What kind of game is S4 for you?

It has been a VERY long time since I have written anything here (or anything related to S4 for that matter) but who would have thought that I would get an idea about what to write after I quit the game?

After playing this game for 3+ years (might be 4), I have finally moved on from the game and found passion for a new game due to my brother and friends. I absolutely enjoy this new game and I’m still playing it but I don’t quite regret looking back and think “Gosh, I feel like S4 was such a waste of time. Why didn’t I play this game from the start?”

S4 was, despite all the rage and the QQ and the people from retardia, was still an enjoyable game for me. I’m an oldie and I’m guilty of being one of those people who loved the past more than the present but I still played the game through all the teeth-grinding patches and players because I found the game fun. I don’t think I ever played the same game for such a long time before S4 and I still have a good few years to beat the record of playing the same game for 4 years straight. But I won’t be going back to S4. I had my fun destroying and getting destroyed by people while meeting other pleasant humans to talk to.

But that’s enough about me. What about you?
What kind of game is this to you? Is this your ‘main’ game you play everyday and love (or hate)? Do you go on it from time to time for friends or do you just lurk around the forum? This game might just be a shadow in your past for some maybe you just want to forget it entirely. I’m sure some have tried to quit playing this game but the number of people succeeding to do so is what I’m more curious about. And of course, your answer my dear reader.

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5 Responses to What kind of game is S4 for you?

  1. Asteroids, says:

    This game for me.. It’s like a boomerang, it comes back to you. I played it when it was in OB, but stopped untill last year’s summer, and I have to say, I was surprised about the changes.

    One of the things I still miss the most is the old tutorial system, it was one of my favourite things in S4. ;__;

    What also changed is the community and it’s catchphrase ‘Less QQ, more Pewpew!'(Which was replaced with a7a i fak ur madr hhhhhhhhhhhh).. All in all, this game to me is a resort where I can enjoy being who I am and enjoy being what I want to be.

    And now, with the new season, S4 is just fading away even more.. Hell, I might play LoL fulltime now, seeing that I’m really getting into that, although, I can’t play for more than 3 games without wanting to go back to S4 or a different game.

    But I don’t plan on quitting for now, still have to get my magnificent fake poro rank. Lololol

  2. Pillows says:

    Asteroids got it pretty spot-on. The games does feel like a boomerang. You throw it away thinking it’s over, but it comes back!

    Personally, the community is what keeps me around, despite how much our attitude has changed and developed. You have your best friend, your clan mates, the elitists, the cleverbots, the bee’s knees, the chimis, and the changas. The best part of these stereotypes is that they all talk. And it’s the chit-chat and the pitter-patter of everyone that keeps me entertained, regardless of how much I wanted to pull away from the clutches of S4.

  3. .ProtoStyle says:

    These days it’s “that” casual game that I enjoy playing a bit from time to time. 2 matches a week or so. Its also the game I like to write about and do a tourney or two for, in an attempt to bring back the good times.

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