Spot-On! : Sigma Blade


Check out my review of S4’s ‘Rage’iest weapon. Whether it be in a pitched battle of Swords-Only Touchdown or just an Unlimited spray-fest, the Sigma Blade is… Surprisingly Good! If you’re smart.

So… This Sword is awful, right? I mean, every one of its attacks (bar the “Tickle Explosion” aka Awakening) are blocked by the most commonly used melee in the game: Counter-Sword. One guy in Revenge spoils your whole AoE Bankai Rage of Doom. So how do you get around that? Well, you could always outsmart your opponent. Being smarter works well with every weapon in the game, of course, but the Sigma Blade actually has some very neat tricks that can catch your CS-Hugging opponents off guard.

First off, let’s look at the weapon’s Unawakened abilities. They’re a lot stronger than they look!

  • Unawakened Light Slash, Plus Roundhouse-Kick to the Face! – It’s pretty great for a quick knockback, but it does stop you for a moment while you’re doing it. It can Wallslam, which is a great way to combo into your awakened moves, and can be used in some elaborate combos, which I’ll go over later!
  • Unawakened Aerial Trollpoke! – I feel like a really annoying mosquito when I’m doing this. A mosquito with rabies. Basically, think of it as Dagger Slash spam, but with flinch! Dagger slashes only interrupt attacks, but the Sigma Blade air actually causes the target to ‘stumble’, forcing them to recover or even accidentally waste 90 SP by dodging out of the flinch! You can do two of these every jump if you time it right, meaning you can keep someone with the Fumbi permalocked. If you do it fast enough, it will hit before CS revenge comes up, like dagger does, and it can combo into the ground attacks and awakened attacks too!
    (And try this on for size: Equip a Dagger in another slot, and after using one or two aerial flinches, instantly swap to your dagger the second you land and stab! Your opponent will probably still be flinched and get totally shanked.)
  • Awakening Tickle Explosion! – Pretty self explanatory, this one. You can use it to Wallslam opponents, you can use it to knockback and interrupt a whole enemy team, and break CS revenge for the rest of your combo. There are also some very interesting methods for using this when thinking out of the box. But keep in mind, once you use it, you can’t switch out of Sigma Blade and your SP will quickly drain!
  • Awakened Bankai Combo! – Left click Left click Left click! Each one of these attacks will knock your enemy over and move you forward with them, making it easy to link them together as long as they don’t counter with Revenge! Unfortunately, the third attack in the chain has quite a long delay, and a short range. The area, though, is 360 degrees. Keep in mind using this does take some skill! You need to connect with all of your attacks with Sigma Blade, or else your opponent will get out of stun and use Revenge, meaning you die!
  • Awakened Heavy, Front Flip for Style! – A really powerful move, and it looks epic too. It hits several times, with the final hit in the chain dealing the most damage. That means you can do some neat things with it. Unlike Plasma Sword Dash, you do not stop when you glance an opponent, and you have complete control over motion. So you can actually launch yourself around a CS Revenge to hit them in the back with your most powerful strike, and follow up with the knockback. Remember, you can also use the heavy to disengage, and if you don’t use the final ‘Uppercut’ slash, you can move away significantly sooner.
  • And Finally, Combos! – A A B Y X X Quarter-Circle-Back Left Bumper Left Bumper! Sigma is one of the few weapons with some great combos, the other being its Arch Nemesis, Counter-Sword. One of the simplest and most effective is starting off with Awakening and going right into two Combo Attacks, right into a Heavy. This cuts out the slower, stationary and shorter-range “360 Slash”, and keeps you mobile while you spam, very important in SO! Another one is using the aerial flinch while awakened to open your opponent up for your Bankai. And finally, we have some more advanced combos using the Awakening itself: Use unawakened aerials first, then two lights, and awaken right after your roundhouse-kick, hitting them in mid air. This can actually kill many people in one go! Deceptively powerful. And finally, one of the hardest to pull off: Time your awakened combo to run your SP dry just as you use the heavy attack. After your front flip ends, your attack will cancel and you can go right into the light slashes and awakening. Deadly damage!

So what does all this nonsense mean? It means the Sigma Blade is not all about mindless spam.

The most important thing to know when using Sigma Blade is when and where to commit. If you’ve ever played a game like League of Legends or Starcraft, think of Awakening as equivalent to Diving a Tower, or trying an ‘All-In’. Only do it when you KNOW it will at work! That means you wont be using awakening as much as you might want to. Good thing Sigma’s Unawakened attacks are still extremely useful! Don’t be afraid to use your Awakening Tickle Explosion to knock people around and off cliffs, too. You can interrupt CS attacks with it. You know that feeling when you see a giant fist in mid-air, aimed at your face? BANKAAAAAAAIIII!!

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3 Responses to Spot-On! : Sigma Blade

  1. Pillows says:

    Great article! More than enough to give this weapon a try.

  2. .ProtoStyle says:

    I have sometimes used Sigma Blade in pub matches. Funny how “Oh look, a Sigma. That´s cute / troll” comments revert back to “Noob Sigma / Spammer!” when you actually get a few kills with them.

    But I will admit, I am the type to just Awaken, dive in and spam ’till I die.

  3. OroxGamer says:

    Can’t wait to see “Spot-On! – Mind Shock!”

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