[S4] Mount Daggerest (SO)

**UPDATE** (19/4): Teams are now found below. The emails containing the room name / password will be sent over the course of today.

Email Progress: Room #1 – Sent / Room #2 – Sent / Room #3 – Sent / Room #4 – Sent

**UPDATE** (17/4): Sign-ups run until 18/4 midnight. Emails with room details will be send over the course of 18 & 19 April.

Spring is in the air; the season of passion .. love .. tenderness .. its right around the corner. To celebrate this, the Ardan Frontier & ProSiebenSat.1 Games are back with another S4 Tournament to follow in the spirit of this season. Grab your spy daggers and get ready for a good ol’ game of “Slice ’em up” — we are going to climb the Mount Daggerest, and up to 38 brave souls can come along with us. Beware, though. The road is long and filled with hardships: only one can hope to reach the summit. Are you the one? Prepare for a hitch-hike and celebrate spring by giving your enemies some love-filled dagger thrusts!

Ladies and Gentlemen, welcome. Welcome .. to Mount Daggerest!

Mount Daggerest

What started as an usual, friendly match on Neoniac with your friends turned into a disaster soon after. The server facility stationed under the map suddenly went haywire, and the ensuing overload greatly affected the netcode: all weapons except the Spy Dagger were rendered useless, and the room mode was changed to SO. To make things worse, the electromagnetic pulses summoned the spirit of Jack the Ripper who then possessed everyone! Now you and the others who were caught in this drastic turn of events only have one goal: slice as many enemies up as you can before the time runs out!

Match Info

This is a progressive tournament. All 38 participants will be spread over 4 Event Rooms, the so-called Qualification Stages. The top 3 players* of each room will advance to the Final Room, the so-called Final Stage.

Your goal is to be among the top players of your room and move on to the Final Stage. Participation in the Final Stage alone guarantees you G-Capsules & PEN / AP — with better rewards available to those who rank the highest. Consolation prizes are available to all participants, so no one will go home empty-handed.

Each room will be supervised by a qualified ET member & a writer from the blog. Your gear will be inspected prior the match start.

Good luck!

* = Top 2 players for room #4

  • Date: 20 April 2013 (Saturday)
  • Time: 1600 UTC (Check here to see what time that is for you)
  • Place: English – Europe 2 > Free
  • Room # / Password: T.B.A. in email.


  • Map: Battle Royale (BR) – Neoniac
  • Limit: Sword-Only
  • Target: 70p (15 mins)


  • Clothes: PEN-stats only **
  • Weapons: +1% Spy Dagger only.
  • Skills: All that are allowed in Sword-Only mode.
  • Enchants: Allowed
  • Coins: Allowed
  • Pets: Disallowed

** PEN Stats:
– Hair (7%)
– Face (SP+6)
– Shirt / Pants (5%)
– Gloves / Shoes (HP+4)
– Accessory (SP+6)


All rewards provided by ProSiebenSat.1 Games.

Qualification Stage (Normal Rooms) x4
– Top 3 players (Room #4 = Top 2 players only) > Advance to Final Stage.
– Everyone else > Consolation Prize (2,500 PEN)

Final Stage (Final Room) x1
– 1st Place: 30x G Bloody Spy Dagger Capsule + 5,000 AP
– 2nd Place: 15x G Bloody Spy Dagger Capsule + 2,500 AP
– 3rd Place: 7x G Bloody Spy Dagger Capsule + 1,000 AP

– 4th Place – 11th Place: 3x G Bloody Spy Dagger Capsule + 5,000 PEN

Signing Up

  • All levels can sign up. There is a limit of one sign-up per person.
  • Sign-Ups run until 18-4-13 @ 23:59 CET
  • Signing Up is done by posting a reply to this entry. !Provide a valid email address as the room # / password will be send there!
    In the comment field itself, provide your IGN (In-Game Name) & Rank (ie. Rookie, Semi-Pro, Pro)
  • If you are capable of / interested in recording or streaming the match please note that in your comment.
  • If your IGN is under the “Sign-Ups” list below your entry is confirmed.
Click for full-res!

Click for full-res!


Room 1

  • NiuWang/-RK.Cheun (S/A)
  • Catastrophe. (S)
  • iSupremeAngel (P)
  • ChampionKaka (P)
  • ToXiCaddy4U4(P)
  • Starleo (P)
  • Turquoise.Dragon (S)
  • Monokuroomu (P)
  • TePetoUnXD (P)
  • OroxGamer (A)

Room 2

  • .Aures (A)
  • Treyclone (S)
  • FFSpecialRoboox (P)
  • trollnax2011 (P)
  • Lilss-chan (S)
  • Kheli (S)
  • -TL.Deisuke* (A)
  • -Gokkun- (S)
  • TheDetective (S)
  • Head8Shots (P)

Room 3

  • uR.Nyx (P)
  • xXCrystyanXx (S)
  • Daikiro. (S4)
  • rammonaruto (S)
  • PankeRO (P)
  • Partystalerz (P)
  • Smiling_Monster (S)
  • r4f4 (P)
  • -iSlapYou (S)
  • NetDefault (A)

Room 4

  • [R]andom…* (S)
  • Luksaman (S)
  • SungSun (S)
  • mcmammoth (P)

Special Mentions

  • ProSiebenSat.1 Games: A big thanks to them for sponsoring this tournament and generously providing the rewards for the winners. Also a thanks to icke for the smooth communication.
  • P7S1Hyperion: For making the banner. He’s a great guy and I found it to be a pleasure to work with him. Please check out his project page and give him a “Like”: Hawk Art & Design
  • Tzunami, ET-Hawk*, ET-IronHeart, ET-Angine, ET-Aiola: For assisting with the tournament and supervising the rooms. Special mention to Shiki for being helpful as ever and assigning me several people to help out.

Alright, I think that’s it.

Until the next time!

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48 Responses to [S4] Mount Daggerest (SO)

  1. NiuWang says:

    IGN: NiuWang/-RK.Cheun (haven’t decided which one I’ll use)
    Rank: Semi-Pro/Amateur

    Available to record/ stream match? Y/(N)

  2. Aures says:

    IGN: .Aures
    Rank: Amateur

    Can record the match or stream in horrible quality.

  3. xKame says:

    IGN: uR.Nyx
    Rank: PRO

  4. xcombi says:

    IGN : [R]andom…*
    Rank : Semi-Pro

    Cant stream

  5. Catastrophe says:

    IGN: Catastrophe.
    Rank: Semi-Pro

  6. Catastrophe says:

    Oh and might be able to record but the quality will suffer.

  7. Treyclone says:

    IGN: Treyclone
    Rank: Semi-Pro
    Hope i will win

  8. Asteroids. says:

    God, I wish I could participate. .__.

    Oh well, I’ll be looking forward to the video documenting.

  9. xXCrystyanXx says:

    ING: xXCrystyanXx
    Rank: Semi-pro
    Available to record / stream the match?: N

  10. Luk says:

    IGN : Luksaman
    Rank : Semipro

  11. iSupremeAngel says:

    IGN: iSupremeAngel
    Rank: Pro

  12. FFSpecialRoboox says:

    IGN: FFSpecialRoboox
    Rank: Pro

  13. Daikiro. says:

    IGN: Daikiro.
    Rank: S4

  14. SungSun says:

    IGN: SungSun
    Rank: Semi-pro

  15. ChampionKaka says:

    IGN: ChampionKaka
    Rank: Pro

  16. trollnax2011 says:

    IGN: trollnax2011

    Rank: Pro

    Available to record / stream the match?: Y

  17. Ramen says:

    IGN: rammonaruto
    rank : semi pro

  18. Mcmammoth says:

    IGN: mcmammoth

    Rank: Pro

  19. NiuWang says:

    Look at all these copy cats copying my comment/post.. Get a life noobs.

  20. ToXiCaddy4U4 says:

    IGN: ToXiCaddy4U4

    Rank: Pro

  21. Lilss-chan says:

    IGN: Lilss-chan
    Rank: Semi-pro

  22. PankeRO says:

    IGN: PankeRO
    Rank: Pro

  23. starleo says:

    Rank: Pro

    Availabe to record stream line match : N

  24. DRevi says:

    14/4/2013 at 14:15

  25. Kheli says:


  26. Partystalerz says:

    IGN: Partystalerz
    Rank: Pro
    Availabe to record stream line match : N

  27. Turquoise.Dragon says:

    IGN: Turquoise.Dragon
    Rank: Semi-Pro

  28. -TL.Deisuke* says:

    IGN: -TL.Deisuke
    Rank: Amateur

  29. Smiling_Monster says:

    IGN: Smiling_Monster
    Rank: Semi Pro

  30. Shin says:

    IGN: Monokuroomu

  31. Mattie says:

    IGN: -Gokkun-
    Rank: Semi-Pro

  32. r4f4 says:

    IGN: r4f4

    Rank: Pro

  33. FuckYeah.Neko says:

    IGN: TePetoUnXD
    Rank: Pro

  34. TheDetective says:

    IGN: TheDetective
    Rank: Semi Pro

  35. iSlapYou- says:

    IGN : -iSlapYou
    Rank : Semi Pro

  36. OroxGamer says:

    IGN: OroxGamer
    Rank: Amateur / Semi-Pro

  37. Head8Shots says:

    IGN: Head8Shots
    Rank: Pro

  38. NetDefault says:

    IGN: NetDefault
    Rank: Amateur

  39. .ProtoStyle says:

    Thanks for the sign-ups folks, you’re all good to go so off to a fun tournament!

    Teams added. Emails to come later.

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