Introduction: “Whats Left To Do?”

Well, well… look what the cat dragged in. I go by the name of Tzunami. S4 Veteran, musician, artist, and now, a writer. I expect to be in a split demographic: some people would know me from my days playing S4, more would know me from my first place wins in the S4 Summer Event and my interview here at the Ardan Frontier, and some wouldn’t know me at all. Instead of trying to cover every aspect at once, I’ll focus on what brings everyone to this site: S4 League.

Let us take a moment and reflect on days past, where a simple gamer found himself a recently released Free-to-Play MMO. The install went off without a hitch, registration was flawless, everything was going smoothly. He logs in and finds himself amazed at the unique qualities of this MMO. Blending third-person action with fancy tricks and fast-paced gameplay was nothing more but a dream for a PC gamer.

Can we skip the dramatic story?

Anyways, I joined on the eve of launch and quit shortly after the infamous Patch 10 (for more reasons than the obvious). Eventually I came back to the game shortly before Halloween 2010 and decided to bring myself back to this game. I continued playing as the “downfall” began, deciding to retire the second I hit pro rank (which we know is impossible in this game, it has a hold on us). I was an anti-social and casual player, always quiet but drawing attention to myself, eventually becoming very social and well-known around the NetSphere.

Keep it going…

Looking forward to the present day, I log on every now and then when I’m not too busy and pass the time with friends, or whoever I manage to find online. I’ll be able to cover various aspects of the game on this blog, most likely the Spot-On and NetSphere Daily categories, but I’ll also be found in the Writer’s Corner as I share a little bit more of my life outside of S4. Each of my posts will probably have some small quirk in them, just to keep ideas fresh and express how I’m feeling at the time.

With that said, I now have creative access to three forms of expression…

Whats left to do?

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2 Responses to Introduction: “Whats Left To Do?”

  1. .ProtoStyle says:

    It’s good to see how you, after your eSper Special interview, decided to stick around and eventually ended up becoming a writer yourself. Since you have a background with music and other creativity, I am curious about your entries — time will tell.

    Welcome aboard, 5/5 for a great intro & you’re off to a good start!

  2. Tzunami says:

    Thanks a lot, Proto. Taking a step into writing is sure to bring out more creative inspiration from me, guiding that into other art forms. As well, S4 is one of the few games where there’s always something to write about, whether good or bad, giving me more topics to write about.

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