Spot-On! : Wonderland


Wonderland is a brand new Touchdown map that was recently introduced in Season 5 of S4 League. Wonderland is obviously the twisted world little Alice explores when she stumbles into the rabbit hole. I’m going to assume you have already read Alice in Wonderland (if you have not, shame on you!), so moving on!

Aesthetically, Wonderland is very pleasing to the eye. The map clearly draws from the visual elements of the novel, and it is safe to say the map is also influenced from Disney’s adaptation as well. It’s elegant, yet wacky. It’s sophisticated, yet playful. It’s ravishing, yet it does not take itself seriously, and that brings me to my next point…


Decisions, decisions…

…And that’s the gameplay. This is a Touchdown map you should NOT take seriously. People are already labeling Wonderland as “Rusty Garden v.2” and we all know how great of a Touchdown map Rusty Garden is. The map is small, and that already writes off a majority of the Touchdown crowd. Upon leaving spawn, you have the option to take a right past the gate and rush for the Fumbi, or take a left for the speed panel to get to an area that is somewhat disconnected from the rest of the map by a tiny gap.



If you plan on retrieving the Fumbi, there are three paths you can take to reach the goal: from the left, through the middle, or from the right. Going through the middle is the fastest way to the goal, but tread with caution, as the walkway can be destroyed, thus dropping you below. Taking the left or right path is just a matter of dodging and support. If you manage to defend your base, you have the option to reset or take the speed panel which will take you to the right path. You can fall off and die as well, but the pits are relatively easy to distinguish, and you should not have much of a problem unless your careless.

All in all, Wonderland is a visually stunning Touchdown map, but unfortunately, that’s all it is. Wonderland is small for Touchdown, and the concept is rather lackluster. This isn’t a map to mash your WASD keys over. It encourages you to take a step back and enjoy the theme. Next time you are on Wonderland, take a second to a have a gander. I promise you, you will have a moment of, “Oh, I didn’t know that was there!”

That’s it! What do you think of Wonderland? Is the thematic representation of the world run by the Queen of Hearts enough to justify the mediocre concept of this map? Or will you just rather score a few ones over at Station-2? I would like to know!

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3 Responses to Spot-On! : Wonderland

  1. Turquoise.Dragon says:

    Well this map is in my opinion one of the better ones they made over the past year and half i play this game. I definitely wouldn’t compare it to that joke of a map labeled Rustygarden, because you can’t score a TD in 7 seconds here if your teammates are not completely dumb. However, that goes for Unlimited mode, because i never played it in SO, which may be the problem. Anyway, it’s not so fast-paced as ST-2 but also not ridiculously big like Colosseum or Tunnel and that is what I really like about it .-.

  2. Karst- says:

    It’s totally Rusty Garden v2. They really need to make another Tunnel style map. :(

  3. .ProtoStyle says:

    Great work with the images. I especially like how you inserted them and making the text continue along the sides.

    As you said, it’s visually stunning but that’s about it. The theme doesn’t fit with S4, and its hard to take the map serious. I went in with Gauss/Nell/Turret the other day & even got away with a decent score — something which never should have been possible. ’nuff said.

    Seems like the devs are out of creativity and are just throwing out whatever will do as a placeholder. Station 2, Colosseum, Tunnel .. and that’s about the decent TD maps. But even those are lame nowadays, Station 2 is just hero rushing and Colo/Tunnel are AP vs. AP showdowns.

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