[AF] 10K Views & [S4] OldMoon Assault: Winners & Videos

The noise coming from fireworks being set off outside make me think the Citizen’s Revolution has started at long last — so this may very well be my last entry. Despite the risk and my previous claim that there would be no more entries this year, there are two important matters that made me scrap this decision for the time being.


Just before New Year’s Eve and two months before the site’s anniversary we have hit THE milestone that I never would have deemed possible. Thanks to our readers and visitors, as well as the Assault on OldMoon entry which pushed us forward with almost 400 hits, we now have officially hit 10,000 views on the blog! With this I believe the time has come to step up our game: recruiting new writers, organize more tournaments, more eSper Specials and whatnot is scheduled for 2013.

OldMoon Assault: Winners & Videos

Our first tournament was a great success! Our teams kept on going at it for 1.5 hours, resulting in some amazing gameplay footage which, thanks to Monokuroomu & BOOMDAMAGER, we now have available to share with y’all. A big congratulations to Team Alpha for the win; but also kudos to Team Beta for putting up an amazing fight. Watch in 480p or above! Without further due:

First Match – (Beta PoV)

The other videos are after the break (More .. )

Match summary & Epic Moments at this page: [1]

Second Match – (Beta PoV) – RECOMMENDED

Third Match [1/2] – (Alpha PoV)

Third Match [2/2] – (Alpha PoV)

Until the next time,

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2 Responses to [AF] 10K Views & [S4] OldMoon Assault: Winners & Videos

  1. the_dead_one says:

    On the second match at 0:26 BOOMDAMAGER was like “HIT DAMMIT!!!” XD

  2. -WnR.Batman says:

    Pretty fun matches., thnx for this event Proto and grats to the winners.

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