[S4] Chillin’ Christmas Special [Part 2] : Assault on Old Moon

Show me your Holiday spirit, eSpers! [1] Jokes aside, we are back to bring you the final part of this year’s Christmas coverage. Will it have been worth the wait? I’d say so! Get your guns blazing on this cold winter day — you are in for a special Christmas treat. We have teamed up with the guys from ProSiebenSat.1 Games to organize a joint raid on Santa’s stronghold at Old Moon. Feeling gutsy? Then hop on our special Christmas-themed Ardan Assault Sled v1 and come snatch yourself a few additional Christmas presents! Yeeeee-haaaw!

Ladies and gentlemen, welcome to the Ardan Frontier’s First (mini) Tournament!

This factory is still peaceful -- but not for long! The Ardan Frontier owns the place now!

This factory is still peaceful — but not for long! The Ardan Frontier owns the place now!

The weapons are in place, the preparations are complete: On [Friday 28 December], at [1800h (GMT+1)], our strike teams and their Assault Sleds will arrive at Old Moon to say our final goodbyes to this year’s Christmas. Hang on a sec, we are getting some news from our spies . . What?! Santa has somehow heard of our attack plans and has begun hiding the presents in preparation to flee the NetSphere! Not good! Our two teams will need to compete for victory over the few presents that remain, the winning team being the one that wins both of them. If the score is 1 – 1 after the two matches we will have a third match as tie breaker.

A few rules / limitations have been called into existence in order to promote fun and interesting gameplay. The gear of our participants will be briefly inspected prior the match start to ensure you don’t smuggle extra weapons with you which would overload the assault sled’s cargo capacity!

Finally, as this event is a bonus to our loyal readers we have kept it secret as promised. Use this chance to sign up now!


Match Info: [Finished]
  • Date: Fri. 28 December 2012
  • Time
    – For Europeans: 18:00h (GMT+1 // Europe | Default alaplaya time)
    – For Americans: 10:00h (GMT-6 // America | CST)
  • Mode: Captain
  • Map: Old Moon
  • Teams: 5 vs 5
  • Target: 5P (9 Rounds max.)

Allowed Stats: PEN – Fumbi
Banned: AP-stat clothes *

Allowed Stats: All. (Pen – Fumbi – Rental AP – Forcepack)
Banned: Smash Rifle
Special Rule: One Healing Weapon / Team **

Allowed: All.
Special Rule: Each team can only have one of the same skill. ***

[Pets & Accessories]
Allowed: All.

* = AP-stats: Top – 12% | Pants – 14% | Hair 15% | Gloves / Boots HP+8.
** = Healing Weapons: Mind Energy / Rescue Gun.
*** = Cannot have eg. 2x metallic, 2x HP+30, 2x Bind etc. on the same team.


  • All members of the winning team will have seized one of the few remaining presents containing 5,000 AP each, generously provided by ProSiebenSat.1 Games!
  • Didn’t get lucky? Don’t worry! While our teams were busy fighting our writers launched a surprise attack on Santa’s command center, and although we did not succeed in breaching his defences we did manage to secure 3x Snow Owl Pet Capsules for all members of the losing team!




  • -WnR.Revo (P)
  • Luksaman (S)
  • iSupremeAngel (P)
  • Monokuroomu (P)
  • Tracion (S)


  • MasterBRA (P)
  • rammonaruto (S)
  • mcmammoth (P)
  • -WnR.Batman (Substitute) (S4)
  • Revient (Substitute) (P) (1 round)
  • .Mimicking (S) (Absent)
Signing Up:
  • Simply post a comment to this entry (just scroll to the bottom of it!) with your in-game name & email.
    Be sure to provide a working / accessible email address!
  • In the comment itself please include your exact in-game name (adding ie. any special characters you couldn’t enter in the ‘Name’ field) and state your Rank (eg. Rookie, Pro, etc.)

Click for full-resolution.

  • If you have a Change Username item in effect, provide both your default and new name.
  • It is essential to provide a working / accessible email address as we will send you the room details & password on it.
  • The first 10 readers who signed up will be randomly assigned to either of the teams. Any further sign-ups will serve as substitutes / reserves.



Got any questions about the timezone or anything else that is unclear? Ask us in the comments below and we will reply back as soon as possible.

Good luck fellas, be sure start the new year with a BANG and show Santa how WE celebrate Christmas — S4 style!


ProSiebenSat.1 Games & the ET for sponsoring & supporting me in creating this event.
Kixtea for creating the amazing Tournament Banner.

Alright, think that’s it.

Until the next time,

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27 Responses to [S4] Chillin’ Christmas Special [Part 2] : Assault on Old Moon

  1. Tzunami says:

    Pretty good tourney you’ve got setup here, Proto. It’s on my favorite map too. I might sign up if the slots aren’t taken and I’m not busy, otherwise, here’s to a good turnout.

  2. -WnR.Revo says:

    Rank: Pro

  3. MadRaven says:

    Hey, good luck! If you need any help with this, let me know

  4. MasterBRA says:

    IGN: MasterBRA
    Rank: Pro

    i hope everyone have fun on that awesome event ;)

  5. Shiki says:

    Good luck to all participators. We’ll be watching you.

  6. Luk says:

    IGN: Luksaman
    Rank: Semi-pro

  7. .ProtoStyle says:

    First post updated with all users who signed up so far. If you see your name up there it means your participation is officially confirmed! You are on one of the two Assault Sleds that will be raiding Santa’s factory in a few days.

    @Sir Tzu: Thanks, hoping to see you at the tournament and if not, to a good outcome indeed.
    @MadRaven: I think we have everything covered, but your support already helps us nontheless. So, thanks!

  8. BOOMDAMAGER says:

    Rank: Pro

  9. iSupremeAngel says:

    IGN: iSupremeAngel
    Rank: Pro

  10. rammonaruto says:

    IGN: rammonaruto
    rank : semi pro

  11. .ProtoStyle says:

    Updated~ Four spots left.

    I seriously wonder why only 6 people out of the 117 that read this entry signed up so far. I was expecting all 10 spots to be gone within 2 hours instead of 2 days.

    Just for clarification, once more, anyone and everyone can sign up. Will be fun.

  12. Shin says:

    Haha, I’ll sign up!

    IGN: Monokuroomu
    Rank: Pro 60

  13. .MimicKing says:

    Ehh might as well, I’ll have the free time for it.

    IGN: .MimicKing
    Rank : Semi- Pro

  14. Caduceon says:

    IGN: Tracion; current name is Caduceon, name changer will expire 6 hours from now.
    Rank: Semi-Pro

  15. mcmammoth says:

    IGN: mcmammoth
    Rank: Pro

  16. .ProtoStyle says:

    Teams are full, email with room details will be sent in the upcoming week. Good luck folks, and be sure to have fun!

  17. Schwarzy says:


  18. -WnR,Batman says:

    Hey if it’s not too late sign me up for team 2 please, in case someone else can’t make it from team 2.

  19. NiuWang says:

    omg, is someone going to record?
    I could host it live on LiveStream or Twitch

  20. iSupremeAngel says:

    I got a question.
    At wich server and channel will it be hold?

    • .ProtoStyle says:


      As stated in the entry and a few comments above you will receive an email with the server / channel / room details soon :)

      As things are looking now it will most likely be English (Europe) 2

  21. .ProtoStyle says:

    Email with room details has been sent.

    Any further changes will be updated into the entry above, so keep an eye open. For any further questions you can drop a comment here and we’ll get back to you.

  22. -WnR.Revo says:

    that random elrey just wants to beat me cuz i troll him all the time, what a baddie

  23. .ProtoStyle says:

    Event is finished, congratulations to the winning team (Alpha). Link to the match footage is coming with the next entry.

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