Introduction: “Another Introduction.”

(By the amazing meepdesu)

Y Helo Thar.

I’m Karst-, and I’ll be helping out AF for a while! I suppose introductions are in order, so I thought I’d write a little bit about my S4 origins before I start doing anything Srs Bsns. If anyone’s curious, I’ll be focusing on writing Spot-On! articles around here, and some other things too of course, but mainly I’ll be crushing dreams of grandeur and making really bad weapons sound really good…

…Derp. Anyway, I came to S4 back in the good old days (but not the best days; I actually found the game when it was in Beta but decided against playing it, thinking it was just another shooter, how wrong I was) of Season 1, when there was a lobby and a real Fumbi system and everything. I suppose if you rated me from a casual to a hardcore player I’d be somewhere in the middle, after all, I’ve put enough frantic buttonmashing and raised voices into it to be mistaken for a really competitive player, if only I’d put enough hours into it too. But unfortunately, S4 never made it passed ‘fun-tier’ and into ‘E-Sports tier’ like it really should have. I mean, LoL is fun and all, but come on. Slooooow.
Anyway! I’m sure some people have seen me on the S4 forums, or in game, and maybe even had a chat (or an argument) with me. To anyone like that, I say hello! And to everyone else, I say the same thing, just.. Less enthusiastically.

I’m looking forward to posting some random S4-Related nonsense in my free time.

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4 Responses to Introduction: “Another Introduction.”

  1. .ProtoStyle says:

    Welcome aboard Karst-, and I must say — you’re already off to a great start. Perfect introduction, 5/5. Looking forward to your entries!

    “Spot-On!” is a concept that Koko created in the time he was still writing for our blog. The idea was to run each weapon through a serious / humoristic coverage and give rise to a healthy discussion, but unfortunately he retired from his position before the column got off the ground.

    Your entries for “Spot-On!” will bring life to it and decide what direction it will steer in — and with your expertise on S4’s weapons I am 100% confident I got the right guy on the right job.

    “crushing dreams of grandeur and making really bad weapons sound really good…” -> This sounds promising.

    Fun fact: Meepsy has been roaming around the blog after I covered her in eSper Special. She now is our official mascot, so chances are you’ll run into her here xD

    Good luck!

  2. Turquoise.Dragon says:

    Nice introduction, I have a little question for you: Does your name come by any chance from the Golden Sun series or it is just a coincidence? I’m curious .-.

    • Karst- says:

      Comes from the Golden Sun series, I like those games. Though I chose Karst because I like the villains and she had the best sounding name out of the group.

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