Introduction: “Wait for me”

I would like to formally introduce myself if you are willing to lend me your ear. My name is Sean, but I go by Pillows in S4. You may refer to me whichever you like. I don’t mind. I guess I’ll go ahead talk about myself and my experience with S4.

There isn’t anything glamorous about Sean. I’m just your average cup of tea who has a passion for gaming. Gaming is my escape from reality. I’m quite exceptional in this virtual reality, but I would never consider myself hardcore. A good friend of mine introduced me to S4, and I was immediately hooked. Along the way, I’ve made wonderful friends, a fantastic clan, and everything in S4 was just perfect at the time. Soon, some melancholic events crept on my back. The clan I was associated with migrated to another MMO. Almost half of them left  at first. Gradually, they all migrated one by one. S4 became lonely. I packed up and left. Granted, I’d play time and time again, with a 6-month hiatus in between. Present day S4, and things are much different. Old friends who stuck around are now Pros and S4s. Unfortunately, I cannot call them friends any longer. Whenever I would come across a familiar face, they talk to me in moon speak, as if they are in a different league than I am, and anyone else below is just a waste of their time. It seems I have expectations as well. Yesterday, I joined a Station-1 Touchdown match. A player acknowledged my arrival and said, “Oh darn! Now, Pillows is here! Oh wait! It’s a low level Pillows.” I paid no mind to it and went along with the match. Later on, I scored a crucial touchdown that tied the Alpha and Beta and the same player said, “Oh, look what the low level Pillows can do!” It was clear then that they referred to a superior player who had went by same or similar name as I did. I took a real hard look at myself and I told myself I can be just as good. I strive to be a great S4 player, and strive even further to enjoy what S4 has offer.

And that’s it. My name is Sean/Pillows. I’ve been playing S4 since Patch 2. I’m currently a Semi-Pro who is playing catch up with everyone else. Wait for me.

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4 Responses to Introduction: “Wait for me”

  1. .ProtoStyle says:

    If you take a look at S4DB you will notice that there quite a lot of high ranked players with “Pillow” in their name .. heck, it may even be a clan. Even if so, you are your own identity so pay no heed to what others say (which you didn’t).

    Welcome aboard the team, and looking forward to your entries.

  2. Ramen says:

    Great introduction you did there , i know the feeling of being a low level for a long time , anyway i’m looking forward to your topics :3

  3. Pillows says:

    Thanks for the warm welcome!

  4. Mr wizard says:

    Welcome Mr Sean Pillows XXVII the fourth. Nice introduction!

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