[AF/S4] Merry Christmas & A Happy New Year

December has been a pretty busy month in many ways. There’s been real life, in which December is the period of the ever-lovely semester exams. Uni has also contributed to my holidays by promising to announce the grades after these two weeks of joy are finished; announcing them now would probably ruin the whole cozy mood for quite a few of us, said the statement.

Next to that there’s been the blog, where we hauled in an astonishing 2,000+ visits in this month alone, making December the most-active month of the entire year. Of course, a large portion of the credits is due to the entry preceding this one; our first (mini) tournament has already established itself in our Top 3 of most viewed entries, and if that is any sort of indication we are sure that the actual match this upcoming Friday will be great as well. It will be recorded by Monokuroomu, and maybe we can get an S4 commentator or two on the job to spice things up.

As things are finally coming to a close and it is Christmas for me as well, I want to wish all our readers a Merry Christmas & A Happy New Year. Hope each one of you had a great 2012 and will have an even greater 2013, which should be the case as we are now living in a period of time that shouldn’t officially have existed. Thankfully, the world didn’t end, the rise of the great CTHULHU was quelled, and thus we happily move on with our lives.

Although the site will take short break, we will be back in January 2013. The third eSper Special is on its way, and before I part with you guys I will tell you that two S4-related bonuses are awaiting you after the (more . .) — consider them your Christmas present. See you next year!

– .ProtoStyle

2012 eSper Special

2012 was the year in which we met and interviewed Tzunami and MeepDesu, two talented eSpers from the S4 Community. It is with pride that I list their outstanding projects one more time:

  • [S4 UST] Escape the World – [Listen | Download .mp3]
    A great beat that won the 2011 Summer Event. Through its tunes, it tells the story of the Netsphere during the time of the Iron Eyes, and of the “Factory in the Sky” .. Skyline. This piece would definitely make a great alternative to the usual Siege theme.
  • [S4 UST] Fate of NetSphere – [Listen | Download .mp3]
    Winner of the 2012 Summer Event. S4 is a game that has gone through a lot, and at times we wonder where it’s headed. This song does an amazing job at capturing the feelings expressed during those times and lives up to the title: the Fate of the NetSphere. Would make for a great lobby theme alternative.
  • [Art] S4 Madness – [View / Download]
    MeepDesu’s Christmas artwork was arguably her greatest gift to the S4 Community yet. It included quite a few of the NetSphere’s known faces, and can best be described as our “Happy, dysfunctional family”. No matter the trolling, flaming, elitism or other issues we often see: We are all still the S4 Community.

[S4] New Skills

Some time ago news surfaced on the forum that there were 4 new skills were found in the client. Although they are still shrouded in mystery, we do have news about 2 of them.

One of the new skills is called SP Burn. Although it is still under development, the initial footage shows a close-range skill that can be repeatadly activated and drains 25 SP from enemies that are caught in the effect radius. Looks like Station-2 is going to require a bit less hero rushing and a bit more teamwork. I will not provide a link, but I will tell you that Youtube is your best friend.

For the second skill, you may remember that in one of our earlier entries this month [1] I mentioned witnessing a previously unseen skill, along with the following description:

It looked rather flashy, explosive almost — it reminded me of Bind but it looked like 4 circles of fire circling around you and other nearby players, which then suddenly closed in on us. It somehow seemed to amplify the damage I received from the player using it.

At long last, I was able to take a screenshot of said skill in action.


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4 Responses to [AF/S4] Merry Christmas & A Happy New Year

  1. Tzunami says:

    A Merry Christmas/Happy Holidays to you and the other members of the Ardan Frontier, as well as the blog frequenters. It does seem like it’s been a very busy month indeed, probably even a very busy year with the many ups and downs of S4. Even though we run into more problems with the game compared to good things, we still play and enjoy what we can before there’s too much of a drastic change. All in all, it’s a game we can’t really leave behind, but at the same time can’t stand on a daily basis.

    Here’s to another strange and (hopefully) eventful year!

  2. Caduceon says:

    Damage amplification sounds fun, I wonder if it is an area effect

  3. NiuWang says:

    Sp Burn looking like fire magic? Amg.

  4. says :mhmed says:

    Damage amplification sounds fun, I wonder if it is an area effect

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