be up for the whole month of December. Santa Fumbis can be collected by:

  • Logging in daily (Bugged)
  • Finishing weekly missions
  • Playing matches with at least 4 players (2vs2) and with a minimum of 5 minutes per match (all game modes except Mission Arcade, Scenario Arcade, Practice and Tutorial). There’s a 50% Chance to get a Santa Fumbi after every such match
  • Also, after every match, one Santa Fumbi will additionally be given out to one random team (regardless of the match result)

So what does one do with them? You go to the ‘Event’ in any channel screen and select any of the six presents. The moment you click the button it is already pre-determined what you will get; the other presents that will open themselves to you first are merely decorative images, but not actual items. In this way it works similar to the Fumbi / Random Shop, where the item is already pre-determined and the rest is just generated graphics for show.

S4Client 2012-12-12 13-10-06-59

As for the rewards, thanks to some of my friends giving an additional, new meaning to the term ‘farmed pro’ I was able compose a list of all possible rewards.

You basically get a present from one of the three categories below. In other words, for a perm. premium costume you need to be lucky 3 times: 1. Get the Capsule Category » 2. Get the Sweet Bear Capsules » 3. Get the permanent set. Make your own conclusion on whether it is worth your time or not:

Capsules (Rare):

Sweet Bear SET Capsule x5
Husky Pet Capsule x5 (Bugged *)
Santa Male / Girl SET (1 day **)

Pets / Accessories (Common)

Husky Pet | Sp+7 (1 day)
2010 Christmas Pet | Sp+7 (1 day)
Smart Snow Man Mask | Sp+7 (1 day)

Consumables (Common):

Nickname Change (1 day)
100 PEN
Exp +30% (10 hours)

* = Due to a bug the Husky Capsules will not be delivered to your inventory. Take a screenshot and submit a Ticket to most likely get them during the next fix.
** = Despite some rumours, the Santa Boy/Girl SET capsules can NOT be obtained in permanent equivalent. Images depicting this set as perm are photoshopped or bugged.

Finally some tips. The fastest way to gaining Santa Fumbis is doing 2v2 5-minute (150P) Siege matches, but there is a catch to this. If the game is finished at any moment sooner than 5 minutes there will be no Santa Fumbis. If you want to play it safe, join a room with a limit of at least 10 minutes. As for the rewards, you can try turbokid’s approach as he got a perm: At every roll, makes notes of what item appears where. See if you can discover a pattern, ie. what item appears most frequently in what package. You might just get lucky.

Christmas: The .ProtoStyle Way

As both a personal touch to the entry and a means to relax, here is how I see Christmas. As you may remember from a certain coverage earlier this year, celebrating Christmas is something you can leave to me. Or so I thought. After getting some weird looks (o_O;;) from my own sister when I mentioned that songs such as Santa Hates the Poor Kids help me get in the Christmas mood I decided to change my ways for this year.

For one, I have been a good boy and swapped said Christmas song for a rap battle between Santa Claus and Moses. Next to that, I have been listening to Xmas Songs from other cultures, such as India. Still feeling something was missing, I decided to expand my knowledge of Christmas. Thanks to Japan, as well as the story of “Santa of Claws: The Ape Deity” and finally GameOn with a whole years worth of AP events jammed into one month I now have a permanently ruined view of Christmas. Looks like this year’s Christmas will also consist of Hardstyle Xmas Mixes , Old Moon and playing Neoniac with friends who have to use a crate as table.


Aaaaand that’s it for the first part of this year’s Christmas special! Part 2 will come in a few days. I will tell you guys now that we will NOT post a link to it on the S4 board due to it being a special bonus for our loyal readers, so come check us out every day if you want a piece of it ;) Meanwhile I hope you guys enjoyed this entry as much as I enjoyed spending 5~6 hours on collecting the images and writing it. Please comment or leave a donation as a token of your appreciation. See you!

Until the next time,


Special Mentions:

MasterBRA & Hasi for providing a great deal of Christmas screenshots. [1]
Clan Estilo Puro (EP) for allowing me to use some of their screenshots. [1]
Harpya for pointing out the 2008 Christmas Sets. [1]
Caim. for being a great farmer and guinea pig for me to collecting the reward data. [1]

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5 Responses to [S4] Chillin’ Christmas Special [Part 1] : The Snow Sphere

  1. KillahBunneh says:

    I love the hardstyle mix :I Lots of good songs in there

  2. Lumin says:

    So, is it ok to say “gloomy christmas”?

  3. the_dead_one says:

    Some forget about this: “Thou shalt not incur a lady’s wrath”. You’ve just earned even more respect.

  4. .ProtoStyle says:

    @Lumin: I wouldn’t say that — it’s a great Christmas as long as you don’t login to S4. Just kidding, if you play a few matches with friends it’s not bad.
    @the_dead_one: Good for the respect, bad for the wallet ;) Having to step up your game by being a gent and offering to pay for and offering FREE lunches and such =p

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